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Rose Blackburn wrote:
After being played to the end of Strange Aeons on Tabletop, I'm mostly a curiosity...

Much like me in War For the Crown

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I ask you, citizens of Andoran.... you have a choice, an important one.

You can continue to have a relatively benign eastern border- or even improve relations with your neighbor to the east to the extent that they open up and become more accepting of your ideology.

You can support the Princess in her bid for the Throne, and secure her gratitude. Her assistance, when possible. Or you could allow the forces of reaction to seize the throne of Taldor... in which case you have either an aggressively traditionalist potential enemy on your eastern border- or an unstable basket case of a nation whose lawlessness makes your citizens less safe. Or, worst, and most likely...

Removes spectacles, polishes lenses

... when the Princess succeeds, and we remind her of how little help you were, offering you any aid whatsoever, any trade, anything of the sort... well. We'd love to help. Truly. But we have concerns of our own.

Slight shrug

The choice, of course, is yours. Good day.

While I'm going to be a Mastermind Investigator, word is we're going to have a Skald... a Spell Warrior Skald of the Ulfen nouveau nobility...

I suppose "Patriot" as good a label as any...

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A fat, nearsighted, middle-aged civil servant.

Who will be either a Phantom Thief, some species of Investigator, or some species of Mesmerist.

And he'll talk like this.

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J-Bone wrote:
All of you n00bs can believe you're winning this AP all you want, but when I play it, there will be only one true KING OF TALDOR!...

You must do as you see fit, of course...