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Just finished running this and a few notes:

At the moment it does not seem to be possible to report this scenario at all. I'm guessing this will be fixed as soon as the internet people get back to the office on Monday.

The maps are wonky and it takes a lot more time to draw them than usually.

The portal closing -thing is confusing and I believe I ran it incorrectly. I would appreciate someone going through it step-by-step. As a non-native English speaker with just a few hours to prep I did not understand the salamanders tactics and thus he just stood there and got his tail handed to him even though the portal was (probably) open and he could just escape.

The portal room went approximately like this:
Tier 8-9.
PC's manage to reduce the charges before Tig-0 goes crazy and the smaller portals had 4-4-3-1 charges so the big portal does have enough charges to activate when the salamander appears whit his remote.

Does the portal open immediately? I assumed it does and thus the gate is open and he could just escape. His morale says he won't do it until he has 20 or less hit points left, so he installs the battery to the gate that was already open. The he fights for a few rounds and gets whacked. Half of the party can fly over the lava pool, that was probably not supposed to have lava in it before the smaller gates star filling it anyway.

I might run it gain at later date, so how was it supposed to work?

So getting close to the BBEG of an AP. I won't say which one because most likely someone will blurt out spoilers. He flies with a griffon and has mounted combat style feats, +5 mithral full plate and so forth.

Any out-of-the-box ideas? I have 118k of gold sitting in my saddlebags. I've been thinking about Ring of Inner Fortitude (greater), getting heavy fortification & determination -enchantments to the full plate.

Is there any high-level items that are ranger-specific? I couldn't find any.


Is there going to be letters from faction leaders like last season?

Is the factions page itself going to be updated anytime soon?

A spoiler for #5-99 The paths we choose below:

When will we get to know if everyone's favorite shopkeeper is still around?

Since we now have the option of monstrous mount, could I pick improved overrun for a hippogriff and go knocking flying foes down from the sky? Overrun says it knocks enemies prone if successful. Can a flying creature be knocked prone?

Is Flyby attack legal option for a flying animal companion in pfs?