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Haru leads you a short distance to a hatch in the ground covered by leaves and foliage, "Looks like it goes into some underground tunnel." she says as she uncovers it, "I'll be alright I think, as long as I follow the road straight back to town."

"I'm not really sure, but I know I found a secret door, just, in the middle of the woods, it was really strange...I'm going to head back to town with peaches, but I'll let you borrow some of my stuff for saving me and peaches. Hopefully it helps you more than it did me." Haru says as she unbuckles her dagger sheathe and pulls out some vials.

she hands over her own adventuring gear, as she is currently not in a state to be using it. This includes a cold iron dagger and two vials of holy water, as well as an empty vial that once held holy water.

Amada easily pops the bloodseeker off of Haru, causing her to leave her trance. "Huh...where am I?" she says while clutching her bleeding wound.

As you follow Peaches, you quickly discover Haru nearby, standing and staring blankly, not responding, as a bloodseeker sucks blood from her neck...

"As I told your friends, I'm Haru Kwon, scholar of the occult, and this is Peaches." Haru says as she scratches behind Peaches' ear.

"Peaches hasn't shown any signs that he thinks something supernatural is afoot, but, well, some of the townsfolk think it was some Ghlaunder cultists causing all of this. It certainly looks like something they’d do, doesn’t it? I wouldn’t say there aren’t, but Ghlaunder cultists like to pose as members of other religions in order to infiltrate towns. I’d be a little careful suggesting there might be a secret cultist among the villagers here, considering what they did to the last one. As for Witchtop Hill, I have not yet been there, I have other business to take care of first."

Hamir Crookfeather wrote:


"Your companion is most interesting." notes Hamir. "I have heard tales that such a fine creature is capable of dispelling evil spirits. To here the locals describe recent events, it would seem that such a talent would be most welcome in this town."

"Ah yes, that is why I bring him along on my journeys. Most of the time, its just superstitious nonsense, but on the off chance its a real haunting, Peaches can tell." Haru replies.

Ravelgar the Oakfist wrote:
"You seem a well versed traveler. Bet ya have some amazin' stories. I'd love to hear some of em over an ale." says Ravelgar as he wipes the rest of the blood from his arms. He gets down on a knee and starts to run his hands through Peaches fur. "This is a beautiful creature. Never seen the kind before. Where did you get em?"

“Peaches is a sapsali. You don’t see them much outside of Hwanggot, but grandpa brought his dogs when he came over and wound up with puppies out his ears.”

DC 17 Occultism check:

recognizes the sapsali as a breed of dog from Hwanggot (a nation in eastern Tian Xia, a distant continent) that is rumored to be able to dispel evil spirits.

critical fail (7 or lower):

recognizes the sapsali as a breed of dog from Hwanggot that is rumored to be able to attract evil spirits.

Hamir Crookfeather wrote:


"So, it would seem." Hamir replies. "Rumor is this plague is the work of one Mosquito Witch. Have you heard tale of such a creature over the course of your studies?"

“Just what I’ve heard from the townsfolk. It’s a little contradictory, isn’t it? Some people seem to think it’s a hag, others a demon, others a priest of Ghlaunder, and others a ghost. If you’re planning to go looking for it, I’d bring cold iron along—that would help you against demons and hags—and fire to help burn away swarms of insects. And if it turns out the witch is a ghost, run and hide! Your weapons won’t do a thing against spirits, and I doubt you’ll have enough holy water to chase it away.”


“I’ve been traveling around the River Kingdoms, recording the local legends and customs. For obvious reasons, Shimmerford was high on my list to visit. I may have gotten more than I bargained for.”

DC 14 Perception check:

Haru has a much more personal investment in current events than she is admitting to.


“Hello and well met. My name is Haru Kwon. I’m a bit of a traveling scholar, though I have a lot of work to do to make a name for myself in that field.” she says as she pets Peaches.