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Luis Loza wrote:
You can use your weapon attacks while in vermin form. Once you gain the swarmer ability, you gain a touch attack that replicates a swarm attack that you can use in either normal or vermin form (so you can choose to do either a weapon or touch attack). At higher levels, the damage for the touch attack scales up and eventually allows you to automatically deal the touch attack damage to all creatures in your space, like a swarm.

Does the swarm shifter still keeps all his items (like armor) when in vermin form ? It isn't a polymorph effect right ? I know it's not written but as it replaces wild shape it feels a bit strange it isn't.

Regarding the collective vision boon of Tsukiyo, which permits to target a foe at 30 feets max rather than a melee touch for the vision of madness domain power, does it still require a touch attack roll per target ? A ranged touch attack roll perhaps ?

Also as the vision of madness is a spell like ability, using it modified by collective vision still makes it a Sp and not Su ?

thanks !

For the feat Secret of magical discipline, i assume the character still have to spend the costly material components of a spell and that it take the type of spell the character can cast(arcane/divine/psychic, like the pathfinder savant esoteric magic ability).

Concerning the swine hex, what is it's range (touch, 30 feets) ?