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A trip to Ustalav


I really liked Prince of Wolves. I bought it in digital format and I really enjoyed the reading. I wanted to read this before the beginning of our Carrion Crown adventure (as a player) and it was really a good investment: I learned so much about Amaans and some of its inhabitants that the GM was impressed. My character will come from Kavapesta area and, as a Pharasma Inquisitor, I will have many stories to tell about the region. Moreover, I really enjoyed the story, the protagonists and their link with the history of Ustalav. I also suggest this book for non-native English readers (like me) because it was quite an easy lecture, I found it easier to read than some short Pathfinder tales which appear inside the Adventure Paths.

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Good product. It could be improved


First my experience: I purchased this product May 3, 2015 and I received an old edition deck (no "roleplaying game" writing on the box, just "pathfinder cards") with errors on the two incriminated cards. Not sure why Paizo still prints and ships old products. I was disappointed but luckily you can easily cancel the wrong statements with a marker.

EDIT: Paizo staff noticed the error in my comments in the forum and they immediately shipped a new deck. Sadly, this deck was an old edition too. It happened that Paizo actually made an error in the printing process.

The arts are very good, goblins are a pleasure to see. Many of the cards have the same drawing on both sides, so for example the pinned/grappled card presents the same goblin for the two conditions. Few cards present a different art on the two sides (e.g. invisible/incorporeal). I think it would have been much better if every condition had its own art (4 stars mainly due to this).

I'm sure these cards will be useful in my game sessions.