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Anyone considered putting the Savage World rules on the Witch World setting of Andre Norton? Seems like the low but powerful magic would fit with the gritty combat of the setting. Also the very extremely weird creatures warped by magic running about as well... Savage Worlds looks like it could handle the Sci-fi to Fantasy twist as world hoping is pretty common in that setting as well.

Does the mythic tier adjust the CR? The rules as I read them aren't quite clear. Does a CR1/M1 count as a CR2 or equivalent or has that already been pre-factored? Party just had their first Mythic encounter and I'd hate to short them a few xp.

Scenario: Serious minded fighter early in his career was involved in a very famous battle in which he was one of a handful of survivors. Much heroics, very brave, such bardic fodder. Saved the non-combatants of the village yada yada... except that in the rush to save the villagers they herded them into the local brothel and THAT stuck as the battles name. So, I need the most embarrassing name you can think of for a brothel. Especially for a heroic battle following you around for the rest of your career. Even if it does mean you are brave and honorable.

Lavender Serpent, Lola's Pleasure Palace, Heidi's Hidden Happy House are what I have so far...



wraithstrike wrote:

Deities(true gods), demigods(lesser gods), and other deific-like entities(such as the beings from the the Cthulhu mythos) to include archdevils and demon-lords.

PS: This is not a complete list. You can normally find out if specific creatures can grant spells. CR is not an indication of this. Titans can not as a whole, but maybe a specific titan could.

That was the way I read it, going to work with Mythic and see what I can cook up.

Zedth wrote:
Agree to disagree I suppose. There are many many things in and of the world around the PCs that can do things the PCs cannot, or that they cannot (and frankly, need not) understand. As long as the notion doesn't marginalize the players I see no need to search for "proper justification". All the justification I need is that we're having game night, I'm the GM, and I need to fill a hole. If I fill said hole with something out of a published book or something I made up on the spot, there is no substantial difference to the players.

I'm just trying to shortcut a few of the inevitable arguments of: But I have 15 ranks of blank so I should understand blah arguments. Had that one in current game twice. Those are momentum killers. The last one involved a wizard who had gone insane and created a couple of items out of his madness... yeah unless you go insane I don't think you will understand exactly what his madness did. Somehow that wasn't a fully acceptable answer.

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Zedth wrote:

Not everything the GM does has to be rooted in some rule in some book. You are the supreme arbiter of reality within your world, period. While weighed good sense is always prudent you can always have a variable in your back pocket to explain away circumstances that otherwise don't seem attainable or explainable. Ancient primal magicks, being born of remarkable destiny, learning your first spell at the precise moment of the alignment of the stars, etc etc. Some wonderful themes and monstrous villain origins can exist without coming from a sourcebook.

In the AD&D 2e campaign setting Dark Sun each city-state was led by a "Sorcerer King" or "Queen" who were between level 20 and 23 wizards/psions. Arguably they would be mythic in Pathfinder terms, (maybe even gestalt) but that's neither here nor there. These sorcerer kings and queens had dozens of "Templars" in their service who were granted divine spellcasting directly from their masters. These Templars could reach high level and therefore be granted up to 9th level magic. That sounds pretty damn powerful for only a level 20 character but it was fundamental to the campaign setting and therefore nobody questioned it.

There are meta variables that you can simply handwave away and allow it to be. I say as long as you're not cheesing your players, do what you want and have fun. If it furthers the fun of the campaign or provides a plot hook, run with it.

I agree, but I really dislike the "because I'm the GM and you are not." argument. If I can do it, then the players with the proper justification can do it as well. So, if I don't want the players to have access to something that might be game breaking... I need to be hands off too. But there are no real rules, just good guidelines.

Lost In Limbo wrote:

From looking at B4 and the Empreal Lords and Demon Lords, it seems that the weakest of them are at least CR 26.

So, a fomorian titan is pretty close, but maybe make this specific one a suped up unique titan. A fomorian titan lord or something.

If he's going to be a god-like big bad you should trick him out and make him unique anyway.

That is the basic idea. A cult trying to free an imprisoned Titan in a nation already having more trouble than it can handle.

Dragonchess Player wrote:

Any being with at least three mythic tiers and the Divine Source universal path ability:

Mythic Adventures wrote:
Divine Source (Su): You can grant divine spells to those who follow your cause, allowing them to select you as their deity for the purposes of determining their spells and domains. Select two domains upon taking this ability. These domains must be alignment domains matching your alignment if possible, unless your alignment is neutral. You grant access to these domains as if you were a deity. Creatures that gain spells from you don't receive any spells per day of levels higher than your tier; they lose those spell slots. In addition, you can cast spells from domains you grant as long as their level is equal to or less than your tier. Each day as a spell-like ability, you can cast one spell of each level equal to or less than your tier (selecting from those available to you from your divine source domains). If you're a cleric or you venerate a deity, you may change your spell domains to those you grant others. At 6th tier and 9th tier, you can select this ability again, adding one domain and two subdomains (see the Advanced Player's Guide) to your list each time and adding their spells to the list of those that you can cast.

Looking at Mythic rules now.

The Skeptical Gnome wrote:
Hm. I don't know about the rules, but the worship of beings that rank lower then actual divinities is hardly a rare occurrence. Being such as demigods and archdevils, neither of which are gods, can provide divine power to mortals. I think the reason most beings worship creatures such as demon lords and gods is because they can communicate with and understand them. It's nigh impossible to communicate with an inevitable, so no one worships them. Depending on the type of Titan, I'd say you're worshipping whatever plane the Titan represents (Such as Elysium) with the Titan acting as a conduit for your worship.

Fomorian, atm

Could a Titan do that? I know Arch-devils and Demon Lords can, but what about a Titan? Is there a cut-off point? I have a vicious idea for bringing much chaos and destruction to a hapless nation in Golarion, but my inquiring mind wants other opinions on the matter.

I am working on using my Current Campaign to probably set up the next one in Isger. The wind up will likely focus on the area where Isger and Andoran meet (setting up an upgunned version of Grey Citadel on the border). Next Campaign may deal with the issues inside Isger and fallout from however this one ends.

An update:
Classes used will be Pistolero, Shaman, Oracle and Ninja-ish.
Setting it late 1924.
Trick is, magic doesn't really exist for normal folk, and no one wants them knowing. So no flashy spells. Keep it on the down low otherwise it will draw the attention of people with really BIG guns.

Ghouls (CR1) have an intelligence of 13, you think they don't know about guns and possibly explosives? :D

Cultists of course have access to the same spells, same guns and less moral qualms about blowing away innocent seeming by-standers. Again this will be as much or more about role as roll. Considering the way most adventures end in D&D, trying to do it quietly is more of a challenge than any CR I could otherwise dream up.

And there is always the napping Shoggoth under Arkham if things get too out of hand.

Redneckdevil wrote:

Its not pathfinder per se, but they do have CoC d20 rules out there that i would look at. I got the book some time ago and its a very interesting read and converts CoC to the d20 rules to easily grasp.

But as far as using just pathfinder, nah. To many classes with abilities to stop fear and are designed to be powerful while CoC ur trying to convey the PCs are just insects, mites, to the great unknown and pathfinder seems to make PCs that are big enough to slap and get a great unknowns attention at early levels.

I've used the D20 COC, it has it's issues but is workable if you are willing to convert old adventures into a new system. And I agree about the classes and the feel... it just doesn't have the sense of desperate imminent doom. Though I think with the proper uses of mad cultists and building a good sense of paranoia... it could maybe work. Not entirely wanting to go where none have gone before... but Dammit Jim I am a DM.

With the players I have, I think they will help sit the mood. They are looking for Role in this than Roll. One has already stated they are going to watch the Great Gatzby again to get into a mind set. Another has set up a rather sweet background idea.

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If so how did it work out? I've been invited to run one and we're all used to the Pathfinder system.

I think a few of the hybrid classes and core classes would work quite well. Brawler, Oracle, Witch, Shaman and Investigator seem to fit the theme pretty well.

But has anyone else thought about doing this? (I'd be shocked if no one has.)

James Jacobs wrote:
Level 1 Commoner wrote:
James Jacobs wrote:
blackbloodtroll wrote:

Can I use the normal Human starting ages for Tieflings/Aasimar in PFS?

If I start with a 25 year old Tiefling, will it be an illegal PC?

If you can't, that'd be one more thing about PFS that frustrates and annoys me, I guess.


Which are the other things? :-D
Find me at a convention and ask me there.

How about running the age progression for plane-touched as a "bell curve"? They age normally until about puberty where the other lineage kicks in and suddenly the age slows, it continues that way until about venerable where the wear and tear suddenly speeds up. I think this is the way I will be running these races. In current game the tiefling character has the adopted trait and was raised by a retired human bard... there is no way the bard would have survived the 60 or so years to adulthood. But this makes various traits and feats more acceptable to fit into the narrative.

Claxon wrote:

I also agree that it doesn't make sense that priest of Abadar would go outside there faith. A faithful member of Asmodeus may be interested in what is going on internally, but he isn't being hired by anyone.

He might pose as an Abadarian priest of somesort, to watch over his interests. But frankly this setup doesn't make much since.

He hired a freelancer, is not aware of her association to Asmodeus. Hiring inside his faith would probably been a trip to a quick defrocking. Lawful Priest did something not very Lawful. However the profit was good.. while it lasted.

Aaron Burr wrote:

Falcon's Hollow and the Darkmoon Vale in general is one of my favorite locations on Golarian. When Falcon's Hollow appeared in Towns of the Inner Sea I was rather happy this place hadn't been forgotten about read through it several times.

Having run Hollow's Last Hope and The Crown of the Kobold King there more then a few things I found really helpful, including more of the town's backstory and a few clarifications to the residents there, especially the additional info on the Low Market and High Market. I never knew what to really do with them.

Now the reason I made this post isn't just to praise all the good stuff I mentioned but to also point out something I found out of place that makes a rather nasty Gainaxian trap out of a previous easy encounter.

Along with all the new information a few things were changed, the two that stick out most and are a bit mean are the changes to Ralla Hebbraban and Savram Vade. They have gone from Human to Changeling and Dhampir, and while I understand that these weren't even thought of back in 3.5 when these modules were made it is a little bit nasty. Ralla from a story persceptive making her poor brother Hollin's life even worse off.

Savram is the real problem though which is the result of Crown of Kobold King being made in 3.5, switching to Pathfinder and then new races being added. If you know of the module you know where Savram is found and why this is a very simple encounter now if there is a cleric in the party namely because of Channel instead of being a bit difficult in 3.5. With the change of Savram into a Dhampir there is a very good chance of the party out right murdering him by accident before they even see him, which is not helpful since they are trying to rescue the kidnapped boy.

Other then just pointing out this unintentional trap I'd like to know if you've ever found anything similar in gaming material that has been updated or changed over the years.

Using this currently, added Life Dominant Soul as Savram's first feat. Allows him to be healed by either positive or negative healing bursts but only at half strength. Still takes damage from Lay on Hands or channels to damage undead. Ralla, I haven't fully decided on what to do there, but I have some ideas. I'm thinking that she either resisted the call or her mother is no more.

Hmm wrote:

Um... Have you thought about being an anti-paladin for this, with one level of infiltrator inquisitor to sell the back story?


I considered both Anti-Paladin and Blackguard, but neither would have the flexibility of the Infiltrator. For Role-play purposes this build has a LOT of potential and will function quite well for Roll-Play as well. And it saves up encumbrance by not requiring the carrying of a lead sheet.

Pendagast wrote:

The backs story is weak, the good clerics wouldn't need the evil cleric because skullduggery could be done by inquisitors of their own faith. If it is too evil for an Inky to do it, then the good aligned clerics would need atonement themselves for even being involved/hiring it out.

Isn't there Paladin Archetypes that lose lay on hands?

Looking at Inquistor of Asmodeus now. Had not thought of that.

Backstory: Hired by a Neutral Cleric, also needs to hide the activities from members of own church. So the good/evil is on an as needed basis. Also, she was recommended by a new adviser who is actually a Hesperian(Accomplice Devil) with levels. There are a lot of politics running behind the scenes, but the purpose is creating as much corruption at high levels as possible.

Fallen Paladin is definitely on at all times, also will be starting at 7th level and will be masquerading as a 3rd level paladin. The idea behind impersonating the Paladin is also to draw attention away from the Neutral Cleric who has made some deals in his younger days that are beginning to come back on him.

Zaboom! wrote:

Suggestion #1: Invest in lead-lined armor, as it blocks Detect Evil.

Suggestion #2: Do not eat the delicious lead lining on your armor.

Was thinking Ring of Mind Shielding

But it tastes so good!

I'm looking to build a special minion of my heavy for a campaign and have them hiding in a small town as the Paladin of a local shrine. Basically a cleric of Asmodeus pretending to be a cleric of a good deity (to be determined later, based on build possibilities). Any suggestions? The back story was simple, what I need is a good build. Considering a level or two of bard to further enhance flexibility of character.

Parts I've worked out.
Cleric of Asmodeus:
Traits: Fiendish Confidence, Liar's Tongue
Race: Human Female

The altar remains unconsecrated due to the difficulty of getting a strong enough cleric to cast the proper spells.

Unable to do the Lay on Hands due to the reason for them being sent here... they are atoning for a mistake. They are here to prove themselves to hold proper compassion for the needs of others. Basically their story is that they were so bent on serving Justice on a miscreant they left a fellow servant of the deity to die a slow death. A in the rush of the moment screwed up sort of thing and are now paying for that.

The Truth: Cleric of Asmodeus working as a freelance spy for Neutral and Good aligned clerics who need skulduggery done that they can't trust to their own people for reasons that would be frowned upon by their fellows. In this case, a high level priest of Abadar who needs eyes on the town and needs to remove certain elements that threaten profit margins of church operations.

Gauss wrote:

The Golembane Scarab only works with Golems, sorry.

However, it should be relatively easy to use the Golembane Scarab as precedent for a Clockwork Scarab, so long as the type of construct is restricted to a group and not the entire class of constructs. However, it would have to be approved by your GM.

Fortunately I am the GM.. but I'm brainstorming loot ideas and ways the players will try to power-up.

Would that work on Clockwork creatures? It says Golem specifically, not construct. So the further question is what is the difference between a Golem and a Clockwork construct. Golem are mainly Arcane while Clockwork is mostly Tech, yet each has a part in the other. Or should there be a ***** of Clockworkbane?

DM Jeff wrote:

Here's how my DMV campaign went a couple years back:

Into the Haunted Forest
Crown of the Kobold King
Howl of the Wolf (Necromancer Games' Glades of Death)
Timber Rivalry (Necromancer Games' Glades of Death)
Revenge of the Kobold King
Hungry are the Dead
Tower of the Last Baron
Treasure of Chimera Cove
The Volcano Caves (Dungeon Crawl Classic #19)
Beyond the Vault of Souls
Winter Council
Valbryn Morlydd (WotC's Exemplars of Evil)

I also watched the first 10 episodes of the series Deadwood for town flavor and based the mayor off of Gene Hackman's character in The Quick and the Dead.

Hackman... Dude that's perfect.

Idea so far:

Darkmoon Vale area with Cheliax/Aspis Consortium attempting to draw the Eagle Knights away from disrupting so much of the slave trade. I'm thinking that the Consortium is having a bit of a break with House Thrune over the recent rebellion and by using clockworks keep both Cheliax and Andoran guessing at the real purpose.

Modules currently planned:
Hollow's Last Hope
Crown of the Kobold King
I plan to adjust those to add some clockwork to the modules, specifically suggest that the disease was added by clockworks. I'm amusing myself with the idea of clockwork kobolds in the lower levels.

Siege of Durgam's Folly.
It's full of clockwork and fits in quite well with the location.

Beyond that I am looking for possible modules to work in for the higher levels.

I know I am probably way off canon here, but my players will never see it coming.. and that is kinda the point.

Thomas LeBlanc wrote:
Goth Guru wrote:

How about an infernal combustion engine that they feed by drinking oil?

Lamp oil, crude oil, or for a real pick me up, alchemist fire.

See the power source idea for the lantern sentinel in first post. I am not posting any of my other clockworks, since my players have not encountered/defeated the rest I created yet.

Goth Guru wrote:
Do some research on Babbage's decision engine. A gear driven mind needn’t be stupid. Have one get possessed by a poltergeist and you have a possible mechanical PC.

I know about it. That is why the sentinels are not blind and can follow directions/programs. Thinking for themselves is a different matter.

But the poltergeist idea is intriguing. A ghost in a machine... Never been done before I see...

My mind is now awash in plots and schemes... muhahahhaha

Eltacolibre wrote:

Rakshasha are badass. There isn't really any opposite to them, the fact that they even think that the gods are just powerful beings put them on another spectrum when it comes to beliefs and everything else. Still tho, what about you get creative with it?

A Celestial Rakshasha , like a white tiger/dove/Lion would be different, maybe this celestial Rakshasha is trying to foil the plans of other powerful member of his race and contact your players to help them with the situation.

Here's a little bit of the back story. A sorcerer of the Raksasha bloodline has found his spells are going awry. Best he and others can tell is that at some point the ancestor(they are unaware of the true bloodline, tribal history calls him celestial) was captured and his soul imprisoned and used to power some sort necromantic artifact built by priests of Orcus. (yeah this is going to turn very ugly) So the young sorcerer is off on a quest to rescue or at least return his ancestor into the wheel of reincarnation wholly unaware that he is releasing a millennia old evil of limitless potential. It's a good bet that a number of good aligned creatures would prefer this not to happen, but in order to save his people.. he's got to release the ancestor. The Celestial Raksasha would be interesting, I've the feeling that if one ever turned "good" he'd be hunted by all the others just for that slight.

MMCJawa wrote:
Samsarans aren't outsiders and can't shapeshift, but thematically could be considered the opposite of Raksasha.

That is a VERY good idea, the reincarnation aspect does tie in well.

Mojorat wrote:
Agathion would likely be the opposite they basically reprisent souls of the purest notions. Rakshasha however are corrut and cought in a never ending reincarnatiin cycle. Anyhow both ideas are from indian mythology but its been some time since i read te article on rakshasha.

Also a very good idea, and one I am now looking at. As they are "meddlers" that would fit in as well.

Buri wrote:
Opposites don't always have the same abilities. Empyreal lords are opposite demon lords but not all empyreal lords have change shape like demon lords do. Just an FYI.

True enough, I did say probably. I was also thinking they might have a strong ability to cut through illusion and deception. Both suggests have good possibilities to work as allies against Raksasha plans.

Is there a polar opposite to the Raksasha? A race of beings that do exactly the opposite, are "born" the same way but have the opposing alignment and agenda?

It would be a Native Outsider, good aligned, and probably a shape-shifter of some sort.

I'm sifting through as many of the creatures books I've got but nothing looks quite right. Any suggestions?

I'm doing something similar, though I am making him a disgruntled but ambitious pawn of the Aspis Consortium. The Baron is also a pawn, just higher up the food chain. The end goal being that Cheliax gains control of the Darkmoon Vale and all its lovely resources.

I'm looking at doing this as well. But with the group I'm going to be doing this with I will need to chop it up in a very weird way. (Jobs and other issues make full group play iffy.)

My plan is to make the Aspis Consortium the BBEG and have Kreed be one of the toadies working for them. The basic plot is that elements from Cheliax are trying to destabilize the area enough for local leaders who have been co-opted or that will soon be replaced, to secede from Andoran back to Cheliax. I'm also increasing the size of Falcon's Hollow to use it as the focal point of all the machinations. Using Grey Citadel from Necromancer games as the Falcon's Hollow of this campaign.

Hopefully I'll be able to use local politics to fill in low turn out nights and keep everyone hooked.

My questions for those who have used these modules.

Did anyone try to make the Blackscour taint an attack on the town and have a suspect for your pcs? If so, how'd that work for ya?

Anyone have a good suggestion for one-offs that might run as political/espionage modules?

DeathQuaker wrote:

So let's see if I understand this correctly (summarizing from the above and from the rules):

True Seeing does NOT allow you to see someone who is simply using Stealth to hide. (PRD: "True seeing does not help [...] spot creatures who are simply hiding.")

Hide In Plain Sight allows you to "use the Stealth skill even while being observed."

For the Assassin and the Shadowdancer, Hide in Plain Sight is a Supernatural ability.

True Seeing allows you to "see all things as they actually are" (including past magical illusions). So the question is--can True Seeing allow you to see past the supernatural elements the Assassin and the Shadowdancer are using to Hide in Plain sight? As it CANNOT, RAW, see past the actual use of the Stealth Skill?

Neither True Seeing, nor the HiPS descriptions, nor the description of what a Supernatural ability is clear this up.

Things to consider:
- Dispel Magic does not affect supernatural abilities. Antimagic Field does. I realize this is sort of a vague stretch here, but do you think True Seeing works more akin in spirit to Dispel Magic or Antimagic Field? Personally I'd be inclined to say it's more akin to Dispel Magic, and thus would not affect Supernatural abilities, but I can see this being argued in other ways.

- As mentioned, the Ranger version of Hide in Plain Sight is Extraordinary, not Supernatural, so definitely would not be affected by True Seeing.

- If the "supernatural" shadows are helping hide the Assassin or Shadowdancer, does that negate the use of the Stealth Skill itself? And therefore, if that "supernatural"ness is seen through does that mean the use of the Stealth skill is cancelled, or merely penalized?

There is no clear answer, but I would be inclined to approach this one of two ways:

1. True Seeing does not negate/see through ANY form of Hide in Plain Sight, so as not to make the Ranger version more powerful than the Assassin/Shadowdancer version.


2. True Seeing DOES see through the "supernatural" aspects of...

Thank you, that was coherent and just what I needed this morning! Makes good sense to me. It will get word lawyered later today.. but I think it'll hold up.

James Jacobs wrote:
Lazaro wrote:
What no love for the Peacock? You make my evil, mulitcolored god angry V_V
The Peacock Spirit is a dead god. Or if he's not dead, she's effectively dead, since he no longer has contact with her minions. If it was indeed ever a god to begin with. What exactly the Peacock Spirit is and was and might one day be again is still a mystery.

I'm seeing the Peacock Spirit as a NE Creature of the WAY out outer planes, a Nyarlahotep who is just a little too self-distracted to do active evil. The possiblity of contacting it is still there but, you have to either do the massive research or do it by a fluke. The cleric in one of my campaigns is about to learn that. XD Having domains that will attract the attention of it when used in one of its old temples. The cleric has a fairly single-minded drive for more knowledge and for runes... should be fun.

And by Neutral Evil... I mean Neutral ALIEN.

Reading the description for Reincarnate makes me wonder if that would actually work.

It states :A creature that has been turned into an undead creature or
killed by a death effect can’t be returned to life by this spell.: pg. 331 core book.

Does that mean that once turned into a wight he is unable to be reincarnated until he is again slain, or that once the animation has been effected upon his body, it can no longer be affected by reincarnate?

I intend to allow it to work on him, mainly for story possibilities. But knowing some in this party they may attempt to reincarnate the nymph as well. They do seem to be ... completists.

DM Nickademus wrote:

After Xanesha's demise, Justice Ironbriar has been slowly restablishing the cult, carefully assisting the PCs in handling PR for the destruction of the bell tower(known now as the "Night of Bells") which aroused all the hellnights within a 3 miles radius. Claiming to the Lord Mayor these individuals found and resolved the city of the skinsaw cult and their vicious leader, Xanesha. It was quite easy to avoid lie detection spells, and the justice has a certain gift in deflecting accusations.

Ironbriar's existence has however caused a new problem. The witch has attended social gatherings with the justice, enjoyed service and servants amid a host of the Justice's estates and all seemed well for the most part... until the witch made a minor mistake in demanding Ironbriar swear off the cult, his faith and going legitimate.

Since then, a new unpleasantness has transpired, Lord Mayor Haaldmeer Grobaras has been assasinated, a carved sigil in his chest, he was last seen speaking with the PCs. Justice Ironbriar quickly warned the PCs the Red Mantis may be behind the murder and made arrangments to safely escort them past the gates and outside the city.

Justice Ironbriar~ "You must leave, and leave now. The Red Mantis may think you are involved with the Lord Mayor and word is they are seeking you now."
Witch~ "Why cant we stay hidden with you. Where will we go?"
Justice Ironbriar~ "It is not safe here. They have seen you with me at gatherings, who hasn't. At this very moment, Hellknights are interrogating my servants trying to reach you first and you dont want to know how persuasive they can be.

Yes, you must go. To the east and a little North you must make your way to Turtleback Ferry and then to a little known hold named, Fort Rannick. It is at the farthest reach of the city and should be a safe place until the assasins are caught or have given up."
Witch~ "When do we come back?"
Justice Ironbriar ~ "I will send message by raven. The Black Arrows, a group of rangers reside there. They are isolationists...

That is Epicness... Truly.

Bacchreus wrote:

Well this is my attempt with apologies to George RR. Hope to see some other versions and opinions.

Storm clouds gather on the Storval, and now my watch begins.
It shall not end until my death.
I shall take no wife, hold no lands, father no children.
I shall repent my past transgressions.
I shall live and die on my ranging.
I am the arrow in the darkness.
I am the scouter of the wilderness.
I am the fire that burns the unclean, the light that brings the dawn, the horn that wakes the sleepers, the shield that guards Magnimar.
I pledge my life and honour to the Black Arrows, for this day and all those that follow.

I'd agree with all but the "take no wife" There were apparently those that were "born" into the Black Arrows. One of the survivors, Vale, was born into the Arrows.

Maybe make it, My children shall follow after me until the end of our line. In some ways the Black Arrows are not just a job, it is a "Calling".

Dark Sasha wrote:
Grokken wrote:

Could have sworn I'd seen them statted up somewhere here, search fu mocks me today. Anyone have them statted?

This isn't exactly an answer to your question. But the Seven Swords of Sin module from Paizo's 3.5 days had one of the swords statted up, the Sword of Lust I believe. The other six were listed but not detailed.

yeah, I noted that. But I'm looking to see if anyone has done the work on the other six. AFAIK they don't appear anywhere other than that module. I believe the Sword of Greed is in Spires... I should also check there... duh. :)

Could have sworn I'd seen them statted up somewhere here, search fu mocks me today. Anyone have them statted?

It has occurred to me to have Vorel possess Aldern. In one of my campaigns (running RotRL concurrently) they left Alderns body in the lab with the Vorel fungus goo... I thought it might be interesting to have the fungus take over the body and stalk the party later. No idea beyond that, but the gross out factor (and the fact that one of the parties completely dismissed Aldern as the bad guy.) Makes me want to up the ante just a tad.

Abraham spalding wrote:

A city block of housing costs 3 BP each BP is worth 4,000 gp. Each city block is about 750 feet squared. So that's 12,000 gp for a 750 feet square number of houses. The population of a city block is 9,000 gp. This doesn't take into account that "A fair number of additional residential structures are common amid most one and two block structures".

So I would suggest that you probably could do about 500 gp per house. Just so you know a tenement sort of deal (aka ghetto) runs for 1 BP for a block.

All this information is from the "Rivers run red" book of the Kingmaker AP (part 2 of 6).

The game mastery guide also has information on city building that could be of help breaking down the cost of housing.

Finally a Mansion (of one city block) is 10 BP (40,000gp) for one family and its servants while a Noble Villa is 24 bp (96,000gp) and takes two city blocks.

Let me note here the following:

1. For a 5th level character, paying 12,000 for a house for 30 people of which he has 4.
2. This is the smallest dwelling listed.
3. Comparing this to modern housing is at best a warped perspective. The amount of real world inflation on housing is pretty steep. There is a comparision (and I'd be hard pressed to find it, though I have it) of how inflation has risen since the 1300's using the price of grain and bread. One of the few stable items of our various economys.
4. The 30 person dwelling wasn't a manor house. Probably more like a boarding house... but even then.

For high powered moneyed characters its not a problem, but for low level who just want to get a start they are kinda stuck with out GM help... LOL.

Odd how this does relate to RW at times.


Love the idea for the Inn, that is something these guys would love to do. These are guys who came up with the idea of using a permanent freezing sphere as a walk-in freezer...

10 gold a month as a lease isn't bad, and the character being a Hero of Sandpoint plus a regular visitor with good standing in the community will get him a bit of a discount.

His plan is to take over Thistletop and start a community there, that's a few levels away and they still haven't dealt with Malfesh down below.

I tend to get the fluff books (companion et al) from Paizo and all else from my FLGS. This way I support both, but I also hate running games from a PDF.

Looking through my not too extensive collection of material, the best price I could find for a home (just residential, no labs or workshops added) was 12k for a 30 person house. That was in the Stronghold builders guide. I have players wanting just a place to live, nothing fancy. They want bedrooms, kitchen & dining and maybe a place to hang out, but not a freaking stronghold. (that will come later after a few more levels and will cost them :D) The main character's issue is that he has dependents (wife and two kids) and that he needs an actual home.

Not finding anything like that in any of my books. Anyone got a recommendation?

I'm of the opinion that with being a "hero" of Sandpoint that a dwelling would be at a discount and was considering 100 gold for a year. That doesn't seem to onerous to keep his family in the line of fire for a few more adventures.. heh.

One of the coolest creatures I've run across came from Cthulhu, the Worm that Walks. I made a variant (and never got to use it.. :( )that was a necromancer who's essence was absorbed into a swarm of flesh-eating beetles (think the Mummy movie, but smaller bugs). It was meant to be a BBEG for the party but the game got disrupted by the usual "life too busy" stuff... I later used it as a character (somewhat nerfed down) in another game. I like the idea of an intelligent swarm hiding amongst humans as passing himself off as "just that creepy magic-user guy."

Little did they know...

Tarondor wrote:
This is why I don't use XP. I award levels at appropriate points in the story.

To quote Barbosa from POC. "Their more like Guidelines." I have in the past just free-form awarded xp based more on How vs. What. Beat the problem with something pedestrian.. get regular xp suitable for the level. Think up something workable but outside the box and make me scramble and end up with some memorable... extra points. Heck try something foolish but entertain me and everyone else... why not. In the end its all for fun, if you have fun get full credit because THAT is the point.

That said I'll probably use the fast progression, and keep the flow of xp to get them where they need to be, or I need them to be. I can edit the encounters to meet the "waypoints".

Kalyth wrote:

I would allow a heal to crit not problem. What are the effects of a critical hit?

Per the rules an attack that scores a critical hit inflicts x2 damage if it has no other critical multiplier listed. So continuing with the rules a critical hit with a healing spell would inflict x2 damage. Simple.

How much damage does the healing spell inflict? Well none its healing hit points not inflicting damage. Oh so 2 times 0 (the amount of damage the healing effect is inflicing) is 0. I think my math is right.

Does Ray of Exhaustion have x2 effect on a critical? No becuase it doesnt inflict damage.

A healing effect does not gain a benefit from a critical attack roll. Though I see no problem if someone wants to house rule it.

Doesn't have to be x2, could just be max on the healing. I wouldn't do it on the cure spells, unless in combat. The heavenly fire being targeted as it is, that's a different sort of bean. Its also a lot less powerful than the cure spells. Critting with magic always makes my head hurt (so many variables) but I always apply the same rule. "If it breaks my game, it doesn't work." Heavenly fire is unlikely to break the game at 1d4+1/2 levels... max it will ever do will be just enough to keep someone alive.

The more I read on this the more I think that True Neutral will be the best for the alignment. Good/Evil don't really apply, Alien though does. Rune and Knowledge as Domains work perfectly, scholars as followers fits as well. I'm thinking something like a "non-malevolent" Nyarlohotep-like being. Fascinated by these strange short lived creatures drive to seek out the secrets of the universe. Helping not out of benevolence but out of its own selfish curiosity to see where it will all end up.

Lazaro wrote:
James Jacobs wrote:
Yeah... giving worshipers of the Peacock Spirit Trickery, Evil, Nobility, and Rune are all great choices. Aside from what we've revealed about this guy in Runelords, though...

Ah bummer, I haven't run across other mentions of the Peacock Spirit, apparently I'll need to do a bit more looking. Pathfinder 4 eh?

With a "no-deity" cleric in the game I'm running, I was considering have the character awaken an ancient deity with the domains she wanted to use (none of the book deities had the alignment/profile required). I'm seeing the Peacock Spirit as probably Neutral Good/Lawful Good and having Knowledge as one of the main Domains, though also healing.

Going by the theory that Gods don't die unless they are killed (Aroden's dead) I'm thinking that during the fall of Thassillon the Spirit faded into dormancy awaiting someone to awaken it once more. Since it was never determined to be Male/Female and had no apparent appearance as human I'm thinking this will drop some serious "you are messing with me" problems on the character.

I haven't run across anything outside of the first module where it mentions the spirit as being a deity that the Thassilonians worshipped. So I am definitely open to suggestions.

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