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As we are no longer in PvP land I may split these two groups out into two new threads!

I'll do that tomorrow and link to the relevant threads at the top of the new pages. The night got away from me a bit so I'll be updating these games tomorrow in each of their respective new pages and I'll link from here to there.

Rennah Mars wrote:
I'd chime in here as well. If you want some decent builds, check out the old Order 66 Podcast. They construct and deconstruct classes pretty well on that show (I got my build inspiration from there). They've now moved on to FFG's Star Wars, but their old episodes are still up and available and there's more than 200 of them, packed with good stuff.

Thanks for the heads up!

AIU-066; "Garrett Liantin" wrote:
As busy as I like to think I am, you're definitely busier.

Plus you have a MUCH greater system Mastery than I do with respect to SAGA, much like Phntm888!

Phedra wrote:
I would say you have my sympathy, but you did kind of do it to yourself.

LOL. But had I known what a pain it would have been I might not have.. ;-(

Phedra wrote:
All good good buddy.

Thank you, I appreciate your patience. I did NOT expect to sink in 10-14 hours this weekend on getting my ambitious Ruins of Azlant stuff together. 25 new traits with 25 unique Wayfinders connected to 25 Pathfinder Society NPC's plus converting 5 PRCs to Base classes = time consuming as all hell! And I still have 2 classes to go... sigh.

Phedra wrote:
47 just seems like overkill. So, that droid question?

I'll take a look tonight or tomorrow, had in on my mind but got sidetracked with setting up that new thread and I am working through other updates tonight. I will be posting for another 2 1/2 hours or so then I'll call it quits so if you don't see the answer by then it'll be tomorrow night as I am going to the beach tomorrow and won't have any of my books with me.

Gunnar Vryce II wrote:
I have always personally figured that any being with such power as a jedi could hardly always walk the straight and narrow. I mean come on...


I'll PM you re Gunnar when I am ready to get the thread rolling again (either tonight or tomorrow).

This was also supposed to be a PvP which changed early on due to uh difficulties...

I am slowly working my way out of my DM board break. I want to add information to the Campaign Info Tab as well as adjust the Initiative and Perception scores for each group.

This will be up and running again over the weekend as I need to read through the Mod I am basing this on and tweak the hell out of it for it to work for the two groups.

Sorry for the delay guys but not to worry, we'll be up and running again soon enough!

Gunnar, you have any other questions about leveling before I move forward in the next day or so?

I'll be sending some documentation to Gunnar tomorrow to aid him in finalizing his leveling.

Hope to get Chapter II up and running again by the end of the week.

Hmmm. Let me consider it. My knee jerk reaction is to say no cause it forces me to spend extra time on NPCs to have their builds be comparable.

I'll push these forward tomorrow night!

I will update this thread tomorrow folks.

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Hooray for updates!

Let's try and push a bit on both tables to finish this story arc and begin the new one.

On the Dark Side, we have a few new players who I am sure would like to get going :-)

Daria Shavis wrote:
Ah, I've been kinda busy lately... I have alot of work and such, so making this character might be difficult (seeing that I tend to mark any non-pathfinder games off as second it may just take much more time)

No worries, the pace has been rather slow lately...

Updates tomorrow.

Imperials Giving Garrett & Kaldo a chance to chime in.

Sith Any active player who wants to chime in have at it! :-)
I will be working with the two new PCs on stiry ties once the Sith currently on mission get out of the Tion Cluster. Sorry for the delay on that, I have been rolling with Recruitments on four new campaigns so its been tie consuming and I know that until the current Sith are done, I cannot introduce the new PCs so I have not had a big push to get that done yet. Thank you both for your patience.

Coincidentally, I am Recruiting for a long running Vampire Game with the catch being that you need to play a pre-generated PC for the forseeable future. Let me know if anyone is interested.

Update for the Imp table tomorrow guys!

This (both threads) will be at the top of my list to update tomorrow.

Updates tomorrow!

Impromptu date night last night. Updates now.

Gamemaster the Light Side wrote:
Rennah Mars wrote:
Hope it's better now and welcome back. :)
Things are the same unfortunately, I'll get updates for both threads up tomorrow.

Sorry guys brutal traffic in and out of work today ate up a lot of my free time today. This will be the first Thread I update tomorrow.

Rennah Mars wrote:
Hope it's better now and welcome back. :)

Things are the same unfortunately, I'll get updates for both threads up tomorrow.

Updates tomorrow on both threads rough stretch of days there..

Rennah Mars wrote:
I'm OK with 4. We seem able to handle things just fine. (and Kaldo might be back. Or is it someone else missing?)

Indeed it is Kaldo I speak of.

Alright, 4 it is!

Long week at work including today. I will update either early in the morning or in the evening tomorrow. But tomorrow for sure. The long hours were good though as I am now caught up and can actually start to post regularly again. To say the least I did not realize how backed up I was at work till I returned to the office!

Sorry work has been killing me this week after being sick for a while, updates tomorrow.

Finally alive again!

Both threads updated!

Have to be up early tomorrow so I need to go to bed. Updates tomorrow.

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Updates to the Imp thread tomorrow night!

Endregaard - Evening 2 - The CSA Compound

Quen sighs when Gunnar respond to Garrett. He pulls in a deep breath and lets one back out.

Caleb speaks, "That is our mission not your mission pal. Ultimately, this spice was used to get us here. If you want to distribute it to the people using these guys instead of the CSA that is your prerogative".

He places his lightsaber on his belt then continues, "We'll be heading off then to accomplish what we came here to accomplish. This is not the first time and I am sure will not be the last time someone shoots me. It is the first time I have been shot trying to accomplish the same damn goal as someone else though!" For a Jedi, he seems to have some roiled emotions to be sure.

The Droid starts up his speeder and turns to Caleb, "Come, let us get back to the ship. I can make necessary repairs and we can plot our next move. This interaction is not one that will bear any further use based on our prime directive".

Assuming no one has any objections, the Jedi start to make their way out of the compound together leaving Gunnar behind.

Your comm crackles, "You take these thugs down yet Major? We have a nice clean cell waiting for those murderers".

The adventure offers a group three separate possibilities as to how to proceed. I instead assigned each group one of the three possibilities that I thought meshed with the belief system of that sect. So similar in origin but different in end goal.

Yeah too bad I could not pull it all together :-(

Sorry guys, updates on Sunday or (more likely) Monday night.

Garrett go ahead and assume that the return to your group table is a continuation of the PvP game just with Garrett there now. I'll chime in with the rest of the Jedi when I am able to post again.


Due to some, difficulties, in running this a PvP game, I will now run it as a separate game for each table so neither table will cross paths and the actions of one will not effect the other.

That being said the drag on the Dark Side thread will come to an end as the continuity issue has been resolved via this disconnection.

This is now the OOC thread for both games so we do not clutter the I/C thread with nonsense and I can just make announcements for this game in one place.

I will update both threads tonight, with the election and my work schedule this week I have not had much time to devote to DMing games.

Please note that this is my anniversary weekend so my posting may be limited from tonight through Sunday or possibly Monday.

Based upon lack of player interest, the Jedi thread will be closed.

Quen Pah wrote:
How many players do we have left?

Let's see who checks in. I think we might get Caleb back now that we have pulled out of the PvP mode. If not, I will just DMPC him for now till we get to a point where we can recruit someone to create new characters, in fact, this might be a good point for Gunnar and AJTD1 to create their own characters instead of using someone else's creations, let me know your thoughts guys!

Is the Force strong with you? Come find out....

Gamemaster the Light Side wrote:

** spoiler omitted **

H-3PO translates, "Excellent. Yes, we shall provide you with vaccinations to ensure you are not infected by the disease. I have a ship available already loaded with medicinal spice for you to deliver to the Corporate Sector Authority. That ship has coordinates which will bring you through the Cluster. Full schematics on the hyperspace mapping will be provided once Mika is returned to me, on Nar Shadda. Go with H-3PO, he will see to it all of your questions are answered. I hope this is the beginning of a long and lucrative set of dealings between us".

H-3PO gives a slight bow to Popara and begins to head out of the audience chamber.

Final relevant post...

Gamemaster the Light Side wrote:

** spoiler omitted **

H-3PO Translates, "The planet of Endregaard in the Tion Cluster is beset by deadly disease and has been quarantined by the Corporate Sector Authority. No one gets on or off the planet without its permission. I have business interests on Endregaard. I want you to deliver a load of medicinal spice to help the people on that planet.

For this, I will provide you with a ship, the spice, and the coordinates to reach Endregaard through the Indrexu Spiral. Are you willing to do this for me".

Next most relevant post.

Gamemaster the Light Side wrote:

Master Wolf smiles at your banter, " I am happy to say that Master K'Kruhk's presence yet shines in the Force. He is pursuing another important matter as I pursue this one. One in which my own feelings will not cloud my judgment".

"Let us begin. Time is of the essence here".

He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a recording device, inserting it into AJTD1, a holograph of a swirling star mass appears.

"This is the Indrexu Spiral. A mass of protomatter, cometary debris, and asteroid fields that snakes through the Tion Cluster. Its presence is a hazard to interstellar shipping, forcing starships to go parsecs out of their way to avoid it. No one has been able to map it accurately, much less find a safe route through it - until recently".

He gestures again and the hologram shifts forming the wide, conical head of a Hutt. An old one by the look of him, with patches of dried gray skin along his broad face. His eyes, however, are alive and alert - he's aware he's being hologrammed.

"This is Popara the Hutt, leader of a powerful financial empire that includes both legitimate and illegal operations. He has information regarding safe passage through the Indrexu Spiral. We do not know whether his own operatives did the scouting or whether the information just happened to fall into his hands. Regardless, his ships are successfully navigating the region where others have been thwarted, to the great advantage of his shipping lines.

I don't have to tell you how valuable this information is. The ability to move material, equipment and men through the Cluster is supremely advantageous to anyone with such knowledge. With this knowledge, we can explore the cluster without Sith interference or interference by their nefarious agents. My plan is to establish a new Temple and begin rebuilding the Order once again. Within a generation we will be able to challenge the Sith once more and hopefully return the galaxy to the hands of the people.

Through an intermediary, I have set...


The Light Side needs a new recruit...

The PvP thread is now updated, once the adjudication in the PvP thread is complete, I will update here once again. It appears that a few perps are attempting to steal the spice you just delivered to Endregaard!

You do not sense other Force users. You would need a separate roll to sense the dark side specifically but as no one out there is a Force user, no Dark Siders either. The second roll found no dark side use as there were no force users.

The surgery for my daughter went well but took me longer then I expected to get into the swing of things again. Updates tomorrow night. Sorry for the delays.

Move any actions once outside to the PvP thread.

You do not sense other Force users. You would need a separate roll to sense the dark side specifically but as no one out there is a Force user, no Dark Siders either.

Endregaard - Evening 2 - CSA Administrative Building

At the moment, Gunnar, Caleb, and AJTD1 are all by the door. Three CSA guards are down and five remain. The building to the south is on fire.

Perception DC 20:
There appears to be a man none of you recognize who is starting up your transport!

Head on over here for this encounter..

The Tion Cluster Gambit - PvP

Endregaard - Evening 2 - CSA Administrative Building

AJTD1 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (14) + 8 = 22
Caleb 1d20 + 12 ⇒ (19) + 12 = 31
Gunnar1d20 + 11 ⇒ (15) + 11 = 26
Quen 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (20) + 8 = 28
Sarge & his 2 guards 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (19) + 8 = 27

Sorry folks, hold here for a moment, I had the sequence of events off by a bit.
Sniper Rifle you believe.

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