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"Oy, What's that placard say?"

"I know! We can play cards!"

"I think it was chair."

”Guardsman Pease.”

Cyrielle Rousseau wrote:

"Well, some of us are, at any rate."

Cyrielle drops from her horse, walking over to the man with the flowers, her hand stuck out. "Cyrielle Rousseau. I've got a charter signed by Noleski Surtova, and I assume these others do as well. Pleasure to make your acquaintance...?" She pauses for a moment to let the man fill in his name.

”Was we in a fist fight together once?” Says a seated man chewing a sausage. He pulls it from his mouth and wags it at you. ”Yeah come to think of it, you broke me nose at the ol’ ‘Ookscratch. Ahh, Dragoonscale rules.

At Numalar's suggestion of drinks.
"Ay! Grog!"