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ignore above! just had the shipment email!

thank you!!!

Greetings and salutations,

is there an issue with the above order? its still showing as pending....

and im impatient!! lol

thanks for your continued assistance


im not going back and reading 211 comments lol,,

do we have an eta on this? in print form

Talynoyx, thank you for the input. Having a 2 year old means little sleep! i'll go and read the book again.

ah right, i thought it was something like Superior TWF that that Mythic Skeletons have.

Sorry to be totally stupid but how does Valeros wield twin swords without massive penalties......

Dawn R Fischer wrote:
Gary London wrote:

Quick question......... is there all new artwork in the complete book?

I have all the 3E versions already and dont want a repeat of them in one big book lol!!

It is almost all the same art from either the Tome of Horrors 3.0 editions or Tome of Horrors 3.5. There are a couple of new pieces of art. Check out the Corpse Candle by Rowena Aitkin, for one bit of new material. (That one I can recall off the top of my head.)

thanks for the answer, i'll save my £.

Quick question......... is there all new artwork in the complete book?

I have all the 3E versions already and dont want a repeat of them in one big book lol!!

Its with a sad heart i must ask for all of my subscriptions to be cancelled, effective immediately.

Thank you for the good years.


Quick question, is this going to be available through normal subscription packages or as a stand alone purchase?

Melanie Rawns exiles trilogy has homosexual characters in it....

Shame she's not finished the series................ it was awesome

Sorry if this is the wrong forum, but somethings been bugging me all day. A player of mine says he read that there was a feat/ability that allows spell casters to cast multiple spells, (not quickened spells) in the same round. i've been trolling my PFRPG and cant see it.

Help please!!

F. Wesley Schneider wrote:
Charles Evans 25 wrote:

Still waiting for Paizo to open a European office... the 'must live locally' stipulation in the job descriptions is a bit of a problem for those of us who live outside the US.

What? I totally moved from Maryland to do this exact same job and that's like THREE TIMES as far away as Narnia - or wherever you moonfolk in made-up Britanland say you come from.

Sigh! just told the wife i've found my perfect job and then realised i'd have to move to the USA from GB and she said bye........ where do i apply!!

James Jacobs wrote:
so 10 years seems like a good starting point to me...

If its 10 years before you start looking at doing the 2nd edition my wife will be happy too ;o)

James Jacobs wrote:
We're too tired! :-)

ah bless........

Do they have to do anything? maybe playing the rules that actually make sense means that they don't have to do anything!!

look at the makers of the worlds best roleplaying game (or however that sentence goes) they released a set of rules, started filling the market up with accessories then 5-8 years later announced another edition and then released another set of accessories and so on and so forth....

people are turning away from them now and supporting Paizo.

i'm shipping!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Come on!!

mine still says pending matey

*sigh* another day without my shipping status changing.......

no one should be expected to suffer insults on a public forum.

This is going to be an awesome product and IMHO Paizo staff work, long, hard hours to give us the BEST support and gaming products money can buy. If it takes a little longer enjoy the trepidation of the wait and if it takes a while longer it'll be worth it in the end.

I've suffered this before, from Giant in the Playground and Guardians of Order and, Trust me Kae i haven't had my email yet and i'm UK based, i see no point in getting this upset about it.

Paizo is a little company trying to do a massive thing and they are bound to make mistakes. Yes i want my PDF but its not ready. I'd rather wait until it was and then get it, even if my book didn't turn up for a couple of weeks after.

They are working all the hours they can and thats to be commended, even if they did get it wrong or the US postal service outdid itself!!

Antony Walls wrote:
Joana wrote:
HolyInquisitor wrote:
I live in Oklahoma and I finally just got my Shipping notice and downloads. What a relief. I'm gonna have a big drink to you guys. Thanks!
:( I'm in Texas and haven't yet. Mine is going UPS, which takes 4 business days, so if it doesn't ship out today it won't be here for Release Day.
Never mind us in the UK still waiting for delivery notification. (Based on previous delivery times from 14-21 days this puts mine somewhere in the region of 22nd to 29th of August assuming that I receive the notification soon)

totally agreed on that!!

I have 4 hungry players waiting to devour my book.

still its a Big undertaking so i guess a few more weeks of waiting wont kill me...............

not to be the grumpy one, but do we need 4 new classes yet?

we've not had the PFRPG base classes yet.

if they post it today or tomorrow and it takes the minimum amount of time to reach me then it'll be fine.

but since it says 6-10 days in transit i'm not hopeful.

But i do understand what a massive undertaking this is,and so am not toooo upset that i wont get mine at launch.

It just means i wont be able to read the boards until mine arrives.

nothing in the UK either......... :-(

ah cool ok.

thanks for the reply

Hi Cos,

I have my PFRPG set to come with my next available adventure path but i really want it in my hands as soon as possible. How do i change shipping for that one item so i ships on its own.

I don't mind the additional cost for shipping.


magnuskn wrote:
seekerofshadowlight wrote:
yeah from the previews we saw they have reused the item card pic's as items in the book. I don't think you will see a pic for every weapon just takes up to much space
Since they apparently had space for pictures of the NPC classes, I hope they´ll have spared some space for depictions of all the weapons and armors. :)

pretty sure they have descriptions but sometimes you can beat a really good picture.

Was hoping for an official word on this but i'll have to wait i suppose until august.

Not sure if this is the right forum but i wondered if we will get full weapon art of every weapon, especially rhe new ones?

I for one think the ability to actually show a player what a weapon looks like is really cool (yes i know its too late for the main book, thinking more of a web enhancement)..............


damn damn damn damn trust me to not flick through all the forums!!

I'm a UK gamer but i'm going to be abroad then!! g~%@@%nit!!

*rushes of to cry*..............

I stumbled across Paizo when ordering OotS for myself and thought ah well...... another shop to occasionally vist.

4E changed that

Paizo on taking the Mantle of 3E/3.5E and creating their own spin on it, and its backwards compatable, have ensured i'll never stop buying RPGS from them.

They have thousands of playtesters!!! who else can say that?

I am now a Paizo Groupie....... i tell all my friends about them and will be making it mandatory for my group to own the PRPG when it comes out. WotC never had that effect on my gaming life.

i'm looking forward to this bigtime!!


*raises diet coke can in salute*

Does anyone have an Untagged (i.e no labels) map of the Ancient Fortress from Dungeon 143?

I plan on using it for my game but my art/photoshop skills are not nearly good enough.



i cant view the xmas comics.............

you could aways buy the moduales yourself and review them.

tap tap tap.............

any chance of a full colour picture of Ka'Kara, she'll fit perfectly into my campaign as an NPC..........

and before i get flamed/splatted/smashed and pooped on i wasn't being serious ;)

So whaen's the new strip coming out?

I just read 6 pages of drivel expecting to be inundated with comic strips but no, i get two.......TWO lousey strips (which were really cool btw)

oh and the drivel made me laugh as well jftr!

nightflier wrote:
Sean K Reynolds wrote:
Davelozzi wrote:
Colin McComb...of Birthright fame? I haven't seen anything from him in years, but look forward to checking this one out.
Yes, of Birthright and Planescape, my buddy, Colin. :)
Birthright was my favorite 2nd Ed. setting, and Planescape second favorite. I'm looking forward to this product. A dream come true would be an resurrection of Birthright. Is there any possibility for Paizo to make that dream come true?

i'll beg that'll work.................

We play once a week on a wednesday/thursday night and there is only 3 of us.

Korn - Pretty

drunken_nomad wrote:

Next week Im seeing Seether

wish they'd come back to the UK :(

or write another album

or do both!!!

who does?

please tell me your not doing this at Gen Con UK?

because i haven't got a ticket yet and if you are then i may have to get one................

Vic Wertz wrote:
Updated: Written by Jeff Quick and Hal Maclean

Jeff quick......... isn't he the water boy ;o)

i worry about you guys ;o)

Shanda Sage wrote:
Birthright, above and beyond all others.

I have to say i agree with you there, depite all the typo's and Errors i loved running this. Who doesn't want to be a King!!!

Please Paizo buy the rights for this..........

Its always great when a Paizonian becomes published

Well done Lilith

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