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I'm so giddy. I guessed that Mengkare would be involved over a month ago.

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I mean... it's not the main point of my post, but here goes: why wouldn't they just stop at "you cast spells like a cleric" if that was the case? They then go on to detail HOW you cast spells like a cleric, because they needed to specify it in the feat itself.

Also, any further comments about the actual things I wrote on the feat this thread is about? Like, can a wizard borrow color spray from a bard's occult spell book?

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Unless you've multiclassed to get the ability to cast those spells, in which case you've just found a way to expand your spell list without taking further feats. In the CRB, that is, since bard isn't a multiclass option yet.

Also, if the spell is on more than one spell list, like Color Spray. Does this let you take Color Spray from an Occult Bard Spellbook? Or does it need to be an Arcane Spellbook that you borrow from?

Also, looking at the first multiclassing feat, Cleric Dedication:



Prerequisites Wisdom 16, trained in Religion
You cast spells like a cleric. You gain access to
the Cast a Spell activity and the Material Casting,
Somatic Casting, and Verbal Casting actions. You can prepare two
cantrips each day from the divine spell list or any other cantrips
you learn or discover. You’re trained in spell rolls and spell DCs
for casting divine spells and in attacks you make with divine
spells. Your key spellcasting ability for these spells is Wisdom.
You can use wands, scrolls, and staves, but only for spells of a
spell level that you can cast. Religion is a signature skill for you.

Gaining access to the Cast A Spell activity and the casting actions, aren't explicitly tied to casting Divine spells.

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If you’re an arcane spellcaster who prepares spells, during your daily preparations, you can attempt to prepare a spell from someone else’s spellbook. The GM sets the DC for the check (see Table 4–2 on page 146).
Success You prepare the borrowed spell as part of your normal spell preparation.
Failure You fail to prepare the spell, but the spell slot remains available for you to prepare a different spell. You can’t try to prepare this spell until the next time you prepare spells.

I noticed what I'm hoping is a flaw with this skill use, under Arcana Trained Activities. The name of the skill use does use "Arcane" in it, but the actual skill itself doesn't indicate that the spell you're trying to borrow or the spellbook that it's from needs to be arcane, and it also doesn't say that the spell you're borrowing needs to be on your spell list. As far as I can tell, the only broken use for this means that you can try to borrow a Bard's Occult spell, from their class feat that gives them a spellbook, but I thought it worth bringing this up.