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Full Name

Gwendolyn Ouroboros


Human (Garundi-Osirian)


Sorcerer (arcane bloodline) 5 | hp 31 | AC 12 T 12 FF 11 | CMD 14 | F +3 R +3 W +5 | Spd 30' | Init +1 | KnArc +9, KnHis +10, KnLoc +8, Perc +0 (+3 in shadow, +2 w Hera), Scrft +12, SensM +0 (+2 w Hera) | spells 1st-7/7, 2nd-5/5 |







Special Abilities

bloodline powers (arcane), elemental conquest (earth), evenhanded investigator, metamagic adept (1/day), Raguinori's debt, timelost chronicler (+1 morale bonus to one pre-chosen d20 roll per adventure)






Common, Draconic, Elven, Goblin, Osiriani


Archivist, historian, researcher

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Strength 10
Dexterity 13
Constitution 12
Intelligence 14
Wisdom 10
Charisma 19

About Gwendolyn the Strange -CORE-

The Visual (Although she often wears a similarly tailored jacket short jacket and dark brown Capri-style pants that show her calves.)

Gwen is a young dark-complected Osirian woman born and raised in Absalom, where she works as a student historian and library aide at the Pathfinder Society's Grand Lodge. Once tapped for field work Gwen proved to be a resourceful, and pragmatic (and often reluctant) field agent, making the hard decisions necessary to achieve the Society's goals.

At the Lodge, she shares a dorm room with the younger Shelynite paladin Apollyanna Sukino. Polly was there to talk Gwen into her purchase of the stubborn owl familiar, Hera, on the basis that an owl would make her owner seem wiser and more intelligent in front of the often snobbish wizards who frequented the Grand Lodge's library.

"Should have gone for the bunny. Bunnies just sit in your pocket and keep you alert with all their fidgeting." ~Gwendolyn the Strange

Gwendolyn is a tall, dark, attractive--if occasionally fierce-looking--ethnic Garundi Osirian woman in her early 20s. A practical city girl, Gwen dresses in stylish pants and high-collar jackets. Far more bookish than her looks would suggest, the trait led, in part, to her moniker. 'It's so strange that all you ever seem to do is hang out in the library when you could be out meeting people.' Gwen is still insecure about her own formidable education in the face of 'actual' wizards.

Gwendolyn is gifted with the ability to see and manipulate the legendary eighth color, the colour of magic that normally only wizards can see--octarine. Gwen can identify most magical auras and texts she is presented with. She can also generate various light-based effects including realistic illusions, static-like discharges, hypnotic rainbow patterns, and personal hard-light armor. Recently she has been able to add sound to these effects. To the untrained eye all these things look like typical (ho-hum) magical fare, but to Gwen's gifted eyes they appear the colour of magic (a sort of yellowish-greenish-purple).

Gwendolyn the Strange
Female Human (Garundi-Osirian) sorcerer 5
CG Medium humanoid (human)
Init +1; Senses Perception +0 (+3 in shadow, +2 w Hera, +5 in shadow w Hera)
11, touch 11, flat-footed 10 (+1 Dex)
hp 25 (4d6+7)
Fort +3, Ref +3, Will +5
30 ft.
Melee quarterstaff +2 (1d6) or
_____ cold iron dagger +2 (1d4/19-20) or
_____ silver dagger +2 (1d4-1/19-20) or
_____ unarmed strike +2 (1d3 nonlethal)
Sorcerer (arcane bloodline) Spells Known (CL 4th; concentration +8)
__ 2nd (5/day)minor image (DC 17), mirror image
__ 1st (7/day)color spray (DC 16), disguise self, identify, mage armor, shocking grasp
__ 0 (at will)dancing lights, detect magic, disrupt undead, open/close, prestidigitation, read magic
10, Dex 13, Con 12, Int 14, Wis 10, Cha 19
Base Atk +2; CMB +2; CMD 14
Feats Alertness (with Hera nearby), Eschew Materials, Magical Aptitude, Skill Focus (Diplomacy), Spell Focus (Illusion)
Traits arcane archivist, scholar of the great beyond
Skills Appraise +6, Bluff +9, Diplomacy +8, Intimidate +8, Knowledge (arcana) +9, Knowledge (history) +10, Knowledge (local) +8, Linguistics +8, Profession (librarian) +5, Spellcraft +12, Use Magic Device +12
Languages Common, Draconic, Elven, Goblin, Osiriani, Tien
SQ arcane bond (Hera, owl), bloodline arcana: arcane (+1 DC for metamagic spells that increase spell level), metamagic adept (1/day)
Combat Gear alchemist's fire (1/3), average snowbloom (from Frostfur Captives), potion of cure light wounds (1/3), potion of darkvision (2/2), scroll of comprehend languages (2/2), scroll of disguise (2/2), scroll of endure elements (2/2), scroll of expeditious retreat (1/2), scroll of resist energy (2/2), scroll of silent image (1/1), scroll of sleep (0/2), thunderstone, wand of comprehend languages (48 charges), wand of invisibility (CL 3, 10 charges), wand of mage armor (13 charges); Other Gear cold iron dagger, quarterstaff, silver dagger, cloak of resistance +1, ring of protection +1, bedroll, belt pouch, chalk, cold weather outfit, ink (black), handy haversack, inkpen, parchment, scroll cases (3), silk rope (50 ft.), soap, trail rations (4), waterskin, 91 gp, 8 cp

* = Left behind
Special Abilities

Arcane Bond - Familiar
Familiar Bonus +3 to sight-based Perception checks in shadows Gwen gains the Alertness feat while her familiar is within arm's reach.
Alertness (Ex) While a familiar is within arm's reach, the master gains the Alertness feat.
Improved Evasion (Ex) When subjected to an attack that normally allows a Reflex saving throw for half damage, a familiar takes no damage if it makes a successful saving throw and half damage even if the saving throw fails.
Share Spells The wizard may cast a spell with a target of “You” on his familiar (as a touch spell) instead of on himself. A wizard may cast spells on his familiar even if the spells do not normally affect creatures of the familiar's type (magical beast).
Empathic Link (Su) The master has an empathic link with his familiar to a 1 mile distance. The master can communicate empathically with the familiar, but cannot see through its eyes. Because of the link's limited nature, only general emotions can be shared. The master has the same connection to an item or place that his familiar does.
Deliver Touch Spells (Su) If the master is 3rd level or higher, a familiar can deliver touch spells for him. If the master and the familiar are in contact at the time the master casts a touch spell, he can designate his familiar as the “toucher.” The familiar can then deliver the touch spell just as the master would. As usual, if the master casts another spell before the touch is delivered, the touch spell dissipates.
Average Snowbloom When given as a gift to a native of the Lands of the Linnorm Kings with a starting attitude of indifferent or better, this rare lower grants you a +2 circumstance bonus on one Bluff or Diplomacy check against that person. Alternatively, when shown to a native of Irrisen, the flower grants a +2 circumstance bonus on Intimidate checks made against that target. (The Frostfur Captives)
Azlanti Wonders While interviewing the Azlanti general Krahnaliara Lac Suhn, you learned the location of an Azlanti site that might have survived millennia or tragedy and looting. When you adventure in a ruin, archaeological site, or other structure that predates Earthfall (approx 10,000 years ago, including more Azlanti and Thassilionian sites), you can cross this boon off your Chronicle Sheet and choose two of the following: AC, attack rolls, saving throws, or skill checks. For the duration of the adventure while you are exploring the site, you gain a +1 insight bonus on the selected rolls, or to your Armor Class. (The Sky Key Solution)
Bloodline Arcana: Arcane (Ex) When a spell level is increased by a metamagic feat, it gains +1 DC.
Elemental Conquest: Earth You have fought and fraternized with the guardians of Aucturn's Tear, and although you triumphed, it is clear that this is not the last time you'll clash with the elemental forces.
Earth You gain +1 insight bonus on saving throws against spells, spell-like abilities, and effects of creatures with the earth subtype and against spells with the acid or earth descriptors. While adventuring on the Plane of Earth, you instead gain a +1 insight bonus on all saving throws. As a Swift Action, you can check the box that precedes this boon to gain DR 5/adamantine for one minute; once the boon has prevented an amount of damage equal to 5 times your character level, the effect ends. (Cosmic Captive)
Eschew Materials Cast spells without materials, if component cost is 1 gp or less.
Evenhanded Investigator By capturing a dangerous renegade guard, you demonstrated bravery and foresight, and an uncommon respect for the process of law. You gain a +2 circumstance bonus on Diplomacy checks when dealing with guards and city officials within Absalom. (God's Market Gamble).
Frozen Fortitude ☐ Even the coldest wilderness could not fell you. Now you are prepared to endure freezing attacks or even draw strength from the snow. As a swift action, you can check the box that precedes this boon to gain cold resistance equal to 5 + your character level for 1 minute. You can activate this boon as an immediate action, but doing so grants you only cold resistance equal to your character level. Alternatively, if you have cold resistance as a result of a racial trait or class feature, you can check this box as a swift action to regain a number of hit points equal to your cold resistance; if you are immune to cold, you regain 30 hit points. (Solstice Scar B)
Jiraku's Respect ☐ You have helped restore the dosojin kami Jiraku's faith in her stewardship of the pilgrim's path. In return, she has blessed you with a portion of her power. By checking the proceeding box you may use one of the following spell-like abilities. invisibility, longstrider, stone shape, or windwall. Use your character level as the caster level and the higher of your own charisma or a charisma score of 17 for any saving throw DCs. (Ward Assunder)
Librarian You are trained to manage and maintain books, and you find it easy to procure information from tomes. You gain a +1 bonus on Linguistics or Profession (librarian) checks, and one of these skills (your choice) becomes a class skill for you. Once per day when you would gain a bonus on a skill check from reading a book, you can increase that bonus by 1. (Dark Archive)
Martyr’s Shard 2: The Electric Boogaloo ☐ as a free action, you can check the box that precedes this boon to grant one weapon you wield a +1 enhancement bonus (which does not stack with other enhancement bonuses) and the ability to overcome damage reduction and regeneration as per a cold iron, good-aligned weapon for 1 minute.
Any character with this boon can purchase an avenging dagger (120,604 gp; functions as a holy avenger but is a dagger rather than a longsword) as though her effective Fame score were 10 higher. If this character has earned two, three, or all four Martyr’s Shard boons, reduce the cost of an avenging dagger to 110,604 gp, 100,604 gp, or 90,604 gp respectively. If you purchase an avenging dagger and later gain additional Martyr’s Shard boons that would reduce the price further, you gain additional gp equal to the difference between the two costs (as though you had purchased the dagger at the lower cost). (Solstice Scar B)
Raguinori's Debt ☐ ☐ You helped recover the Untouchable Opal, within which Ranginori, the Elemental Lord of Air, is trapped. While imprisoned, his power is limited. Nonetheless, he has granted you an initial gift with the promise of greater rewards should the Society free him. You can activate this boon as a Standard Action by checking one of the boxes that precedes it, gaining one of the benefits based on your level when you activate the boon. For any spell-like ability, use your character level as your caster level.
Any Level You can recall a spell slot or prepared spell you already cast that day. The spell is prepared or the slot is available for use again, as if it had not been used already.
Levels 1-4 You casts cat's grace, cure moderate wounds, lesser restoration, or shocking grasp as a spell-like ability.
Levels 5-8 Add cure serious wounds, fly, and lightning bolt to the list of spell-like abilities you can use.
Levels 9-11 Add call lightning storm and cure critical wounds to the list of spell-like abilities you can use.
Levels 12+ Add heal and whirlwind to the list of spell-like abilities you can use, though both of these spell-like abilities requires you to check both boxes. (The Cosmic Captive)
Spoils of the Siege (Zurnzal) If you bring this Chronicle Sheet to an adventure in which the Pathfinder Society deals with Zurnzal or his schemes, you can qualify to receive a special boon at the end of the adventure to reflect Zurnzal’s increased resources. (Serpent's Rise)
Timelost Chronicler You have journeyed through the ancient serpentfolk city of Sessegishoss and witnessed the fall of the Starstone, granting you a remarkable perspective of Golarion's history. You gain a permanent +1 bonus on Knowledge (History) checks from your first-hand knowledge. Once per Scenario you may call on the nascent power granted by your exposure to the falling Starstone to find inner greatness, granting you a +1 morale bonus on a single d20 roll, You must declare your use of this power before the roll is made. (Sky Key Solution)
Triumph Over Scales ☐ You have braved the Realm of the Mammoth Lords, not only defeating a tribe of kobolds but also slaying their white dragon overlords. You can spend 2 Prestige Points to learn Draconic as a bonus language. In addition, you can check the box that precedes this boon when you threaten a critical hit against a dragon or humanoid with the reptilian subtype to gain a +10 insight bonus on the attack roll to confirm the critical hit. Alternatively, you can check the box when a dragon or humanoid with the reptilian subtype would confirm a critical hit against you in order to gain the benefits of the heavy fortification armor special ability against that attack. (Solstice Scar B)
Trusted Pathfinder ☐ In the wake of the Aspis Consortium’s siege on the Grand Lodge, venture-captains have decided to release several items from the vaults to their most trusted agents. You may check the box preceding this boon's description in order to purchase one of the following items.
Armor of luck (18,500 gp plus the price of a suit of masterwork armor of the appropriate type) You may purchase a suit of armor that has all of the properties of a banded mail of luck. This armor may be of any type (such as leather, breastplate, or full plate), but it cannot be made of a special material.
Circlet of persuasive disguise (7,200 gp) This splendid circlet functions simultaneously as a circlet of persuasion and a hat of disguise.
Elven rune-cloak (price varies) This diaphanous cloak functions simultaneously as a cloak of elvenkind and a cloak of resistance. To calculate its price, add 3,750 gp to the market price of a cloak of resistance. You may upgrade the resistance bonus to saving throws granted by the cloak following this same calculation (e.g. upgrading an elven rune-cloak’s resistance bonus from +1 to +2 costs 3,000 gp).
Lesser versatile metamagic rod (6,000 gp) This functions as a metamagic rod (Pathfinder RPG Core Rulebook 484) and has 3 charges per day; however, these charges can be used to replicate the effects of any of the following metamagic feats: Extend Spell, Merciful, or Reach Spell. (Serpent's Rise)
Warm Friend in a Cold Land You have befriended Iliyara, a Stilyagi Jadwiga and she proves to be a valuable ally in Irrisen. Whenever you are in Irrisen you can apply a +2 circumstance bonus on all Diplomacy checks. You may additionally bring Uliyara along with you on one mission to any location allowing hr to grant you the effects of this boon outside of Irrisen. When you use this boon outside of Irrisen cross it off your Chronicle sheet. (From Under Ice)

Pathfinder Career:

PFS# 139009-12
XP 1 (normal advancement)
Faction Dark Archive
Fame 2 / Prestige 2

1. Murder on the Throaty Mermaid [CORE] - 63737

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