Newspapers in golarion?

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Title says it all.
Do any of the regions/cities/kingdoms publish newspapers?

Grand Lodge

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Andoran has printing presses, so I would assume someone has thought of a newspaper. They also have bifocals for when you get too old to read 'em too!

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Absalom has everything. I expect Alkenstar has presses too. Cheliax probably has something akin to Pravda. Galt has 100 incendiary samizdat presses churning out propaganda. I imagine Minkai and the like have had paper and presses for a while.

Liberty's Edge

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I've always assumed that the printing press has spread to most cosmopolitan cities, and a newspaper of sorts could be found. This would be a folded single page, with a sensational (if not completely fictional) headline and illustration, then more mundane daily information below the fold. In major cities, there's anywhere from two to a dozen competing papers, each trying to outsell the competitor with increasingly fantastic tails and filthy scandals. Fantasy newspapers might include adventuring tips, tales of heroism, and mercenary classifieds (both offering and hiring).

An adventuring party might earn a gp wage digging up stories for a local paper - if not actively causing calamities for the paper to report on ("You supply the woodcarvings, I'll supply the adventurers"). They might be targeted by those in power, or by a rival paper. Secret organizations might not take too kindly to their published reveal. The editor-in-chief could turn out to be a two-fisted lich.

There's some ideas here. I like.

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I see a Fantasy Newspaper reading like some of the Old Local Occurrences Pamphlets from Europe and such...

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Some places in Golarion have an C18th vibe to them like Andoran, Galt, Molthune, Cheliax and parts of Varisia. And the printing press is mentioned in the ISWG, so yes its possible.

Mid to late C18th newspapers were very slim though, usually only 2-4 pages, published once or twice a week. And a large mercantile city (e.g. Amsterdam) would usually just have the one.

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Down with Paizo! Down with the House of Thrune! Get your socialist newspaper here!

Oh, hello, would you like a copy of The Galtic Worker? It is published by the the Commonwealth Party of Galt (M-L) and it spreads the truth about the glorious people's revolution in Golarion and the burning necessity for goblin-pinkskin class solidarity across race lines.

Yeah, it's just 5 coppers, to cover printing costs. Yeah, we get it printed union.

Thank you very much, Citizen, and remember:

Vive le Galt!

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