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I've been wanting to do Kingmaker for awhile. Frankly the Munguk mini pretty much seals the deal. I've had lots of fun thoughts about that particular encounter.

*evil giggle*

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I haven't yet used it myself (although I do have a copy of it) but I've been told that the Mythic Core Spells book from Legendary games is an absolute MUST for any campaign that plans on doing mythic adventuring.

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I've been reading the various discussions brought about by the new ACG playtest and two concepts keep coming up that are mentioned in passing so often, but that I don't quite understand. I consider myself mildly intelligent and I've been playing RPGs for a bit, but I've been scratching my head on these. I'm hoping for some non-flaming answers from the board members:

1.) What is "Vancian" casting? I'm assuming it has something to do with the wizard's "fire and forget" spellcasting but I feel like I'm missing some kind of context here. Any additional info on this would be awesome (like, for instance...who's Vance?)

2.) I've seen the idea from several posters that "multi-classing is crippling" to a character. While this might be typical discussion board hyperbole, I'm assuming it's rooted in some kind of truth or perception of truth. Would someone be so kind as to enlighten me on why multi-class is crippling to a character. BTW, I'm not a huge mathematics wizard so if you could make your answer more verbal than formulaic I would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks, in advance, for whatever information you guys can give me on this topic.

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You know what really grinds my gears? When I can't find the droids I'm looking for.

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I'm also playing a crafter wizard in my RotRL campaign and although I haven't hit your level yet (about 1/2 way through 8th right now IIRC) the way I've been able to keep up while events transpire is to craft "on the road." In this case literally since the group is currently heading to Fort Rannik. True, you can only get quarter a day's work in while traveling but there are rules to support it (see Core pg 549)so even if your GM is a super stickler you can still get some progress made on your items in between scenes. You can also rush crafting, as DWK mentioned above, with only an additional 5 to the DC. These are two rules legal ways you can speed yourself up a bit without needing any cooperative crafting (although that wouldn't hurt either if you can find a way to swing it).

Worse comes to worse you can always bribe your GM with food, money, favors, etc etc to be a little lenient with the actual crafting rules so that you can feel that the FEAT investment you made is actually useful and worthwhile both to the party and your idea of the character.

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Ansha wrote:
The Companions of the Lance.

About 20 seconds late on my part.

Well played.

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How about this: A conflicted half-elf ranger/fighter who's seen as the leader of the party but who constantly doubts his own ability to lead.

A middle aged dwarven fighter...with axe and "darn those young'uns but I have a heart of gold that you can't see because.....GET OFF MY LAWN!!!" personality.

Twin human brothers: one a hulking fighter, and the other a highly intelligent, and sarcastic, wizard. Try to make as many references to "one person in two bodies" as humanly possible.

A human cavalier who's ultra-serious for his young age and might as well have a tattoo saying "Tragic Hero" from the moment you say his name.

A fun-loving halfling rogue who's as apt to annoy the party as hurt the enemy.

You can have multiple NPCs that can step into PC rolls when the tragic cavalier dies heroically or when the wizard separates himself from the group to further his own dark ambitions or just to provide different points of view to the overarching conflict.

....yeah, you can guess which books I've been re-reading recently, huh?