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Circular bin this rubbish


So, let's see what we have here: Gunslinger, Ninja, and Samurai. Wow, what an awesome collection of core classes that just can be dropped right into a campaign. It is the kind of decision that frankly one face palm is just not enough.

Pathfinder also continues its drive to employ the worst editors in the game industry.

Remember boys and girls = Ultimate Combat means even more spells. Lots of new spells because we could just not fit them all into Ultimate Magic. You know the book that should have spells, unlike say Combat which should at least give the weapon types a bit of love - especially at the higher end of the level chart where damage blasters rule the roost.

It is like someone had a bet to produce a book more worthless than Ultimate Magic. Something with minimal play balance and usage. Splat book junk now is a larger and more expensive format - hey what's not to love.

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$35 down the drain


After the disappointment of Ultimate Magic and the disaster of Ultimate Combat I was really hoping for something solid this time out from the subscription service - instead it another shameful product.

Now very few products are fully terrible so there are some positives here. One, it is about as decent as boiling down an beginner's experience as possible with the bullet-stopping Core Rulebook. It also contains a solid flip mat instead of a cheesy paper map.

On the downside are cheesy paper minis with plastic stands, low quality dice and books that do not live up to Paizo's layout, but unfortunately do live up to their sub-par editing.

Normally I would have given this product 2 stars. It is a decent effort, but way overpriced given the quality of the materials. However, I am taking away 1 star for being shipped along the subscription route, which has people who are getting all of the books and thus have less need for a beginners box.