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Full Name

Grigor Umlich


Human - 1/battle, reroll any single damage roll.


5th lvl Fighter | Exp: 8 | Base Damage: 1d10 | Armor: 4 | Hit Points: 17/26






Neutral - Defeat a worthy opponent.





Strength 18
Dexterity 9
Constitution 16
Intelligence 12
Wisdom 9
Charisma 13

About Grigor Umlich

Description: Eager eyes, Calloused Skin, and Built Body
Load: 10/28
Coins: 7

Bend Bars, Lift Gates
When you use pure strength to destroy an inanimate obstacle, roll+Str.
✴ On a 10+, choose 3.
✴ On a 7-9 choose 2.
It doesn’t take a very long time
Nothing of value is damaged
It doesn’t make an inordinate amount of noise
You can fix the thing again without a lot of effort

You ignore the clumsy tag on armor you wear.

Signature Weapon
Broadsword [Close, Sharp (+2 piercing), Huge (messy, forceful), 2 weight]

When you deal damage, deal +1d4 damage.

Iron Hide
+1 Armor

Multiclass Dabbler: Setup Strike
When you hack and slash, choose an ally. Their next attack against your target does +1d4 damage.

Scent of Blood
When you hack and slash an enemy, your next attack against that same foe deals +1d4 damage.

Dhice needs to take more of a leadership roll on occasion, to build his confidence.
Lyntel must be cleansed of her daemonic infection.
Milo should be put through the ringer to prove where he belongs in the company.
Emma needs to stop being a threat. We are no good to the world if we let a broken comrade writhe among our ranks.

Current Equipment
-A vial with a viscous, purplish fluid
-A simple, unmarked golden talisman on a dirty hair necklace (Skaven made)
-A collapsible spyglass
-Antitoxin (0 weight)
-Poultices and herbs (1 weight)
-Pit Lord's war horn
-Papers of False Authority item, but it only has 3 usable charges due to my 7-9 roll.
-Shield (+1 armor, 2 weight)
-Scale Mail (2 armor, 3 weight)
-The Lodestone Shield (+1 armor; 1 weight; when defending vs. metal weapons, spend one hold per target, to disarm)


When you stand in defense of a person, item, or location under attack, roll+Con. ✴On a 10+, hold 3. ✴On a 7–9, hold 1. As long as you stand in defense, when you or the thing you defend is attacked you may spend hold, 1 for 1, to choose an option:
✴Redirect an attack from the thing you defend to yourself
✴Halve the attack’s effect or damage
✴Open up the attacker to an ally giving that ally +1 forward against the attacker
✴Deal damage to the attacker equal to your level