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A judge in a home game let us create a 15 RP race, and a different home game had folded up. In the second case I was playing a Lizardfolk Inquisitor. I asked the 'create a race' judge if I could just soup up the Lizardfolk & he said yes. So.. King Lizardfolk!

Amphibious (2 RP)
Prerequisites: Swim racial trait.
Members of this race are amphibious and can breathe both air and water.
Greater Spell Resistance (3 RP)
Spell resistance equal to 11 + character level.
Lucky, Lesser (2 RP)
+1 racial bonus on all saving throws.

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I recommend the Troll Augurers, they got guts!

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I play with two groups regularly.

1) Sundays - this is run by the local VC. PF2 straight up (as you might expect)

2) Thursdays - VO and several other judges don't want to dump hundreds of dollars of PF1 stuff. That location has stayed strictly 1st ed. Every month we rotate through two homebrew campaigns, Shattered Star and are soon starting Emerald Spire - Core.

The thing I like best about 2nd ed is that there are no whacked-out multi-class killer builds. Yet.

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Certainly I found myself going combat less often as I advanced into the level 8-10 range. As your level goes up, you fall further and further behind the pure melee monsters in AC, let alone DPR.

Which is okay: if the melee guys don't need your help, you have more time for spells/channels/etc. And as your level goes up, you have a deeper pool of spells to employ, so the rationing I mentioned earlier becomes less important.

Note: during level 10-11 play at GenCon's 10-98/Gallowspire event, I did some pretty heavy tanking, to let the two archery types stay out of melee.

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The problem with being a "Support Cleric", is that this is defined differently for different campaigns/play style. It's easy to expend several spells per fight if you know there will only be two fights per day... if there are five you have to ration out your spells more carefully. (Also 'support' means having some condition removal spells available during a fight, crimping the number of buffs available.)

However, it's easy to be a support/tank cleric. You cast a one or two buff spells, then go into melee... The tank part comes from the heavy armor proficiency that bulks up your AC, as well as a shield and a one-handed weapon. You can always cast more spells before joining combat if you have reason to believe that you won't be seeing too many combats before going to sleep.

This is how I do it. A 14 Str, 14+2 racial mod Wis, 14 Con and a 14 Cha stat array works out okay. The Hat of Disguise that makes me look like an Alchemist or Wizard most of the time helps direct fire in my direction too.

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Douglas Edwards wrote:
I am planning to run this while designating the Leng Spiders as optional and the bodaks as mandatory because I think it would make a big difference

Do please tell us how that works out.

Several weeks after judging this scenario, I played it high tier with my 10th level Cleric. There was an 11th level Wizard along as well. We took one good look at the cavern filled with webs and said "what's laying all the eggs?"

The Wizard & Cleric (Travel domain) D-Doored the whole party to the cave mouth on the other side, then teleported us back to the quay after we smacked around the denizens. No spider fight, no optional encounter.

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45. The Druid makes several herd animals grow to huge size and has them Trample their way though town.

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Zepheri wrote:
Lesser restore ability damage, normal restore ability drain, grater restore negative level

Normal Restoration will restore one negative level, for 1000 gold pieces worth of diamond dust; usable once per week. Greater Restoration will restore _all_ negative levels but requires 5k diamond dust.

* * * *

MrCharisma, I'm with you on Clerical spells (Gyre just made level 11). I take Water Walking and Water Breathing anytime we're near ships, and don't otherwise.

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Look into the Path of Glory spells (2nd level and 4th, Advanced Class Guide) for mass healing effects.

Note that the 2nd level isn't worth much if you have easy access to a Wand of Cure Light Wounds (like in Pathfinder Society).

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Interesting. When I replied that a square was not possible, I went with:


Range medium (100 ft. + 10 ft./level)

Effect translucent wall 20 ft. long/level or a translucent ring with a radius of up to 5 ft./two levels; either form 20 ft. high

But lower down, it does say:

The wall must be vertical and either rectangular or a ring. It need not touch the ground.

A square is a subset form of a rectangle...

I would go with no square, but you should discuss this with your GM.

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The spell description says you get a 120' wall or 30' circle at 12th level. Nowhere does it say the wall bends, or that you get a square.

(And even if you got a square... 120'/4 = 30' per wall.)

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I just got back from a local con were two tables ran in the 2-6 pm slot. I didn't prep the optional encounter as I _knew_ there wouldn't be enough time.

I judged the low tier table and had one player with a tight schedule; he really needed to go at the four hour mark (not that we could have stayed over much, what with the con closing down around us). I had to really cram the last fight to get done by 5:55, so I could finish filing out the chronicles by 6.

The high tier table (also five players) finished off the spiders and that was it.

I note that there were mechanisms employed that lengthened the fights... confusion when fighting the spiders and paralysis when fighting the ghouls. I'm not saying that these should not be there; I'm saying that this leads to long run times.

4.5 to 5 hours, minimum, for low tier. 5.5 to 6 hours for high tier. I don't know how hard mode affects this. Or adding the optional encounter.

The one thing I really object to is the jump from 3 spiders to 12. I would have expected a jump to 5/6 spiders, with the advanced template or some such to stiffen them up.

On a positive note, one of the PCs took Thael and hung him from the PC's belt. Then turned him over to Hrethnar, to see if Hrethnar could break his curse as well.

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Cayden: "Boss! what can I do for you?"

Any other Good or Neutral Deity: "Your Worship! what can a Cleric of Cayden Cailean do for you?"

Any Evil Diety: "Lord/Lady _____, unless my boss Cayden personally approves, the answer will be NO."

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Vis the poison; after the warnings our party cleric stocked up on Delay Poison. The party stopped about 5 minutes out from the site and the cleric cast them all, including an extra from a pearl of power. While this didn't cover the whole group, it covered most of them. Even clingy, the poison didn't last 1 hour/level...

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When you reach 7th level (characters, not the Spire' 7th floor), have the Cleric take in Greater Paths of Glory. That's a whop load of healing.

I agree that you can hardly go wrong with Haste and Slow.

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Just as a note, you can always buff stats on individuals: Bull Strength for +4 Str, etc.

Silence is nice for slowing down enemy casters, and Darkness can be a good blocker in confined spaces.

Clerics also have a broad selection of condition removal; Remove Paralysis, Slow/Neutralize Poison, etc.

As a general piece of advice, spring for Pearls of Power.

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Dasrak wrote:
Gyre Glenross wrote:
This ability is called out for Clerics only.

No it's not:

Spell Selection and Preparation [divine] wrote:
A divine spellcaster selects and prepares spells ahead of time through prayer and meditation at a particular time of day. The time required to prepare spells is the same as it is for a wizard (1 hour), as is the requirement for a relatively peaceful environment. When preparing spells for the day, a divine spellcaster can leave some of her spell slots open...
Nowhere does it say this is exclusive to clerics. There's identical rules text for arcane spellcasters, so all spellcasters can take advantage of this mechanic.

Your quote is actually incorrect. Try this:

Spell Selection and Preparation: A divine spellcaster selects and prepares spells ahead of time through prayer and meditation at a particular time of day. The time required to prepare spells is the same as it is for a wizard (1 hour), as is the requirement for a relatively peaceful environment. When preparing spells for the day, a cleric can leave some of her spell slots open. Later during that day, she can repeat the preparation process as often as she likes. During these extra sessions of preparation, she can fill these unused spell slots. She cannot, however, abandon a previously prepared spell to replace it with another one or fill a slot that is empty because she has cast a spell in the meantime...

Permit me to provide you with the link here.

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baggageboy wrote:
Gyre Glenross wrote:

Cleric - all levels

A. Empty Slot - THE WINNER. Take 15 minutes and select any spell you need, but did not anticipate. This is a huge bonus to party flexibility.

Is this true for all divine casters?

Edit: Divine PREPARED casters

This ability is called out for Clerics only.

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Best spells, as noted above depends greatly on build/party composition/type of campaign. I play Pathfinder Society, so YGMV.

Cleric - all levels
A. Empty Slot - THE WINNER. Take 15 minutes and select any spell you need, but did not anticipate. This is a huge bonus to party flexibility.



A.Nap Stack (need to rest and but don't have a safe place to camp? this gets everyone back up and running in just 2 hours)
B.Stone Shape (Who needs to pick locks on doors when you can just make your own doorway. Great utility spell)
C.Dispel Magic (useful for helping to get rid of nasty buffs on enemies or just counter-spelling)


At Level-3 my Cleric usually takes in

B. Bestow Curse - tremendous debuffing spell; blindeness anyone? or 50% take no action this round? These examples are given right in the CRB spell description.
C. Prayer - a nice buff for my buds, and a debuff for all my enemies.

Depending on the adventure/type of travel, I get a lot of mileage out of these two as well:
B. Water Walking
C. Water Breathing

Level -4
B. Blessing of Fervor - Haste's big brother.

NOTE: the Alchemist takes 1 minute to make an extract, so he can do Empty Slot as well.

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Gyre, as a Cleric of Cayden Cailean, uses a rapier. At various times in PFS modules he has flourished his 'jewel hilted rapier'. When other players at the table would ask what chronicle sheet that rapier came from I would give them a funny look, and tell them that when I spent 20 gp for the rapier, I dropped another 200 gp to put some small jewels in the hilt. The reaction to this was split; some people thought it was crazy for a second level character to spend 200 gold that frivolously and others were 'why didn't I think of that!?'.

As he has leveled, Gyre has taken to stabbing divers humanoids and asking "was that your kidney? 'cause that's where the kidney is in a human." The second stab is usually "say, if that was your kidney, then this is probably your spleen, right?"

Gyre has named his rapier Scapel, and has had that spelled out in Celestial along the length of the blade.

TL;DR - I name a weapon via roleplaying.

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If you are going to spend a lot of time shipboard, a Cloak of the Manta Ray might be a good investment. I know that it's 7,200 gp... but it would replace your Cloak of Protection +2, so you should be able to squeeze it in.

If not, may I suggest Swim Fins? 10' swim speed that costs all of 1 silver piece.

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super nerdy dude with a perfect recollection of the rules

dude who daydreams during the roleplay stuff but loves killing things
slightly less nerdy dude who goes out on dates now and then so can't play
token girl player

The Knights of the Dinner Table

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Since you are mimicing a Kobald, who only has one tail, one is all you get.

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My Cleric of Cayden Cailean is a Quality Control Inspector at a brewery.

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Eh, bottomless chasms are easy to circumvent with spells like Air Walk, Fly, Dimension Door & Teleport. All easily available to a Cleric of Cayden who is sensible enough to take in the highly usefull Travel domain.

How does worthy get defined? Please remember that Norberger got through.

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"Was that your kidney? 'Cause that's were the kidney is in a human..."

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In case you missed it, the purpose of the OP springs from this
lengthy anecdote.

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Thanks for the link. Not all of us were on this board four years ago.

Looks like my Cleric of Cayden is suicidal...

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Is it possible in PFS to Touch the Starstone and become divine? Or is it auto-death for the character involved (I.E., an impossible task & the character dies during the test)?

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Psycho Mantys wrote:

Good suggestions!

But, from someone who play with a cleric, a advice: Don't play with a cleric...

Bah! Clerics can be a lot of fun. They are flexible buffers (like the bard) who can still wear heavy armor. And their ability to leave prepared slots empty, to be filled in 15 minutes makes them even more flexible.

Try worshiping Cayden Cailen (sp?). Take the Travel domain for +10 movement & Fly at 5th level. Take the Chaos domain for Touch of Chaos; it's a melee touch attack that does no damage, but requires the unfortunate target to make two rolls & use the worst, every time he rolls a d20. Hilarious!

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I get the impression from the Initial Post, that the Dervish/Bard is skimming from the party loot, and that she is sharing it with the anti-paladin because he knows it's going on. In this case curse her to be -12(?) when skimming party loot. I.E., she's cursed to be unable to skim party loot without being blaringly obvious about it. Then demand your fair share.

If she's stealing on her own, then that's her business & not yours. If she's light-fingering while you are talking to someone on party-business, then it is your business, as her actions risk a failed meet.

BTW, is the anti-pal providing her with _Cure Disease_? Otherwise she's going to pick up something grungy fairly quickly...

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That's actually short for 'Detect Cloudkill'.

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born_of_fire wrote:
You’re also pretty pressed for time in my experience. PFS sessions at my FLGS are completely wrapped up within 3 hours. There’s not a lot of time for chit chat unless it’s goal oriented and moving the scenario forward. It’s one of the reasons I stepped away from organized play. I always felt too rushed to enjoy the game.

I am going to have to dispute this. I went to Origins and played PFS in five slots. I was done with each of these games in three hours or less, despite the fact that they were all scheduled for five hours. When I left the game hall, most of the other tables were still going strong, which made me scratch my head, so I asked my local VC about it (he was also there). He told me that the earlier season's modules were often that short. The later the season, the more likely you would need the full five hours.

Note that there was a fair amount of roleplay at all five tables I played.

If you are rushing to get finished with a module because that's all the time you have, I suggest that you look for a PFS venue that schedules more time.

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My advice is to shift your (human's) stats from:

STR+ 15 (13+2), DEX 14, CON 14, INT 10, WIS 14, CHA 12


STR+ 16 (14+2), DEX 13, CON 14, INT 10, WIS 14, CHA 12

You are planning on a lot of combat; get that extra stat bump right away. Forget about 14 Dex, go with the 13 you need for Combat Expertise and wear full plate (which will only allow one Dex add to AC anyway).

(Note that I am adverse to dumping stats, but there is no reason you have to be. Dump your INT to buff your DEX/CHA if you want to.)

I recommend that every stat bump go into Wis, as you are eventually going to want to cast high level spells. The bumps at 4/8/12/16 get you to 18 eventually, and you pick up a headband/wis bump for 4,000 gp somewhere along the way.

Plan on bumping you Str with Bull Strength, and get a 2nd level Pearl of Power to help keep that spell in play.

For reach problems, get a Wand of Longarm. It's a first level arcane spell that lasts 1 min/level. Whoever in your party can use arcane spells uses the wand on you, and everyone else that wants it. Replace as necessary.

As to feats... I'm not sold on Dodge, Mobility or Spring Attack. Maybe take Selective Channeling earlier? I'd suggest Phallanx Formation, but it's not CORE.

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245. Stuff them with sweets and use them as pinatas.

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Mechanically this is correct.

Thematically, there may be spells your cleric doesn't want to take/your cleric's patron doesn't want him to take. Like a Good Cleric of a Good Diety might not want to/be able to take in Cause Light Wounds. Also using Animate Dead [evil] might not impress your patron much...

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At 12th level you should also be able to afford a Wand of Lesser Restoration. So you don't have to waste a Restoration/Greater Restoration when a Lesser Restoration will do.

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All you need is to 'Reduce Animal' twice and it really is a lap dog.

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Technically, you always had the option of using all Good and Evil spells... it was just that there could be alignment/patron deity disapproval problems.

You still have to choose whether to Channel Positive or Negative energy. And that is a permanent decision.

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Vidmaster7 wrote:
I think it started their as of post numero uno. IF somehow we could get a druid in bear form with a high grapple bonus involved.

Are you forgetting the Mud Wrestling pit?

Seriously guys, why summon a succubus instead of another demon with more kill-power unless you need someone with, ahem, outstanding attributes?

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Hel-lo Kitty!

If you liked Ant Man, you'll like this.

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If the problem is that Fighters have nothing to do outside of combat... what you want to do is give them something to do out of combat.

1. Give fighters more skill points.
... And possibly reduce the skill points on the classes that you feel are problematic?
... or base skill points on preferred class stat?
... or base skill points on stat of PC choice.
2. Reduce armor skill check penalties for fighters by 1/level. Fighters have a lot of skills that are useless if they do the intelligent thing and go for plate armor.
... and shields.

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Esmeralda the Green Queen.


Lord Cerulean.



Liberty's Edge 1/5

I thought the point of Evergreen modules was for repeated play of character levels 1 & 2? What's a level 4 character doing in one?

Liberty's Edge 1/5

BTW, what does "succeed on a both primary and secondary goals" mean? Somehow I get the implication that if you get 2 PP then you have done so, but I couldn't argue the point to save my life.

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I just put this up in the "Kyle Baird asks a question" thread.
Story here.

Liberty's Edge 1/5


2) Death or Slavery. (No spoilers!)
Pretty much all of my characters would chose death over slavery.

1) Favorite PFS moment.
The first time I played Gyre Glenross. Core Cleric of Cayden Cailean (I don't even remember which module it was, offhand).

lengthy anecdote:

I was playing Kyra, the pre-gen cleric, except that I was calling the pregen Gyre, and he was male, which the judge was fine with (since I was going to rebuild & continue to play the character). It was one of my first games of Pathfinder.

Somehow the Starstone comes up, and I hear the story of how Cayden Cailean becomes Divine. "That's it!" I exclaim. "I'm a cleric of Cayden. My day job is Quality Control Inspector at a Brewery. When I'm 9th or 10th level I'm going to get drunk one night, and go embrace the Starstone, just like my patron!"

After a moment of stunned silence, the judge says, "you know this a game mechanic, right? Your character will die."

I answered, "Yep! I'm going to wake up in Heaven, and Cayden is going to ask me, Son, why'd you go and do something foolhardy like that?"

"Like what?"

"You embraced the Starstone, Gyre."

"Really? I was drunk, I don't remember!"

Peals of raccous laughter!

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lucklesshero wrote:

So what inspired this thread was a question posed in the PbP recruitment thread. It was simple enough, " Why so much interest in CORE?"

It's the weirdest thing, sometime after Advanced Class Guide, I checked out.

I feel that there more classes than rare really necessary already.

I am more of an occasional player. All the effort to produce a planet crushing player build bores me. Prestige classes bored me in 3.5, and they bore me now. I get that other players like this stuff, but I don't.

Classes that have special pools (Grit, Inspiration, etc.) don't do much for me either. It's just another complication.

All of these factors are a burden on the PFS judge, who has to know how all this stuff works, or he can't reign in abusive/illegal builds/combos.

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IfritSlasher wrote:
If a book references another book, like say how Flamesinger references Ultimate Magic's Fire Music feat, are you required to have the book being referenced for the archetype to be legal?

I would say that to be a Flamesinger requires the book Flamesinger is in. If you want your Flamesinger to use the Fire Music feat, then you would need Ulitmate Magic as well.

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Empty a sack of 50 caltrops/daggers/arrows/sling bullets over your enemies heads from 80' up. Cast Greater Magic Weapon on them before they fall out of range.

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