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Sorcerers & Wizards are trained in unarmored defense. How do they advance that to expert or mastery? Can they use the skill increases that come at levels 3/5/7 to do this?


I ran into that situation last Thursday. The drake didn't seem to be very powerfull when it was grown to huge proportions and carried the paladin around like a flying mount.

Is/was this legal? If so, how?

Grand Lodge

I played Emerald Spire Level 7: the Shrine of the Awakener last night with a three man party rounded out by 7th level pregen Kyra (the cleric).

The three players were a 7th level Fire Kineticist andd two level 7 Monkbucklers. (Two levels of Monk, 5 levels of swashbuckler).

The quetion is about the difficulty of the levels in ES: the four of us pretty much kicked the crap out of all our opponents without all that much trouble. The Monkbucklers had such high Ac they were almost never hit and Kyra & Egil (myself) have barrels of HP. the Monkbucklers didn't do all that much damage per strike, but always play together and had worked out tag-team with Broken Wing gambit and a few other teamwork feats & tactics, so there was a _lot_ of swings going off. And of course the Pyromancer was blasting away.

There were gaps in our Knowledges, and no one could detect traps, but still, the of the four of us Kyra & one Monkbuckler got below 50% HP once each.

Was it supposed to be this easy? Or did it just seem this way?

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Can a bane weapon be (just giving examples):
Bane - posion using creatures
Bane - crfeatures immune to poison
Bane - creatures immune to Fire (Red Dragons/elementals/salamanders)

Because I've seen Bane - Aspis Consortium Agents in a Season 6 module.

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Is it possible in PFS to Touch the Starstone and become divine? Or is it auto-death for the character involved (I.E., an impossible task & the character dies during the test)?

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I understand that to become a Linnorm King, you ave to kill a Linnorm by yourself & be a native of the Linnorm Kingdoms.

What title/accolade do you receive if you kill a Linnorm under less rigorous circumstances? Such as:
1. You solo a Linnorm, but aren't a native of the area?
2. You and your buds kill a Linnorm as a group, and are natives.
3. You and your buds kill a Linnorm as a group, and aren't natives.

Linnorm Duke?
Linnorm Earl? (Eorl?)
Linnorm Jarl?
Linnorm Bane?

Liberty's Edge

I was paging through a couple of class guides recently and thought I saw a feat that would let you make Knowledge rolls unskilled, but I now can't remember the feat name, nor where I found it.

Can anyone tell me what this feat was?
I wasn't just misreading something was I?

Grand Lodge 1/5

When playing recently, we took in Yoon, the Child Soldier pregen to get our table up to 4 players. Yoon is a Human Fire Kineticist, and at level one has the following feats: Spell Penetration and Toughness.

What in the world?

Spell Penetration is something that a Kineticist shouldn't need until 5 level, at the earliest. Similarly Toughness; yes it gives you an extra hit point per level (the equivalent of one point of burn), but again, burn isn't significant this early. Yoon is already capable of adsorbing 6 points of burn at first level, and can only get them once per round... if she can get off her ability that causes burn (Fan of Flame). As this requires multiple opponents in a 15' cone, she won't actually get that off very often.

Why was this pregen not given Point Blank & Precise Shot? That's missing a +1 to hit/damage in close range & -4 to hit any enemy in melee combat.

This is ridiculous!


I have just played 9-06 – Shores of Heaven. After we were doen, another player asked the judge if he had fulfilled a faction card requirement (no spoilers here!). This was when I first learned of faction cards. Having downloaded them from Paizo, I now have some questions.

1. Can you fulfill these cards slowly, over time? Or do they have to be finished during a 'season'?

2. If seasonal (#1, above), when does the season start and finish?

3. How long does a faction card stay in play. Suppose I complete four goals. Do I get these bonuses thereafter as long as I play that character?

4. a) Can multiple characters from the same faction contribute to one faction card? b) Can one faction card be used by multiple characters from the same faction? While I actually expect the answer to be no to both of these questions, it seems to me that this would be the only way to actually get anywhere, if you are a player with limited play opportunities. Or if you bring in different PCs at different times to help balance a table.

5. The Silver Crusade has a goal: Have a number of ranks equal to your character level (minimum 4) in Diplomacy, Heal, or Knowledge (religion).

So... characters of level 1-3 need not apply? Or classes like fighters, with only 2+Int skills? And none of these skills as class skills?

(Note: SC is not the only faction to have such a requirement.)

I have several more questions, but this is enough to start the thread.

Liberty's Edge

Does the +1 Luck bonus to all saves from the Lucky Horseshoe stack with the Halfling's racial Luck feature?

Grand Lodge

Egil Firehair is Fire Kineticist that will double up on Fire at 7th level, so as to remain a ranged touch attacker. The problem is, of course, that some creatures have Fire Resistance. Egil has decided that the infusion reducing Fire Resistance takes too long, and that the solution to the problem is a bow/crossbow/sling +1 Frost.

The problem here is that many bows/crossbows are martial weapons, and unavailable to a kineticist without expending a feat. Similarly, a feat is necessary to upgrade armor to medium (with a 14+ dex, breastplate is the farthest Egil will go).

So, Egil is considering a one level dip to get upgraded armor and weapon access. The question is, what class?

1) Fighter. Upgrades both armor and weapons, +1 BAB, + feat (probably Quick Reload or Iron Will)
2) Cleric. Upgrades armor, but not weapons. +0 BAB, beginning spells (Cure Light), Wand & Scroll usage. +2 Will save.
3) Barbarian. Upgrades both armor and weapons, +1 BAB , rage for 4 rounds/day (usable with Kintetic Blade/buffs Blast damage).
4) Ranger. Upgrades both armor and weapons, +1 BAB, favored enemy = Outsider (Fire). Wand usage?
5) Warpriest (like Cleric, but includes weapon upgrades).

The second question is (of course) is slowing down Kineticist level progression worthwhile?

No advice on not being a Fire/Fire Kineticist please. That decision has already been made.

I see a lot of comments about cold iron/silver/adamantine weapons in various threads, but how often do you really need these qualities in PFS play? PFS loot is restricted, and the expense of making a weapon out of adamatine is prohibitive.

It seems that most people want to go to ammunition blanches to avoid these costs. Is that really the way to go?


I am building a halfling cavalier to try out a few ideas. He will start out with a Wolf for a mount.

1. Does the wolf/mount start out with the Animal Companion' training package of Combat or Riding? RAW does mention 'combat trained', but that seems to mean that your horse isn't skittish in combat...
2. If the wolf does not come with a training package, can it be trained in down time before the first adventure? I.E., a roll would be made before the adventure begins?
3. If the wolf is equipped with the Extra Slot Feat, could it have special versions of various Magical Boots be made available for purchase?
Boots of Spider Climb and Flying look interesting...
4. Could the halfling perform Ride-By-Attack, Spirited Charge or Death From Above while on a Broom of Flying? Or a Carpet of Flying? Boots of Flying? I understand that without the added mass of the mount, the full additional damage might not be imparted (part of the damage comes from increased speed), but these feats provide other benefits as well.

Odo Hillborne thanks you for sharing your knowledge!