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Xanko moves in and thrusts his weapon straight through the kobold's chest, dropping it in a crumpled pile on the cold, hard floor with a small "Meep!" cry of pain. The Kobold next to it reacts quickly jabbing its small spear at the other warrior, but misses spectacularly.
Xanko ()
Kobold PURPLE ()
Hellena () Ser Dante ()
Kobold BLUE () Kobold YELLOW ()
Taggins () Omreejka () Cyrus ()

Spear vs Xanko (AC17): 1d20 + 1 ⇒ (5) + 1 = 6 Damage: 1d6 - 1 ⇒ (1) - 1 = 0

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Zanko easily removes a few sticks from around the edges, freeing a pair of grated doors which slam shut over the pit trap, allowing you to cross it safely.

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Yes it is.

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Gnick Gnak PaddyWack wrote:
Just so I am clear, if I play with the Pre Gen another character of mine gets the credit. Would they be able to level if I did that?

For Phantom Phenomena yes, but can only be applied to a level 1 character.

For Fane of Fangs, yes, but can only be applied to a level 1, 2, or 3 character. IF you play one of the Level 5 pregens, you can also apply it to a Level 4 character.

You can only apply it to a character that is of a lower level than the pregen played.

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Feel free to jump in. Sorry, I've been really busy these last few days.

Just for the record, who is interested in doing a quick Fane of Fangs game prior to the Game Day event?

A few notes on Fane of Fangs:
1.) It does require pregens. Included are four level 5 Pregens, or you can use any of the other Level 4 Pregens.

2.) It does not grant any XP, PP, or GP. It does grant a few unique Boons, though, and they do look cool. These do need to be applied to an existing character lower than the level of the Pregen or a brand new character.

3.) Because you do not get any XP, you will also not get a Day Job roll, (or Downtime), nor can you apply any Faction Card Missions.

4.) This will mostly be for fun and to help pass the time until the game.


Also, as of right now, we have:
PatheticWretch - Arcanist
ShadowKhan - Warpriest
bes753 - Bloodrager
Awenydd83 - ?
EvilMinion - ?
GM Lari - Medium
TomG - ?

It would really help me to get the last few preps done if everyone has their character set up, so please do so when you can. Not a huge rush, but the quicker the better.

Also, please make sure you check in the Gameplay thread, and also take a look at the Recruitment threads. (Tabs are at the top once you have posted in the gameplay thread).

And feel free to introduce yourselves, your characters, etc. . .

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Do note though, that it requires Channel Smite, which basically has nothing to do with what the Feat does, and most of the time is kind of a wasted Feat in itself. YMMV

(Almost 9th level Cleric, and I have used it one time only.)

I am pretty sure the Guided Weapon was updated to PF though somewhere. I want to say it was in something like the Faction Guide, Adventurer's Armor, or PFS Primer.

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Krumthi Tasartir wrote:
man, had I known that this was an oriental type adventure, I would have gone ninja.

In many ways, all three parts of this are "the oriental" adventures. Monks and characters with mounts will do very well (later on) for these three. I'm not sure about ninja's honestly, if the special boons would apply.

So, if anyone wants to switch out characters, now is the time. That being said, all other classes will do fine, and have plenty of time to shine and should enjoy the game just like any other.

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I asked about the possibility of having it stickied, and the response was that they felt that if they did, they would need to sticky other game threads as well.

Perhaps a compromise in stickying the thread for 1-3 days just so word gets out?

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Not an argument, but I'm curious. I'm also not suggesting that this will be the way it's handled, (and lets assume that both are balanced and reasonably flavored and mechanically sound options). How do people feel about these to options?

1.) The Warpriest is kept with the Deity's Favored Weapon as the only Focus Weapon option (outside of Feats), but an Archtype option is also included that focuses on trading out the Focus Weapon for a single one of your choice.


2.) The Warpriest is changed so that it's Focus Weapon is general, but an Archtype option is included that focuses on boosting the Deity's Favored Weapon (only) as the Focus Weapon.

Which option, keeping all things and the different sides and PoV's in mind, which overall do you think is a better option? In both cases, both sides are pretty evenly allowed without making the other compromise. As a player of a different class with a Warpriest in your party, or against an enemy Warpriest, what would you think? Or if you are a Cleric, or Fighter, (or similar class like Inquisitor), how do you feel about Favored Weapon? Which, in general, do you think is the better route, both for what you would want, but also for the potential abuse either might allow?