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Fun exploration with a couple gotchas


This scenario is a good mid-season scenario that connect the the 5th season opener with the season 5 finale. Further, it's a solid investigation scenario with lots of flavor. A lot of the combat is avoidable which is nice because the ideal party is going to be very skill-heavy. On the other hand with a traditional mix you may find that you'll spend your session investigating with very little to show for it.

Those nitpicks aside there are 2 other things that subtract from the scenario. One is a rushed ending and the other is a totally unrelated battle.


We were wrapping up a combat when the party rogue stuck his head in the final chamber and started the final countdown. I'm not opposed to a grand finale, but we ending up missing a fair amount of exploration and basically got the scenario cut short.

My other concern was the minotaur. It doesn't fit in with the rest of the story flavor and in our case we didn't even end up encountering it due to us squeaking through with a minimum of clues. It would've made more sense for it to be some weird Frankenstein minotaur vs a ghost anyways. Plus, its appearance being related to the number of clues seemed arbitrary.

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Worst scenario since Race for the Runecarved Key


We all joke about being "murder hobos", but then suddenly you're thrust into a scenario where your 5th level character is being asked to commit minor vandalism for no compelling reason.

The concept behind this scenario is that you wrap up the faction storylines for Season 5 so that they can transition to the new factions. However, there are several reasons why this scenario doesn't work, the main one is that 2/3rds of the missions aren't applicable to your character. Or as mentioned above your character may have serious hesitation to do what's being asked. Reminiscent of the 2012's Race for the Runecarved Key you'll be placed in numerous situations where you're blackmailing, stealing and just generally being a jerk. It's one of the games that helps you realize why everyone in Golarion is wary of Pathfinders.

The actual missions (of which I've played 3) are okay, perhaps comparable to the middle "filler" encounter in a traditional scenario. The scenario itself offers no build-up to anything, an end-boss or really a pay off of any sort.