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Hey y'all, just thought I'd pop in and tell y'all that you're gonna be seeing me again. I went through a rough break up, and took a spur of the moment break so i could just focus on my mental health. I'm not sure whether I'll be bringing Darjiah back or bringing in a new character, I'm gonna catch up on what I missed.

Male Lich Wizard 20

I think I'm gonna go Triton paladin

Goofus takes note of the strange culture's ways, and than mocks their cultures with his army buddies as he slaughters women and children

Gallant is respectful of other's comfort levels when DMing, making sure he does not violate player's comfort zone

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ya, i mean that is kinda good because you are able to shape a relatively tight group and learn each other's RPing techniques

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I just found this in the game play tab

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And looking at the players... My GM double gold, and than a bunch of people from taldorei

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Ok, so ranger would be phb? There goes ranger lol, maybe I'll go Barb

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And if so do you allow 3rd party? If i could than i was thinking a dragon rider ranger

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Would I be able to join?

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Ok my first time playing AL, this should be interesting

Years lol
And Vrog if u were interested in the gunslinger than you would start out with a pistol, proficient in just that weapon, and would become proficient in firearms as a whole at 3rd

I have been playing for 3, DMing for 2, but am new to online forums as a whole, i was able to miss a link to a subreddit on reddit so....

And Gnomezrule: I do not think there are any more characters that have been confirmed, Dan is thinking arcane archer and ken a pugilist
Ken: you can re-roll a set with rolls that bad, dan rolled good stats for an NPC farmer so I let him re-roll

And Kevin: I am a middle school student, there is nothing i have better to do than this

Vrog: http://www.dmsguild.com/product/170778/Gunslinger-Martial-Archetype-for-Fig hters
Kevin: The archetype is already made, and I have a thing on how to do a quick switch so it would take me like 5 minutes
Ken: I have room for everyone who is interested
Gnomesrule: I have posted where we are starting in the gameplay section
Talomyr: Sorry it was moving to fast, Shane and Eshien of TPT did an episode on PBP Thursday and they said the normal recruitment time is a few weeks, but with critical role being as huge as it is I guess it attracted a lot more attention

Would the Battle primer be enough to start me off

Who all's watching the game tonight

We could use a rogue, but ya we could have another artificer


And what's ur dex?
here is a character sheet thimg to put the character on

Do you wanna do the life domain, or i could make you a domain where you have a dragon companion

Ok, when yall have your characters done post in the gameplay tab so i can know when to start

And yall know where to find WotC's character sheets right

Vrog: If you wanted to you could instead play Mercer's gunslinger fighter archetype, Kevin: Bahumet is indeed in the setting, and if you like there is a ranger subclass called dragon rider where you get an actual dragon to ride and they scale with you, I could convert that to a domain
Mishima: Pretty much the same as golarion/forgotten realms (this world did start with Pathfinder so a lot was carried over from golarion), i do use a edited drow, your darkvision is normal but no daylight sensitivity

Welcome to the party, IF you wanted too you could play the UA Eladrin, because that fits with the enchanter subtype

Whenever i Refresh the tab it signs me out, Nuff said

The gods are pretty much the same, if you wanna play Cleric or Paladin choose a diety, and i will give setting specific Info

Welcome to the group, which classes are y'all thinking?

Feral you interested?

The one

Npc 1 (Halfling Ranger Probably)

I Tweeted out about the game and posted it on Reddit so hopefully, some more people join, but I am experienced playing with 1-2 players and an assortment of NPCs (Been doing it for over a year at this point)

Well sam's Character got a 5, and the lower the trait the more enjoyable it is to RP, but 5 is extremely low, generally if there is a stat below 6 i will let them re-roll it, what class

It is your choice which method, I am more of a 4d6 cut the lowest 6 times guy, but whatever you guys want. the game takes place before crit role, and is in a different part of the world, there is an ashari member background, A arcane Lyceum (Basically Hogwarts in emon) and clasp member background, and than blood domain cleric, cobalt soul monk (Basically like medieval studious monks), Rune child sorcerer, and juggernaut domain

I feel it would be unfair to not say that even though i am a 2 year DM, i am new to online forums and first time DMing online like this, and will be active from 3:30-9:30 CST on weekdays, all day on weekends

We are in mercer's Tal'Dorei, we would start at level one, i have many Dms guild sub classes and classes that i ould allow, and am open to new ones/homebrew

I have been interested in playing warhammer 40k, but hve neither the books or cash to buy the books, does anyone know where i could find basic races/classes

No this is an independent homebrew, and uses a lot of DMs Guild material. There are few and hard to find 5e games on Piazo, and i wanted to give an easier option to new players

What do you mean by that?

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I would be interested in GMing a 5e game (I would be able to provide online rules if anyone is interested), Main classes+UA Classes (Replacing PHB with unearthed arcana Ranger)

Goofus knows that one of his players has arachnophobia, so he cooks spiders and makes a spider only game

Gallant runs a one-shot for one of his player's son's birthday party after a request

When Goofus has a complaint about the rules he tells the gm by throwing a rock through the window, with a note filled with obscenities and very few rule complaints

When Gallant thinks one of his character's needs an alignment change he tells the player than explains why.

Goofus insults even people with his gaming preferences

Gallant sacrificed his 3-year character to save a group of orphans