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"A bird flew into a room from an open window, as it entered the room it fell dead to the floor. The day after a person entered the same room from an open door. He looked down at the bird, closed the open window and the left the bird dead on the floor as he left the room."

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I should be happy that the the game will be even more polished before the EE goes live, on the other side I really want to start playing now. :)

Due to the reason that I have waited since the Tech Demo Kickstarter I can wait a bit longer. :P

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Its abit unreal that we are so close to EE.

Seems that it was yesterday when the Kickstarter Tech Demo went live.

I also need to check the forums more often, perhaps there will be a key available. :O

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I'm happy I had the chance of kickstarting this game, for so far Goblinworks have delivered and then some more.

Only thing I would say I would see more of, are people streaming when they play the Alpha. :)

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Lord Regent: Deacon Wulf wrote:

A man comes by and post a sign on the wall

To All Parties Involved
Uffda Is no longer allowed to dance within city limits

Lord Regent Wulf

They always put me in a dark corner. :P

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"We get it on most every night
when that moon is big and bright
its a supernatural delight
everybodys dancing in the moonlight...."

(starts to dance around in less then no cloths)

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It fills me with joy to be part of Pax Golgotha, and here is some words to show my enjoyment.

“A bird flew into the room by an open window, as it entered the room it dropped dead to the floor.”

“There are things that sometimes are exactly what is seem to be, there is no shadow only an open window.”

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I've allready pledged my self to the Golgotha rooster, its going to be one epic ride with the PAX community in PFO. :)

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I'm just waiting for my EE e-mail. :)

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After I posted the initial post I've found several lurkers who are massing their strength before the day of reckoning.

I do see that some that want to set themselves up as hired mercenaries, while others want to be patient and dwell in the ranks of other charters.

I do the challenge in claiming them self-evil aligned, as it looks like close to all are massing their claim to be good aligned.

I was looking for a charter that have the ideology of creating a kingdom, and the best choice so far falls on Golgotha or UnNamed Company.

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Kobold Cleaver wrote:
Well, there's always the company that wasn't able to think of a name for itself. ;D

I looked at their charter, however they seem to be leaning towards being mercenaries for hire.

I'm just tired of playing good, it should be more then possible to explore the evil side of PFO as a play style.

I was trying not to quote this, but here I will.

Peace is a lie, there is only passion.
Through passion, I gain strength.
Through strength, I gain power.
Through power, I gain victory.
Through victory, my chains are broken.
The Force shall free me.

I'm not going to talk more about were this comes from, most of you will have gotten it by now.

Its the truth in these words that I want to explore, and with PFO this should be more then possible.

I feel, therefor I live.

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I've been looking for an evil aligned charter to put my time towards.

I was hoping for a re-appear on the Shadow Haven community, however it looks quite dead.

Are there any evil aligned charters out there in the PFO community who are active?

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I have looked into a charter to devote my time on, but not many out there is going for an viable evil aligned community.

I like the thought behind “Shadow-Haven”, and it appeals to my own ideals of what I want to do in PFO.