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Is there going to be letters from faction leaders like last season?

Is the factions page itself going to be updated anytime soon?

A spoiler for #5-99 The paths we choose below:

When will we get to know if everyone's favorite shopkeeper is still around?

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#1 There already are letters for this season. They were posted in the old faction subforums July 28 and were moved into the new faction subforums.

#2 The new faction stuff will be updated sometime soon (I hope) but the faction page, and the ability to sign up/report the new factions is on the To Do list but I suspect there are higher priorities.

As for #3, not sure when that will be revealed...

Liberty's Edge

When are they going to update the web page for the new factions?
Why when you go to factions does it take you to the supposedly retired factions.
Why are the new faction not available to be chosen when you create or register your new characters.
If the Society is going to role out new factions the darn it roll em out

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