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Pendragon. Hands down.

Best system ever invented , awesome personality traits for characters, tailored for campaign play.

The best game I ever read and played, with COC.


Any superhero comic/movie tends to bore me to death (except The Crow), so I won't go spend my $$$ on this. Never liked this kind of hero genre, never will.

On the other end, I'll go see the new adventures of mister supernormal, namely Indiana Jones! :)

What makes the game slow?

I guess gravity.

An antigravity D&D would be awesome, much faster without the constraint of inertia.

Maybe for D&D25? WOTC has let us down again....


Same post I put on Troll Lord:

"RIP Gary Gygax.

I heard you say once that your greatest accomplishment was that you brought endless hours of good fun to million of people.

That, you did, Mr Gygax, and I thank you very much for crafting such a hobby and a passion, for me and countless others.

The fact that you looked like the grandad everybody would like to have , and that you appeared unmoved by your creative success and stayed the first fan of your own creation makes us feel your loss even more.

It's quite strange to be moved by the passing of somebody you have never meet in person. After all, many movie stars, writers, unknowns die every year, every day, every minute. What is different with mister Gygax is that is creation, his universe, his own fantasy was very much alive during our own games, and if you would have looked carefully, I'm sure one could have nearly felt his shadow over the DM behind the screen, the bad jokes of the players, the fumbles and the critical successes. For that, yes mr Gygax was never far, and through his game we nearly communicated with him.

So long, mister Gygax. And thanks for everything, for all this work, and for all this foolish universe that many in our world don't even understand. I guess they are too serious...."

Not at all.

I decided to pull the plug on D&D anyway. With the passing of Gary Gygax (RIP), there wouldn't be a better moment to draw the curtain on the hobby for me.

To all those who won't upgrade: keep the faith brothers, and game on.

To those who will upgrade: everyone is entitled to his opinion, and you're right,life is change and....

....Oh wait....D&D4 sucks! End of the story.

;) Have great games my friends, and don't forget it's only a game.

Good bye, Mr Gygax.

From across the ocean, a very warm and respectful thank you for everything you have done and brought to this often too serious world.

And in my personal life as well....hours of good fun, and great friends!


A mixture of Revenge and Indifferent.

I won't buy any WOTC producy anymore (new ones from the shelves I mean), and I generally don't care anymore about Dumb and Dumber 4.

The usual dungeon crawl/ hack n'slash festival with no logic, can't think of one in perticular as there are many.

Maybe The City of the Spider Queen if you play it as it is. Because it can turn out as a brilliant campaign if you arrange if a bit.

Actually, a movie that I won't be expecting at all and that will hook me from start to finish: that's exactly why I love movies.

2007 was for me the year of "Into the wild". Best movie I've seen in a long time, and I didn't know a lot about the story before seeing it. It was brilliant.

Matthew Morris wrote:
Griselame wrote:
Do they still cook that wonderful ham in High Dale? That's all that really matters to me ;)
That's funny to me. I just sat down with my Volo's guides a few days ago. Love those books.

Yeah, I love those books too. They gave so much life to the Realms, much much more than any monster chart or NPC guide they ever did! And the general tone and illustrations were brilliant too. I use these books to flesh out my adventures more than anything else...

Miss Volothamp Geddarm!

Knowing the influence Jack Vance had on the basis of D&D, I was wondering, as I am currently reading his Lyonesse trilogy, if you guys saw like me the common points between the Lyonesse universe and the Moonshae in the FR.

Is it just me or did it strike you as well?

Faith No More
Suicidal Tendencies
Gov't Mule

All bands that I love for a million reasons :)

IconoclasticScream wrote:
Aaron Whitley wrote:
How about all of them?
I wouldn't go that far. For mass-market escapist fantasy trash novels that are just slightly better than being nothing more than commercials for the campaign settings, some of them are entertaining enough to be readable. In one or two exceptional cases, re-readable.

Of the whole D&D books I've ever read, the only two that really got me and left me "breathless" were the two first Underdark novels with Drizzt. There was some Michael Moorcock in there, a real sense of tragedy.

Then Drizzt became the pathetic super hero (without tights) we now know... :)

Atrocious wrote:

Just got my copy of "Grand History of the Realms" (a great book, and a must have for any Realms fan), its final pages shed some light on the events mentioned in "The Orc King".

Let's just say the realms are about to change. Although some of the things mentioned are not "new" to realms scholars.

Do they still cook that wonderful ham in High Dale? That's all that really matters to me ;)

Definitely a "forgotten masterpiece" of modern litterature he he :)


but Merlin can also make an army move several hundred miles in matter of hours... :)

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Let's get funny, as I'm bored.

What's the worst, the most ridiculous, stupid novel from any D&D arc you ever read?

If I had to choose, I would take the Phlan trilogy. I mean, the bodybuilder wizard girl, the undead priest named Martinez (or Fernandez, don't recall exactly),etc...

It was so stupid it was funny, something that touches the nonsense of some Monty Python sketches, or the z fun of Trauma Productions.

What about you?

God, nobody mentions "Excalibur" by John Boorman, or his other two masterpieces "The Emerald Forest" and "Deliverance"!!!

I was so impressed by these movies growing up, saw them each 100 times if not more. There is absolute magic and mysticism in there, something totally seminal, and great characters - great stories - great music.

"Excalibur" was such an influence on me that I know all the lines from this movie, and I still totally revere the character of Merlin, who is as funny and spicy as deep and philosophical. I would say it's really one of the few movies that captured that ancestral feel, and the spirit of paganism (relation of man to nature).

Brilliant. I want to see it again, quick my DVD player!!! :)))

Let's keep this thread alive.

I would say the horror movie that has impressed me the most in recent years was without doubt "The Descent".

It's the story of several women who go on a speleology trip in the mountains, when something goes wrong...

It looks pretty basic at first, but the tension is for real in this flick, from first to last minute. I mean you'll really feel claustrophobic and hopelessly lost, without any hope. It's a genius movie, and the characters, while pretty straight forward, have a real psychology that makes you feel the whole movie even more.

A truely great movie I recommend to everyone. If you have the chance to catch the european version, the ending is quite different...don't want to reveal anything, but it's really not hollywood at all.

So grab that great movie! And don't mistake it with that crap "The Cave"!

As well, I have been really impressed by "28 Days Later" and "28 Weeks Later", a really cool re-imagining of your typical zombie movie.

I'm also glad to give my vote to "Event Horizon" which was brilliant and totally overlooked by the critic. I mean it's pure gold from beginning to end!

I think the one and only who could kick the ass of Elminster, Raistlin and co is without doubt the father of all wizards and sages:


And now let's get ready for some celtic majesty!

Who has seen this movie? It's absolutely brilliant.

Based on the story of Chris McCandless, idealistic hitch-hiker who met his fate in the Alaskan wilderness.

Big Bill RPG.

Big Bill was a player in the first D&D circles in the Parisian universities (back in the 70's, when Francois Marcela-Froideval introduced the game) who became legendary for being such a rule advocate and a powergamer with unbelievable amounts of power nobody knew how he did it.

That's pretty much Dumb & Dumber 4.

Talking about dragonborns, don't really understand the whys and hows of this race. They should put the lizardfolk in the PHB if they like races with scales so much, I think it's far more widespread, isn't it?...

Nah, don't think so, it's a cool song from Phil Lynott. It's about being young and rebel, with really cool lyrics

PS: Are you working in IT or something?

Don't know the guy, but cancer sucks. All my thoughts to Erick and his family.

Hey all,

Tonight I'm working, while the majority of the world will celebrate Xmas. Curiously, I don't really feel sad about it, in some ways I would say I'm even a bit relieved. No family meeting, and no usual decade-old rituals...it feels strange but I'm quite happy, because I'm not a real big fan of Xmas at heart anyway.

The frenzy of buying that is displayed on December has really started to rebuke me these past few years, I mean if you love people it's all year long and everyday and not on a single occasion with costly presents. As well the religious overtones of the thing I don't really dig: I have the chance to live in a multicultural country, so I don't see why I couldn't celebrate the Muslim, Jewish or Chinese xmas if there are.

And to finish, I don't know why but every year I'm sick like a dog for xmas: nausea, back problems,etc.... Just like if my body was rejecting this whole stuff. It's really strange.

So, enjoy your holidays, and while you'll feast, know that there will be a guy somewhere who is, as Thin Lizzy sang, "Dancing in the moonlight"!


Really nice reading so far... You give me some ideas for my coming Pathfinder/FR campaign, thanks! Keep up the good work!

KaeYoss wrote:
Griselame wrote:

Yeah, but the story of the gnome, it's like if they were taking the guard or the tackle out of the football team: nonody really cares about them, but they're part of the game anyway...

I care about them. A lot. And I'm not nobody. Nor am I the only one who likes gnomes.

I was just trying to make a stupid analogy. I like gnomes and played some gnome characters as well :) WOTC, bring back our gnomes!

Francais aussi! Mais installe en Irlande pour ma part. Bons jeux et bonne annee 2008 a tous!

Yeah, but the story of the gnome, it's like if they were taking the guard or the tackle out of the football team: nonody really cares about them, but they're part of the game anyway...

And the tiefling addition, it's like playing with that reduced team on a canadian football field, makes no sense...


D&D4 or the best way to take your dusty vinyls from your collection and put "Money" from Pink Floyd at full volume! As we like dust and old stuff as they say, let's give them some old stuff! :)))

I also listened a few minutes ago to "Send me your money" from Suicidal Tendencies, and that was brillant (Highschool memories). Just replace the prophet/church of the lyrics by a certain company and you're gonna laugh....

Message not meant to be serious. Take it easy, pals.

As Journey said, "Don't stop believing" boys!

D&D4 won't pass by me. End of the story. I don't need it. I don't like it. I don't believe in the love and I don't believe in Hasbro. The changes suck and WOW-like games suck.

I do love my D&D3.5 and 2.0. I love my players and I think that the luck of RPGS is to be out of normal businesses in a way. And I want it to stay that way.

So don't stop believing...!!! :)

Yeah right... Have a cigar, mate. Just walk your way and take your pretentiousness with you.

Sebastian wrote:
Griselame wrote:



Could you quit posting threads about your particular flavor of beating the 4e dead horse? If you do, I promise I'll quit posting on them.

** spoiler omitted **

Could you please allow me to express myself freely on a message board open to everyone?

And if you don't like my stuff or this message, why do you bother coming here to write something?

Are you one of these persons who think they are the masters of science and intelligence and others are way beneath them - and in dire need of their precious enlightment? Do you feel that gives you the right to bash/joke the people you don't agree with? Learn that intelligence starts with a sense of listening, and that there are always smarter people than you - which I am not pretentious enough to revendicate .

So that's a real easy one: participate in the discussion or move on. Thanks

I just love the "speed 7 squares"... It's Monty Pythonesque in a way.

It's european and african sparrows all over again.

Thanks you for your kindness...



Buffalo Bills!!!! The first one who says Super Bowl is a dead man!!!


Don't really know where to put this message, so I guess this column will do.

I just wanted to wish to all of you, from CEO to milkman, the very best of Christmas and a happy new year 2008! I'm sure all your fellow customers will join me to wish you many many good things for this next era!

I wouldn't be what you call a hardcore customer, having just a few issues of Dungeon/Dragon in my collection and a few other stuff as well. But I'm more than impressed by the quality of your work, and above all, the tremendous relationship you try to establish , day after day, with your base of customers. It's so rare that you have earned my life long respect.

And finally, the thing that overwhelms me the most with you guys is that I feel that, while of course a serious business who wants to make money like all the others, you are also people with real LOVE for what they are doing. It's just an awesome pleasure to feel how much you like this job and this game, and how much you put efforts into it. Kudos again!

So guys, I really hope you have lots lots of fun with the holidays, and don't forget to drink responsibly on new year, because we pretty much need you to get ready to work on the 1st of Jan for some more awesomeness!!!


FabesMinis wrote:

But that's the thing,- and I can see that people feel passionately. I really don't feel talked down to or treated like an idiot; I can't even try to enter the mindset where I could take the marketing of the game so personally. Is it lingering resentment over the cancellation of Dragon and Dungeon that is partially to blame?

I would say that the handling of the magazines situation is responsible in big parts for the heat WOTC are feeling right now. I came to Dungeon/Dragon pretty late, so it's not as emotional to me.

For my part, it's really more a question of business/customer confidence, and the dismantling of all D&D basics reborn in a so-called "ubbercool" and "newwww" way of doing business that I can't dig.

Excuse the bluesy reference of my title, I just wanted to share some opinions with the members of the boards about the fate of D&D4.

I personally think, and it's totally personal and maybe stupid, that D&D4 will go down really quickly. Yeah, it's gonna flop. Big time.

The reasons? Well, as I said in previous posts, WOTC is running after too many customers (WOW youngsters and trad RPG gamers), some of whom are not even aware of D&D and don't even care about it(-and seeing the total artistic/commercial flop that D&D Online was, what's their opinion of D&D anyway?)

Second, the old guard ( I mean the guys that are over 25), the ones like you and me, who work ,and thus have funds ,and thus buy the stuff... are pretty much pissed off about WOTC right now. From a disastrous PR campaign to a total bashing of the game history, you name it. Plus we have found out that there are other companies, like Paizo, who really care about their customers and come up with a quality of material that WOTC can only dream of as of recently...

Third, the slaughter they are making of established and beloved settings (like the Realms). 99% of the comments I heard from fans have been utterly negative. And I'm not only talking about gamers, I'm talking also about people who just buy the novels and love the Realms for what it is. As well, reinventing the wheel and coming up with the 10000000000th cataclysm is totally boring...

Fourth, the marketing disaster of 3.5. Because now that we already lived it once, why would we be so sure that 4.5 is not around the corner anyway? I guess there's a lot of dudes who are going to wait 1 to 2 years before investing...and yet they won't be totally sure that it's not in the plans. So will you put as many bucks in a product you can't be certain of ? Hmmm...

As I see it, I can imagine it will start by selling quite a few units. But it will quickly go back to bad curbs on the sales charts. Because the core of the customers just won't be there anymore. And it should be painful as well when the FR campaign setting is out.

These are just my two cents. I'm not hateful or anything, I'm just trying to summarize my thoughts, and share them with you. And now for the most important? What do you think is gonna happen? Hall of Fame or Bust? Peyton Manning or Ryan Leaf? :)

FabesMinis wrote:
I'm not trying to win converts n my pro-4E-ness, I just get despondent when I'm insulted for so being - "quisling", "sheep" etc. I don't understand why people who are anti seem to be almost violently so. You can state your reasons and indeed many have, but I still see that you're over-reacting and taking marketing very personally.

I think that marketing is indeed something to be taken seriously, isn't it? Especially with the awful one WOTC has been doing so far for their new system, and the clear way of them to say to the old guard: "Thanks, was great, now it's time you go..."

I don't think it's over-reacting to feel that this company has treated its fanbase like idiots and people who don't have a clue about what's great or not. I don't think it's over-reacting either to feel passionate about a game that everybody here loves and feel personally tied to, for many many reasons.

WOTC should be proud to handle a product that draws so many passion, and my feeling about their way of doing business currently is that they don't give a damn at all - they just want to do their thing and erase the past, whatever the cost. Or if they do care, they really really need take some PR courses, or hire some competent guys!

I don't think it's over-reacting to have read consciously all the infos and promos WOTC has made and consider this is nothing but a really bad product that we have ahead of us. Time will tell of course as we don't have the game yet in the shelves. But when you have to pay 20 bucks to read previews now, which is generally free with any other company, you can truely say that this is the last nail in the coffin...

Mark my words, and believe me or not: D&D4 will tank, because most of the old guard doesn't want it, because the company treated its customers like crap, and because the youngsters they try to attract couldn't care less. They have WOW and stuff, and they just won't switch to a paper RPG. As the old French adage says: when you try to hunt too many ducks, you're more likely to get none.

This message is not intended as a personal insult or anything - I respect everybody and everybody's arguments, and I just pointing my thoughts on the situation. We're not on the WOTC boards here, people do still have that rare quality that is politeness at Paizo's message boards :)

Perfection is not from this world...

I like the fact that 3ed books will cost less and that I don't have to worry about timeline anymore for my FR campaign...

Apart from that, I like the fact that D&D 4.5 and 5 will be out in no time and destroy all the arguments of WOTC fanboys...

Ah and I like the latest Clutch album that I'm listening while reading the boards, but this is not really relevant... ;)

I'll stick to 3.5. Love the system and have plenty of material at home!

I hate having to work nights at the moment...it's 6pm here and I'm just out of bed...

Don't like feeling like an dusty vampire who goes sleeping when the sun sets and goes out when the night falls.... I have to work xmas as well and I'm a bit pissed off about it.

And apart from that, don't like D&D4. Purely and simply.


I really do

It's absolutely great work that you've done, and I will use I think most of your ideas for my game. Impiltur being overlooked in the FR background, that leaves space for creation, which is cool!

Thanks a million!

signed and made my email adress public! Now I'm waiting for you WOTC!

So, all united against the great evil D&D4 mmmwwwaahhh!!!!!!! :)

No, seriously. When this crap comes out I don't even want to be close to it. Here in Ireland we didn't have to suffer 700 years of evil domination by the brits to have them back reincarnated in the form of a bad roleplaying-game.

Last statement, as you may have noticed, makes no sense...I shouldn't have watched my entire Monty Python collection last night...Ok I'm out...


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