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Anybody have a idea for the cost to construct or sell a standard door in PF?
Search of PRD did not show it.

Really my last question on this post...
Did the mage or the Paladin make there saves vs. will? I'm assuming that a big dramatic negotiation would qualify as an interaction? Which illusion spell was it?

I think the more you spin this, the worse it looks. Talk to your gamers, find out where it stopped being fun for everyone, fix it, and enjoy.

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Post im the boards as an alias and if you could email it would be appreciated

Dalewr81 at yahoo dot com

Character sheet sent

Newbie question.
How do we post character, and does the DM wish us to email characters to him?
Will be built with hero builder.

heh, that wont work
2d6 ⇒ (2, 3) = 5

5*10=50 GP starting wealth.

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(without the spaces) [ dice ] 1d20 + 4 [ / Dice ]

If you need extra help with the tagging, take a look at the "How to Format your text" below the text entry thing

Thank you. new to PB-internet.

1d20 + 4 ⇒ (8) + 4 = 12

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Use the boar roller for gold.


Okay, what is that?

DaWay wrote:

I believe forgery could be covered under the linguistics skill or a proper choice of craft.

Do you mean the loremaster prestige class? If so, that is fine.

I did mean the loreclass prestige type.

Preliminary character concept, TN wizard, female, slave that was a sole survivor or some sort of raid. So not runaway, but no one has legal ownership. Likes to not be noticed. Hides her bodyshape? Was told she could write her ticket, so she did. wrote a letter of recomendeation to wizard for herseld. Let the DM decide if caught.
First time i have done this, (PB-internet) Does DM decide gold?

IS a pre loremaster welcome in this game?
How do you feel about the forgery skill? I would like to experiment with it. I would not use it against the party.

Ravingdork wrote:

If I recall correctly, talks broke down when the barbed devil summoned another barbed devil at Paegin's order. Apparently, my players consider calling for backup to be a hostile act. It didn't make any difference that this happened the moment the players showed up (talks were very brief*).

The first tentacles went off and was counterspelled. Arrows flew. Cavaliers and hyenas charged (to little effect as nearly all the PCs were flying). Second tentacles spell went off successfully.

I was stunned**. Not really knowing how to react I counterspelled it with a scroll (dispel magic is NOT on Paegin's known spell list). When the player insisted on casting it a second time, I retconned the kids into illusions. Likely a mistake made in a brief moment of panic, but hindsight is always 20/20 as they say.

** spoiler omitted **

** spoiler omitted **

Seems that the DM and the Party had a breakdown on communications. Remeber when you have that long talk that you have to listen as much as they do. Maybe you guys need a break, i bet there are a lot of heated emotions going on.

I have only used the forgery skill for 3.5 a few times. When I have done it, it has benefited the party, and been a blast to role play.
I am looking for some ideas how to use it effectively in pathfinder. Not looking to boost skill rolls, but looking for stories of people using this skill in the past.

loaba wrote:
Why do DMs hate Pallies? Why do players not understand how to play Pallies? Would someone please think of the Pallies already!

Did the paladin have spellcraft?

Alitan wrote:

Not only should the paladin lose is powers, the entire party should suddenly discover that the healing spells of NPC priests of good and lawful deities suddenly cease working on them. I mean, this was a reprehensible action, on par with the vileness of long-term, dyed-in-the-wool malicious villains. The kind of thing MOST bad guys have to work down to.

('Heroes' enter temple looking for curse removal and/or simple healing)
Temple Priest: >initiates casting< (Nothing happens, priest gets funny look on his face.) "Ah, that's that, then; you need to leave. Now." Gestures towards temple guards, who begin advancing.

Party: "What do you mean?"

Priest: "I mean get out!"

Rinse and repeat at every temple dedicated to good and/or lawful deities.

Gods are omniscient, yeah? THEY KNOW what the party did, and intervene to prevent their priests from using their divinely-granted powers to benefit these chaotic/evil bastards.


be careful. "Good Rolepplayers" (those who can play well) you sure you want a Paladin to become an AP? Becuase that is what could happen here.

IT seems that there are two issues.
Did they party role play correctly….
I can make an argument that from a LG pov, the fire balling of the children was unfortunately collateral damage of war.
Did the DM role play correctly?
I understand why he did what he did, but I believe he should have gone with what happened, and move on from there.
Now what happens?

There are arguments for the party and against the party. At the time, I bet they thought they were doing the right thing. I bet they will still argue their point.
But, as a DM, why not play it straight? Let the deaths of the children be future plot hooks? Maybe a child becomes a revenant? Or the party is charged with a crime, do they run? Do they just disappear into the wilderness?
What is the alignment of the characters before this encounter?

brassbaboon wrote:

Hmm... Based on the OP's description of the player's character choices, and based on the player in question posting his own character choices, I have to say that it appears that the player in question is repeatedly choosing to play disruptive characters, and even when one character choice is eventually nixed by the group, the player then chooses another disruptive character.

I suppose this could all be some sort of bizarre coincidence and the player is not being intentionally disruptive.

I suppose.

I would not allow a slave for a PC, even an evil one. In the event that I ever did allow such a thing, the slave would not remotely be a "bodyguard" who would be available to save the owning PC's butt when things got "too bad." I would run the slave as a GM controlled NPC and the first chance I got, the slave would either flee, or coup de grace the owner and then flee.

As a GM I would sit down with this player and have a long conversation about the fundamental concept of Patfhinder as a cooperative group activity as opposed to a game designed to allow that one player to repeatedly ignore the wishes of the group and pursue character concepts that are repeatedly disruptive to the cooperative goal of the game.


I know what you mean. I was challenged to play a good character. THis module may not have been the best oppurtuntity for it.
If you read the link i made to Gina's orriginal post, there was a variety of posts as to how a paladin should react to Katapesh.

The party currently consists of a very evil thief, a person who is a warewolf, and 3 more normal characters.

Rather than deal with the roleplaying problem of a paladin in a slave-society, i let him stay dead.

With all the games that we have played, i have never backstabbed a partymember, never done anything harmfull to another party member, and have always worked towards helping the party group.

Everyone in this group has played flamboyant characters...

arkady_v wrote:
Remco Sommeling wrote:
It might be quite possible to have sold himself into slavery, depending on background, also in different times it wasnt perceived as bad per se, often there was hardly a difference between the life of a slave and a peasant, in fact I dare say slaves were often treated much better.

If you've watched Spartacus Blood and Sand, you've seen a story of a man who sold himself into slavery to pay off gambling debts.

It'd be a great show for you to watch, Robodruida, to help spur ideas for your character.

I loved that series.

Its one reason why i was interested in this module.
I have not read of any slave revolts in Kadapesh (sp). Since there were many in Roman times, i was curious how it is handled in this game.

Drogon wrote:
Gina Starr 248 wrote:

I'm running Legacy of Fire adventure path. I have a player who always plays something a little bit odd...usually evil. We gave him a hard time about it and challenged him to play something good. He played a paladin and wanted to run around Katapesh putting an end to slavery. That's not where the party wanted to go (or me...they have more important matters), and it got into a big argument over what a paladin would/could not do.

So the paladin died, and his next character idea was a magic user that played with dead things...had a few zombies and skeletons following him around all the time. Some people had a problem with that.

So now his new idea is a slaver magic user...he wants to have one of the slaves to follow him around being a body guard.

What's the rules for a player who wants to have a slave follow him around as a body guard?

And they're not going to have a problem with this?

I think your guy is looking for buttons to push.

The slave in the Adventurer's Armory is not meant to be anything other than a personal servant, reflavored. Think of it like an unseen servant that is actually visible and must be fed. The idea of making it a bodyguard is impossible, and you should put a stop to that or you will be dealing with many an instance where, "The slave goes in first. Does he find any traps?" It will derail a lot of your fun.

On the flip-side, if he *does* take the leadership feat, that slave can become anything the leadership feat allows. Now the "slave" can be a gladiator (fighter) and be quite the bodyguard, I would think.

[Edit]By the way, I just have to say this to get it out of my system: it is so bizarrely offensive to see slavery discussed like this. I know, I know - it's a fantasy game and this is a concept that is part of a fantasy world. I get that. It's just weird to see slavery discussed on the message boards in such a casual way.

Good Morning:

I am the player that Gina is referring to.
She is correct, most of my characters have been different that the rest of the group. I generally play suppoting characters that try to max out engineering skills. My characters try to build on and improve in society. The most memorable ones have been a wizard-loremaster that I dont think did anything really bad, a CN thief/assasin that tried to cook something from the party's kills, and regretable we were playing RIFTS where the character killed a young child from a dimmension. To be honest, the player did not know that even though we were playing the coallition, the DM intended for us to leave.

So while it has become a joke that i play evil, i just let it go.

Through a combination of bad group plannning, and DM's luck with the dice, my Paladin died a heroic death, fighting the good fight.

It happens.

Finding out we were going to katapesh (sp), i was concerned about how a LG paladin should act in a slave capturing selling environment.

Gina posted a queation on these forums. Here is the particulars. PG/advice/paladinAndSlaveryAndEvilActs&page=1#0

Rather than get into a fight, i decided to come up with another character. A mage who would use zombies as power sources for water wells in the deserst.

But that appears to be too disruptive.

So i wanted to play a wizard that is a slave-trader.

I have not read that Katapesh (sp) has had slave revolts, so i figured that they have trained them to be complient. I wanted a gaurd for my character in case it got to bad.

I had read a discusion in this board about buying slaves so i thought i would inquire.

I find slavery one of the most abhorent things possible, and i to find it odd to discuss it, but we are playing a module where it exists. I deny the charge of wanting to push anybodies buttons. I want to play a character that is a benefit to the party.