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Everquest 2 - Which I liked at the time, but over the course of about two years it lost all of it's original charm.
Eve - Played for a very short time of about two months, and well I just can't see the appeal now.
Tera - The true action stuff was an interesting novelty, but it felt all style and no real substance.
Archeage - I still have it on my computer, don't play it though.
Vanguard - Believe it or not, I played this game for four years. It seemed deeper them most mmo's, the horrendous bugs and lack of support eventually drove me away.
City of heroes - I remember really liking it, but they updated the game at one point and I couldn't run it anymore.
DDO - It was ok, and that's about it.

Perhaps out of combat roles (I'm using the term loosely here) would spice things up for martial characters, for examples fighters could identify soldiers (with or without uniforms) and the properties of weapons and armors , military/militia buildings (even if their disguised to look otherwise), and had abilities to keep up a marching formation for longer time without fatigue. Add in a few more skill points and skills like knowledge, local which could thematically fit. None of those changes would be in intrusive to the concept.

Although cliche and overplayed I have to admit every breath you take deserves a mention.

Crap, I didn't notice that the original poster mentioned it, never-mind then.

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I'm starting to think people love to hate the fighter. While I've never found the fighter to be an attractive class myself, there are many who do, and I think the reason why is the combination of simplicity and customizability (with all of those feats, more skill points would have been nice too but alas). Saving throws is a problem of course, but isn't really a problem with all of the class with the poor saving throw progression and no way to magically enhance them (barbarian, rogue, cavalier, slayer, etc. (martials)). Although some will hate the suggestion, a new class that has a fighter like chassis but at least 4 skill points per level and a marshal like ability to yell out commands that have some crowd control effects, good saves (obviously), and some type of feat-like (rage powers, rogue talents) customization feels warranted. This way you can have your versatile martial class, and the fighter is still there as the simpler option. Alternatively, a extensive archtype might be able to fit the bill.

Well if I get a vote, which of-course I don't. I never want to see bound accuracy or advantage/disadvantage in pathfinder. But, I wouldn't have a single problem with a degree of difficulty system being implemented, which would accomplish many of the same things BA did anyway.

That being said I was in the vocal minority that scoffed at the very idea of BA during the 5e play-test, and well that didn't get me anywhere anyway. So if it happens, I'll just keep playing 1e pathfinder. I like the super heroics over the top shenanigans of pathfinder.

I like the idea of a gish occultist (personal preferences), but right now they seem more of a utility class, and part skill monkey. Maybe an archetype will give a more viable gish option (they already have a sort of gish option). Another thing I like is the circles, and would love to see an archetype that expands and emphasizes them.

Come to think about it you could get away with an intelligence score of 16-20 if you skip on attack spells and stick to utility spells and heals.

I was playing around with ability scores and magic items and got this. At 1st level.

Strength 14
Dexterity 12
Constitution 12
Intelligence 18
Wisdom 10
Charisma 10

This is assuming a 20pt point buy and the race being elf.

If by 20th level you decided to raise strength instead of intelligence, and you purchased the fallowing magic items.
Manual of Gainful Exercise +5 (137,500) & Belt of Physical Perfection +6 (144,000) & Headband of Vast Intelligence +2 (4,000). You would end up with the fallowing ability scores.

Strength 30
Dexterity 18
Constitution 18
Intelligence 20
Wisdom 10
Charisma 10

Of course other then fort save you would still need a magic item to increase your reflex and will saves to be survivable, as well as a good weapon, armor, and some potions. Just use your implements for everything else.

Now add in Physical Enhancement and add it to strength. Your first hit is almost a guarantee, second is around 50/50, and not to bad on the damage output. No where as good as fighter damage, but not bad.

Occultist kinda feels like a fifth wheel, sorta like the bard but less buffs and more utility. I can't see one taking the place of a party wizard/cleric/fighter/rogue, but it can, due to the large variety of abilities it gets, aid a group in multiple situations. A least that's how it looks to me, maybe someone with extensive play-testing could elaborate (or correct my assumption).

It's one of the situations where the GM has to make the call; Paizo, or Dreamscarred, both, or neither. Sometimes it might just boil down to the individual campaign setting.

Aratrok wrote:
It doesn't specify needing to hold the item, so as far as I can tell you could cast spells through stuff like belts by pelvic thrusting at your foes.

Nice for an archer or 2-handed weapon build.

Renchard wrote:

Honestly, while I like the overall skeleton of the class, my biggest beef is tying the implements into the overused wizard schools. Why not design the powers around the major types of implements, rather than using the implements as a proxy for the schools? Let the occultist master an implement type to gain their spells, and also have class abilities to strengthen the powers of magic items that they find, thus giving them a greater incentive to seek out new treasures?

Something like:

Weapons - learn spells that increase personal combat power, and the ability to grant extra abilities to focused weapons.

Clothing (including armor) - learn spells that increase personal defense and personal transformation, and grant extra abilities to your armor, and other body slot items.

Magical tools (wands, staves, rods) - learn spells that grant magical attacks, and grant extra abilities to magical implements.

Objet d'art (valuable slotless items, gems and other valuables) - learn spells that influence emotion, grant extra abilities to slotless items.

Momento mori (relics of the dead, many items may fit into other categories) - learn spells of knowledge and necromancy, some minor enhancement abilities.

Trinkets (useful but consumable items, various tools) - spells of utility and transformation, can be enhanced to grant to various utility functions.

I like it.

I almost wish there was another class. A 2/3 warrior 1/3 psychic class based after the old Hexblade from 3.5 D&D (a hexblade's curse like ability would have been cool too). Too many 6 level spell casters for my taste, but all of the classes have some neat mechanical ideas, so it's not an issue for me at least. the kineticist, medium and occultist do stand out. I just like these classes better then the hybrid classes.