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Thank you Damanta and Ade. I don't know why they couldn't just state that under the armor description instead of including that piece in planetary communication.

For all the talk about the environment protections that armor has, it never mentions if there is any type of lighting attached to the armor. As GM I'm gonna house rule that there is either a helmet light or one on the shoulder. Probably gonna say gives 180 arc and goes out 15-20'. But I was curious if anyone has run across any official ruling?

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CeeJay wrote:
Hadesblade wrote:
Check out Roll for Combat.
They really bring the cheddar, so to speak.

I’ve really enjoyed listening while at work. Plus gives me an idea before I run my roll20 group through it in April. But I like to do voices. My Marvin the Martian voice should fit right in .

Whatever they go with needs to include interactive maps for VTT play. Otherwise I don’t see it as worth my investment if I can’t easily drop it on roll20. So far the first adventure path that has been my biggest negative. I’m not going to buy adobe pro so I can move the maps without the tags.

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I think the party will come across Third Earth.

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Check out Roll for Combat.

I just picked up the pdf to run on roll20 and I’m really disappointed that no interactive map was included like with other adventure paths.

Are these new Starfinder adventure paths no longer coming with interactive maps? If so that is a real disappointment since all my gaming is on roll20 and I have to load the maps up and the only ones in the pdf have all the areas labeled.

The SRD site is a well trusted site that I go to all the time for information. I really don't see the flaw with the large tall reach diagram. Looks like it's based just as on movement distance diagonally.

Thanks for all the feedback.

Well I know he can use his pole fighting ability to shorten his grip and attack adjacent targets at -4. I just don't think he can do that in conjunction with a whirlwind attack.

Well his argument is that with a polearm and doing a whirlwind attack he can hit anything not adjacent to him. Then shorten his grip since it is an immediate action and continue with the whirlwind against any adjacent creatures. Not sure if that is correct that way.

He can't really use a large pole arm... Inappropriately Sized Weapons
Since it can't go from 'two-handed weapon' to another category, it cannot be used by that sized character.

Why not he is a large size character. So his weapon will probably be large size. But after looking at it a reach weapon only adds another 5' to a medium creature. So since he has a 10' reach normally if he uses an appropriate sized weapon his reach would be 15'. If he is enlarged he would then have a 20' reach. Well that's what it looks like. That Beast Totem barbarian looks insane. Not sure if I should mention that since I'm kind of on the fence already about allowing the character. Gonna GM rise of the ruin lords and his PC would wipe most of the stuff in the first couple of modules.

I have a player who wants to play a Trox fighter using the polearm master arche type. He will be using a large polearm so reach is out to 20'. He plans on building him to take whirlwind attack. I know at 2nd level he can shorten his grip and take a -4 and attack adjacent targets. Will that work as well once he gets whirlwind attack? The party wizard is already talking about casting enlarge person on him as well giving him reach out to 30'. I shudder to think that it is possible to actually pull that off rules wise. The grey area seems to be once they get in close to him. Can he shorten his grip while doing whirlwind attack for anyone within 10' of him.

I don't know what else to do. I now have two pending charges on my bank account. Until I know for sure this has been fixed I'm holding off on ordering anything more.

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I have tried twice more after verifying everything my order still doesn't go through. I never had problems in the past as evident by the 80+ items in my downloads section. Now I can't get any orders to go through. Even after going back and deleting all credit card profiles and addresses. Your new order system must be costing you guys hundreds in missed orders. Highly frustrated at how hard it is. My billing and shipping address had now errors has been the same for the past two years.

The items do not show up under order history.

Friday night I put 3 pdf's in my shopping cart. I then went to checkout and entered my card info and submitted. Every screen loaded very slow and I clicked submit a couple of times. Eventually the screen just closed. The items are still in my cart but my bank account shows the debit for that amount in pending status. Were they purchased successfully or not. I don't want to put a double charge on my account.

I know it's a game bit I thought that maybe someone had brought up this question earlier and that it may have been addressed by one of the staff. The flail I have has very long pointy spikes about as long as your thumb and would punch through armor. It did a great job on sheet rock.

I still don't see why they don't make it B/P on flail. They could say if it's the flanged head then it only does bludgeling.

Can someone explain why a morningstar damage type is listed as both P/B yet the flail is only listed as bludgeling? Yet in the descriptor both are listed as having a spiked ball except one is attached to a length of chain vs mounted right on the end of the haft. I own a flail and that spiked ball sure would do piercing damage as well.

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Really miss the 80's when game content wasn't about making political statements or "inclusion". Adventures where fun because they where written on good stories and wasn't out to step on people's toes. I was really disappointed with the new adventure path but negativity to the LBGT community is frowned upon here. Sorry but I think the focus should be on good adventures and great stories, not political statements and inclusion. If that puts me in the minority here so be it.

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Please cancel all subscriptions that I have. I was very disappointed with Paizo's latest adventure path and their effort to push the LBGT agenda. When I voiced my dissatisfaction with this my posts where removed and I received numerous attacks for defending my Christian views of traditional marriage and values.
Jessica Price wrote "We heard the feedback of people who don't like our inclusiveness, and we disagreed with it, and have no plans to expunge LGBT characters from this adventure. There's really not much more to say about it in regards to this specific product." Very good I heard you loud and clear. Now hear me take my money elsewhere. I've spent hundreds of dollars on Pathfinder products and only being one customer it's a drop in the bucket. But I will not back something that seeks to force their agenda or alienate me because of my values and beliefs.

Totally agree with you Grayan.

Mead wrote:
But the bigger issue in hitting every single one of your customers over the head with the LGBT hammer is that you alienate others.

That's how I took it and Jacobs saying I'm gonna throw it in your face until comply with inclusion. Sorry I support traditional marriage and Christian values you can throw it at me all you want I don't have to agree with or support it. I made the choice last night of take my money elsewhere after the monitors decided to delete my posts against the LBGT agenda. I know I'm only one customer that even though I've spent humdreds of dollars it's a drop in the bucket for them. But I'm not going to have something forced on me. What happens behind closed doors needs to stay there.

I see one can not say anything negative against the LBGT material found in this adventure path otherwise you will be removed. Consider this my subscription cancellation.

Ok thanks for the input. I try to go by the published rules as much as possible so I don't have ten pages of house rules. I was just unclear about it as it could have been explained a little better in the core rule book.

Sounds like only two things end their rage. To me several mind effecting things seem plausible to end rage. Like charm person or domination. Oh I'm shaken and take -2 to hit? Here let me rage and offset that. To me that doesn't seem right that only they end it by will or getting knocked out.

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This came up in our last session our Barbarian player was raging and got hit by cause fear and failed the save. I ruled that since it made him frightened it automattically ended his rage. But now I want to clarify if fear effects from spells and such ends their rage? I can see maybe not while being shaken but frightened or terrified I would think would end their rage.

I bought the PDF and was very happy about the content of the book. One question under the Psion class page 21 it says. "Choosing a discipline provides a psion with access to the class skills associated with that discipline (see above), as well as the powers restricted to that discipline". I can not find where those restricted powers are listed or maybe I'm just missing something.

1. For a wizard taking the the Enhancement school can they use the augment ability on themselves?

2. Regarding equiping a eidolon what happens to the equiped items when it returns back to its home plane?

Another question regarding the Enhancement school and the Augment ability can a spellcaster use it to augment themselves?

It says that the summoner and eidolon share magic item slots. What happens to those items when it is sent back or dismissed? If it was weilding a weapon what happens to that?

Vrock your the DM play nasty when characters start bypassing stuff. I like the summoner class and think it is a cool class. I think they nerfed some things about the class as well. I also have yet to have a party last longer beyond 12th level beforethey want to start over with new characters and such. So I chuckle when I see all this number crunching for lvl 20 characters and such, because in reality most campaigns never last that long for characters to reach that lvl. A good DM can counter any rule or character class that Piazo can throw out there. But in your case here's my idea. Each room has a d6 number of sigils scribed somewhere about the room. As soon as a summoned creature enters a sigil dissapears each round. When they are all gone the summoned creatures are sent back. Except for the Big E, I'd let him be unaffected. So party walking into rm x I would roll d6 and get a 2. Summoner brings in fire elemental after 2 rounds it's gone. I'd hide the sigils behind tapestry's and under rugs so they never know how long their summoned monsters last. Plus it will keep them guessing as to why there allies keep winking out. Thats the fun part about being DM you can do anything you want.

Well I saw it with my wife who was oh great another guy movie. At the end she was like this is the best movie I have ever seen and we will have to see it again soon. I loved it as well and it is now my favorite James Cameron movie. I really think people look to much for hidden messages I didn't see any anit-war theme or go green. It was just a well told love story with great visuals to enhance the story telling and some action put in for us guys. It all worked well, yes maybe some more background would have been nice. But from what I have heard he is coming out with book soon with answers to a lot of peoples questions. The movie looked great the story was well told and the action kept tings moving so I didn't notice how long it was. Overall it was one of the best movies I have seen in a long time. I will say that I'm really looking forward to Clash of the Titans and Solomon Kane. Oh Merry Christmas to all posters, gamers and Paizo staff.

Dags wrote:
Draeke Raefel wrote:

The SLA was changed. It now behaves exactly like the spell except you can only have 1 active casting of it at a time. ( in other words, it also has a full round casting time )

So then a summoner, other than its companion and lack of spell selection, is no different than any other arcane caster... Whats the point of the class if you you don't want to role-play a custom creature? The originality of it has been stripped by hypothetical power gamed situations (IMO, unrealistic) down to a restricted arcane druid...

Except a wizard can summon more at a time.

Hypothetical situations is actually what it comes down to from what I have read from the whiners on this board. Bottom line any DM or GM or whatever you want to call them who is worth a copper will be able to deal with it. All these little nit picky rules should be left up to the games DM to rule on like cursed items "who cares". It becomes a DM call what will happen because if you pick 10 gameing groups you will see it handeled 10 differant ways. A cursed item has come up once in the last 4 years of game sessions in our group. More than likely there are house rules in place and the DM is going to read over the class and make any changes he wants to incorporate.

Leonardo Trancoso wrote:

I think Summoner is overpower if you compare whith other classes.

The Eidolon or/and the sumoner should have a inferior progression.

Sumoner: d6 and poor BA.


Eidolon:medium BA, d8 or inferior and less Hds.

A 7th summoner now = A (5th fighter + 5 Sorcerer) or better.
Eidolon is a fighter that can ressurect every day with full HP.....

That is my opinion.


Well with the range of summon monster being a short range spell that means the summone is going to have to get close to combat like within a move or double move of the enemy. He is not a class that is going to sit back and rain death down from afar. He is meant to be up close to the action. That being said he better be able to endure 4 or 5 rounds of combat and better have good support from his Eidolon. So people complaining that it is to over powered are not seeing the whole picture. I think the level was totally fine as written the Eidolon is no better or worse in the long run then a druids animal companion.

The Eidolon changes I can agree with, limiting the summoner to 1 creature I don't. There is nothing in the rules now from keeping a 5th level wizard from taking summon monster II and 2 summon monster I spells and using those spells to put a small army out on the battle field. The whole point of the summoner is that he is going to start bringing in allies could be 1, could be 5 it shouldn't matter. If they are going to do that then they need to completly reword the summon monster spells to say that you can only have one summoned monster spell in effect at any one time. Which totally nerfs the spell.

Well I think Jason just gimped the class by droping time back to 1/rd and only allowing 1 creature at a time. The class is designed to throw creatures at people until you run out of spell slots. Taking away the ability for the eldoron to take items with it when it leaves is no big deal. But the rest of the changes need to be stricken and changed back to how it was before.

I just wanted to add that after reading the summoner that was my first thought as well a eidolon that looked like the creature from Aliens. Standing around at work today I was already thinking about what evolutions I would have to invest in to make it so. Thanks all for the info I've been going crazy trying to find a mini as well for him.

Well I just read through the summoner last night after a long day at work. I may be in the minority but I love the class as is. It sort of reminds me of the Dread Necromancer which I was a big fan of. As a DM I wouldn't have a problem letting a player play one. It would be up to them to have stat sheets and such on there creatures. It's a sweet class and once I go back to playing again instead of DMing it will be my first choice. Your never going to please everyone so if you don't like it don't play it. My 2 cents is to keep it just as it is it's not underpowered or overpowered.

Great stuff keep it coming. Couple of questions when will the monk and rogue undefeatable sheets be ready? When will the wizards spellcards be ready? And since I have 2 players who are playing classes out of Tome of Secrets are there any plans to do undefeatable sheets for those classes as well? Keep up the good work and I'll keep buying.

Question about the artificer. Can they use wands as normal such as a wand of cure light or must they make a UMD roll every time? It says they have acess to divine and arcane spells up to 4th level. But from previous discussions earlier in this thread. It seems they just emulate the spells effect but they don't really know the spell. So can they use spell trigger items?

Regarding the Swashbuckler I noticed that certain fighter feats like weapon specialization and greater weapon specialization is on their bonus feat list. Do they still qualify for these feats if they don't take any levels of fighter?

Got mine on Monday 8/10/09 here in Houston, TX. So far it looks really good despite a few changes from the beta that I think they should have kept. We will be converting our characters from Beta to the core this weekend at our gaming session.


Our group is getting ready to go through the Curse of the Crimson Throne adventure path using the beta rules. Are there any plans once the offical rules are released in August of coming out with errata that updates the current adventure paths to the new Pathfinder rules? A lot of the villians look a little weak when compared to our party of 6 beta rules characters. This would save me the DM from going over the adventure paths and looking at feats, uping class HD and the ton of other logistics stuff involved with bringing the current adventure paths up to speed.

Getting into this rather late, but I love psionics. I didn't mind letting players run psionic charatcers. I even played a psion and a soulknife when I wasn't DMing. I like the point system and I think it works fine. The first 3 pages of this thread Mr. Jacobs said that a psionic character could blow all there power points. Well yes they can dump more points into a power but the amount they can dump is equal to there manifester level. I don't think that is overpowering things much. We played with the rule set that a dispel magic would work against psionics and vis-versa. I would buy a psionic book if published and updated to the new pathfinder rules. Some things do need to be fixed the soulknife is one of them. I would hope to see psionics become a staple at the game table. Two out of my six players love to play them as well. They really would like to see the core psion classes updated to pathfinder rules. People are going to have a lot of ideas about this topic and what should or shouldn't be done to fix things. I tend to think that the overall current rules are not bad they just need to be tweaked some like you guys have been doing to the 3.5 system. That's my two coppers worth.

I have been running an Eberron game using the beta rules. We use the action point system from Eberron as well as those action from Unearthed Arcana. So far it has really been a benefit to the party especially for spellcasters being able to spend an action point and recall a spell they just had cast. Due to my new heavy work load at work I just turned over the DM chair to one of my players. He is going to run Curse of the Crimson Throne adventure path so we are all looking forward to that. But we are still keeping our action points as well since they have been play tested by our group with the alpha and beta rules. They have not unbalanced the game at all as far as I'm concerned but I always run real tough adventures and allow characters the max amount of points using the point buy system. I also liked the karma point from earthdawn that was a cool system even though I could hardly find players for it.

I'm making a paladin of Iomedae her favored weapon is the longsword. One of the enhancements listed under divine bond is disruption. In the text for disruption (pg 347) it says it may only be applied to bludgeoning weapons. So is this waviered for paladins since there are several who's favored weapons are not bludgeoning? All the other abilities listed under the divine bond are useable on any weapon.

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