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I forgot to mention to also add on to story award experience points (If you use those).

Just add a few extra mooks, some extra treasure so everyone has a chance to roll around in it. And if a map says one square = five feet, then make it ten.

Generally the biggest issue with larger groups is action economy, so more meat sponges are better than increased level.

Increasing everything by half is the best bet. If a room has four monsters or whatever, add two more.

Sorry I don't have specific builds or more then general guidelines, but I haven't run anything for a larger group since Kingmaker (and that was all ten year olds).

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Oh man, I was just figuring this guy out.

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Redbeard the Scruffy wrote:
captain yesterday wrote:
Redbeard the Scruffy wrote:
Wait, I thought 40K was wargaming. Thats not quite the same.
close enough for me, especially considering DnD was originally a war game.

Not really. D&D was a spinoff from a war game, Chainmail IIRC.

That's like saying Frasier took place in Boston, not Seattle, because Cheers did.

actually they both took place on a sound stage somewhere that's not Boston or Seattle. :-D

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Just when I was running out of ways to screw up thebrangelinagamer, you give me even more material to screw up.

I feel like Steve Carrell after leaving the Office, what crappy bomb can I make this week...