Blank Pawn Sheets. Would you buy them?


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I would love to have the opportunity to purchase blank sheets of pre-cut pawn shapes in the Small, Medium, Large, and Huge sizes. Such a product would allow me to create pawns for characters that haven't been made in the Pathfinder sets, yet.

I have tried using a variety of materials to make my own, and they work fine, but the die-cut cardboard just has a more finished look.

Any chance we could get something like that? Am I the only one crazy enough to want them? ;)

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How would you get art onto the blank pawns? Would you draw right onto them, or maybe print pictures on stickers sheets and stick the pictures to the pawns?

Liberty's Edge Contributor

I have made my own by printing pictures and gluing them on. I've even used the PDF version of the pawn sheets to make extra monsters. The colors from my printer don't match perfectly, but otherwise they look okay.

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I'd love either a blank set, or a cutter in the same shape. It isn't that the cardboard is hard to find, but I'm no whiz with scissors.

Liberty's Edge Contributor

I agree. Thicker card stock is just too hard to cut with smooth curves.

Agreed - would definitely pick up some of these. I'm crap with a craft knife and these are too thick for scissors!

Sovereign Court

I would definitely buy one sheet for each size

Scarab Sages

I was just wondering if Paizo made blank pawns. Needing some extra pawns for NPC's; I'd buy this!

I would.

Liberty's Edge

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I would buy them. I was looking for a set months ago. The best way I thought about getting art on them would be a sticker sheet that you print the art onto them and then stick the sticker to the blank pawn. It would be cool if they sold a set of blank pawns and sticker sheets for those pawns and maybe a separate package of blank sticker sheets.

I would totally buy them as well, especially for humanoid NPCs. :) C'mon, this is a cheap and economical set to knock out, Paizo! No printing!

Count me out but that's just me

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Resurrecting post for new interest. If Paizo doesn't make these is there someone else who does?

I can't pay for something I have to then draw. If I have to do that much work, I'll just do it all from scratch.

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Re-resurrecting. This seems like nearly free money for Paizo and I would love to have some. Just a small booster pack, like the extra bases you can buy. Any thoughts from Paizo on this one?

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Here's a guide to making your own pawns...

My only modification to the above would be to purchase your art supplies from somewhere other than Hobby Lobby...

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