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My wizard (12th level) now has the time and money to finally use the tattoo feat.
I need opinions on what would be the best use of the feat. I'm thinking of healing stuff to remove poison/negative levels/ SOS spell effects. But it can use more than that.

But I need optimization viewpoints.

I have not played high level PF (>10th).

But in general it seems that big boss guys in published adventures seem underpowered. How often do they take advantage of the time and paranoia to have defense in depth?

Don't know why its bugging me, but with all the postings of character builds, it seems that bad guys are never optimized.


Playing a game where I may be in a duel with a fighter/druid (5/4 or 4/5) I don't know which.

While wiz (diviner) is normally a buffer need to have scrolls ready to take him down without necessary killing him.
Best case, not causing any damage.

So just using scrolls, what would be ideal?

Good day:

Is an edilon summoned by an evil character qualify as an evil outsider for the effects of a smite evil (paladin)
I believe so, but my search fu is weak
Thank you

I'll be running a combat where I want to Dragon to fly in and grab a person and fly away but mechanically I have had difficulty finding out how to do it in the PRD.

I'll be running this Friday so any advice would be greatly appreciated.


SnS game, 9th level (universalist wizard). Book 3?

I have a character that is being followed by a Dexterous type in all black. Probably shadow dancer. Is able to follow through teleports (OR) is backtracking my trail.

how can he track me through dimenaional jumping and sailing?

Is there a way to detect this tracking?

It is possible rule of cool>PRD in this case.

THank you

I have a 9th level wizard who will probably pick up fabricate spell.
Readind the forums, i did not see any specific recipies, so i want to suggest one and see if its legal.

Converting iron to chains

Density of iron 7.87 g·cm−3 491.308 lb/ft^3

Pathfinder chain (10ft) 10 ft
Cost 30 gp
Weight 2 lbs

trade good
Iron 1lb 0.1 gp

Conversion of 1 ton of iron to chain
ton 2000 lb Cubic feet 4.0707662
chain 2 lbs/10 feet
converted 10000 feet of chain
Normal price 30000 gp
Instant sale price 15000
cost of iron 200 gp
profit 14800 gp

"@ 9th level"
converted 22108.86 feet of chain
Normal price 66326.58 gp
Instant sale price 33163.29
cost of iron 442.17 gp
profit 32721.1 gp

Any reason RAW that this will not work? Its an attempt to be less cheesy than some of the other discussions i have seen. Its also assuming that a DM would consider metal a "mineral" so its limted to the 1 ft^3/level.

Hello all:

I have a character that will likely be triggering the magic is life.
(falling damage).

When this is activated does it "use up a spell"
If so, does the character or player choose it, or would the most powerful spell be used?

RAW or opinions please

Simple question. (i think)

Hello all:
I have a game where a person playing a ranger acquired an animal companion. What he does not know is that the companion is really a druid in animal form. She is scouting the party.
But I want to be fair.
The players have not asked for a sense motive.
But is there anything I should do to give them a chance to notice that something is amiss?
Also, I really NEED to stat this druid out. Any builds for espionage?

Can a wizard tell an undead that he created or commands to follow the orders of a teammate?

7th level wizard, animated a skeleton of a 12 HD creature.

I want to make sure i keep him, what do i do?

Can you cast shrink item on body? I believe so.
Can cast shrink item on zombie?

Hello all:

I am DM'ing the second book of Way of the Wicked. THe party is 7 players, two very optimized players, and they are blowing through everything quickly. (2-3 rounds-tops)
Everyone has been having a grand time.

However, i would not mind scaring them once in a while with a combat where the opposition is truly trained to work together.

Any builds/suggestions?

I love some of your work, what have you got for a group?

(party is 7 players-7th level, spell support deficient)


I am DM'ing a group, and have plans to have a NPC interact with a character while dreaming.

What is the best way (class and/or spells) to do this.
My gut tells me witch.

DM WOW.....

Is there a legal way to supress the channel ability either via spell or blessing or any other item?


Hello all:

6th level wizard playing skull and shackles.. loving it.

Thinking of taking inscribe magical tattoo as next feat. Viewing it as having emergecny spells available if stripped and captured. Also as a potential boost for other characters.

Good idea? Bad idea?

How did you use it?



Long time gammer....

To those who play wizards:

Do you have a hard time comming up with the money and time for all your spells? I'm playing skull and shackles, 6th level, and its difficult for me to come up with the money i need for my spell book. (inks and scrolls)
Never mind making more gear.

Just looking for some advice.

I may be selling my characters soul,
Woo-hoo and all that.
My question to you is how would you corrupt or screw up with this wish:
“ I wish to receive a daily briefing of all ships within a 100 mile radius of me. This briefing will consists of Base course, current course, destination, speed, tonnage, name, affiliation, master, and cargo if any. This briefing can be in writing or verbal but no crew member may be traumatized by the manner of said briefing”

Title says it all.
Do any of the regions/cities/kingdoms publish newspapers?

Hello all:

6th level wizard
Skull and Shacles. party of 5

Party has oppened a box with a expanded deeper darkness spell on it.
We used it to destroy the crew of a CHelaxian warship that we really really want.

But now we cannot turn off the "bomb" as i like to call it.

So, i am thinking of contacting a contract demon for some help. An ani-magic field would be the simplest way to close the box.
I am looking for advice as a player in how to deal with this.
I am asking for advice as to have the character survive.

any ideas?
(BTW DM is prety dang smart about the rules, is fair, and not above us hanging ourselves)
Franko A

Hello all:

I am playing a wizard (5th level) in S&S.
Having a great time.

I would like to have totem polls on the ship with indivisual "heads" with magic mouth on them.

I am looking for ideas to use on them.
The most obvious one is as a fire detectors.
The second one is as gaurds of some sort. That one is harder. I can think that i can set the condition as to go off if someone is not wearing somethig yellow, or escorted by someone wearing yellow.

But i was wondering if someone has some good ideas to use MM on.
Franko A

I have a wizard that I am thinking of using this ability.

Question: Can I tattoo someone else with this magic? Can they automatically use it, or do they need a sucessfull UMD roll?

Advice: Best spells to have scribed on the character? Playing skulls and shackles.

Thanks for the feedback.

I'm not anywhere near knowing all of the PF hisory.

But i would like to know, was the starfall natural, or was it influenced by anybody/anything?


My search skills have been poor today.

Are there rules for balista bolts that are hollow, and could be filled with "fun stuff"

Rules for crosbow bolts would be welcome as well.


Only thing I know that can reduce costs is the hedge magician trait.
Is there anything else?


I have been contigency thinking.
I need a way to quickly move from the bottom of the sea to the surface.

Potential plans would be a large ballon type of thing as a shrunk item.
Or some empty pony kegs in a haversack.

I am wondering if anyone has any other low tech/low magic ideas.

What happens when the scroll is placed in a bag of holding etc...?

Anybody have a idea for the cost to construct or sell a standard door in PF?
Search of PRD did not show it.

I have only used the forgery skill for 3.5 a few times. When I have done it, it has benefited the party, and been a blast to role play.
I am looking for some ideas how to use it effectively in pathfinder. Not looking to boost skill rolls, but looking for stories of people using this skill in the past.