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Can anyone list for me, all of the magical schools in Absalom? From the wikis and the Guide to Absalom, I believe the only named ones I have found are The College of Mysteries and the Arcanamirium. I am looking for a school that is strictly arcane, or arcane and alchemy.

Thank you in advance.

I know this isn't a democracy, but I just got a copy of Tooth and Claw, and thought his artwork was the best of all four people that had worked on the book to that point. Great, clean lines and easily discernible expressions, along with very good detail. I hereby command Paizo to hire him for all future comic work, as well as any gaming products as they see fit.

Make it so!

This has probably been suggested before. To open up more weapon usage to non-Fighter types, how about removing the Martial Weapon Proficiency feat and the Heirloom Weapon trait, and replace them with these:

Martial Weapon Proficiency (Combat)
Choose a weapon group from page 56 of the Core Rulebook. You are now proficient with all martial weapons listed for that group. You understand how to use that type of martial weapon in combat.

Benefit: You make attack rolls with the selected weapon normally (without the non-proficient penalty).

Normal: When using a weapon with which you are not proficient, you take a –4 penalty on attack rolls.

Special: Barbarians, fighters, paladins, and rangers are proficient with all martial weapons. They need not select this feat.

You can gain Martial Weapon Proficiency multiple times. Each time you take the feat, it applies to a new type of weapon.


Heirloom Weapon
You carry a non-masterwork simple or martial weapon that has been passed down from generation to generation in your family.

Benefit: When you select this trait, choose one of the following benefits:
proficiency with those weapons (i.e. you are now proficient with longswords)
a +1 trait bonus on attacks of opportunity with that specific weapon
a +2 trait bonus on one kind of combat maneuver when using that specific weapon.

Note: You pay the standard gp cost for the weapon.


I'm sure I'm not the first to mention this but, what if we just had the BAB of iterative attacks be based on full BAB? So, for instance, a character with +11/+6/+5 can full attack and get +11/+11/+11. Basically, you attack just as often, but are going to hit far more often on your attacks after the first?

I'm sure people are going to scream about TWF rogues who will now clearly out-DPR equivalent fighters in similar circumstances, but really, in a sensible game (they DO exist) couldn't this solve at least a little bit of the Linear Warrior/Quadratic Caster issue?

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The one featuring this sexy beast:

I want to take a monster out of the bestiary and add a second set of arms. Can anyone point me to where it tells me what it's advantages and new CR would be?

Thank you in advance.

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I know my glaive wielding Magus can't ever use Spell Combat while fighting with that weapon, but what about Spellstrike?

I would appreciate a staff member to answer, if possible. The threads I have seen seem to have extremely differing opinions.

Thank you in advance.


In 3.5 once past a certain level, I believe 5 levels or more, opponents with low CRs no longer gave experience. Is that still the case? I can't seem to find a reference in the rules.

I play on Molten and am pretty pleased, but for one detail.
I really want to play PvE. I don't like being ganked and have no interest in ganking return. Do any of the fly-a$$ mofos here on know of a quality private PvE server for WoW?

Thank you in advance!

None of the deities created by TSR or WotC are Open Content, correct? Specifically, Taiia and Elishtar.

Does anybody know if there is a PDF with the 1st level wrote-ups of all of the iconics

Who's planning on going and/or running something.

No Arcane Spell Failure.
Full Attacks as a Standard action.
Some system wherein casters add their casting stat bonus to spell effects.
Pulling the 5 tier alignment system from 4E. (Which feels stolen from 1E Warhammer anyway.)

Do any of these things feel, legitimately, like they would make the system go blooey?

This is not an entry. Just something playing in my mind, and I would like some opinions.

Is this a decent party? High level play (16-20), no great need for a Rogue or Ninja.


Has Paizo published an AP or module using a non-core book PC, other than Seltyiel?

Having a custom hoodie print done and I need a piece of info from any world travellers out there. What is the name and number of the police precinct that covers Peace Memorial Park in Hiroshima?

What if I want to remain under a sleep spell after having taken damage?

I am using this and it way cooler than it used to be just afew years ago. My problem is that I can't my portraits to appear when I look at my character sheet. Any help?

Per page 30:

1)Select new class level. You must already qualify for this based on previously gained abilites, etc.
2)Apply Ability Score increase due to Character Level gain.
3)Integrate all of that classes' abilities from that level and roll for hit points.
4)Add new skills and feats.

Question: Does the "feats" in step 4 refer to both those from class gains and Character Level gain? ie, if my character just made 7th level fighter and I want to use my odd numbered Character Level feat to get a feat with +7 BAB is it legit?

Thanks ahead of time.


Some questions for our game:

How does the feat Close-Quarters Fighting work now?

In the 3.5 DMG, weapons with alchemical silver added are -1 dmg. Is that true for all silver weapons, including found magic items? Do silver weapons no longer get the -1 as kinda-evidenced by the description of the silver dagger in your magic items pdf only mentioning +1 to hit from being master work and nothing about damage being modified?

We like the idea of permanent Intelligence bumps from level gain and Wish spells retro-effecting skill points. Will this become an official optional rule?

Does Golarion use the rule that psionics are considered another form of magic, therefore power resistance stops spell and magic resistance stops powers?

Can you take a 20 on Linguistics? Can you retry Linguistics?

More to come and thank you ahead of time!

Lefty X

First game of Pathfinder last night and had a blast. Question, though. 1st level Human Fighter. EWP: B. Sword, 2-Wep Fighting, 2-Wep Defense. Carrying the B. Sword in my main hand and a torch in my off-hand as my race is not blessed with darkvision. Goblin walks up and attacks me. Does having the torch in my off-hand make me "armed" for the purposes of activating the +1 shield bonus to AC from 2-Wep Defense? Is it club-like enough to count? Just curious about some opinions.