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Wow.. that image is stunning! Really looking forward to reading this one! :D

I’ve used a gold sharpie on black bases with a lot of success! Can’t say anything about normal sharpies on different colors but I assume the results wouldn’t change.

Daniel 005 wrote:
It would have been cool if they had different art on each side. Like a rug on one side then flip it over to reveal a pit trap.

Yeah that'd be really neat!

I'm curious to see if the pawns that lay flat will have images on both sides.

Seeing the product image has definitely made me more excited to get my hands on it!

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Wow I guess me and my S.O. are real outliers. We tend to complete full APs in 2-3 months, I guess it helps that we live together and play a few nights a week.

We're planning on taking Starfinder real slow to keep up with the release schedule. Lots of extra side quests and playing once a week (Sundays, for Dead 'Suns').

I've been so impressed by pretty much every piece of art I've seen from Starfinder so far. I'm very excited to dive into this adventure!

Perhaps, I'm just assuming that since they come with no names or numbers that these weren't designed with building encounters in mind. I have pretty much every pawn set that's come out and they are all meticulously organized because I know adventure paths and scenarios will need them and I want to be able to find them fast. I think, perhaps the philosophy of this set is that none of these pawns are needed for anything, they might literally be blank slates for players or GMs to use. This is just an assumption though.

I'm planning on storing them in a bin or large bag and dumping them out onto the table when it's time for players to pick new characters or I need a home made npc or villain.

SheepishEidolon wrote:

Hmm, the absence of names is surprising, but might have some merits: It will be more the PC's (NPC's) exclusive pawn, with no name pointing to another person. If you want, you can even add a custom name.

For the people who usually sort by name: Maybe keep these pawns separate, sort them by other criteria only. Technically you can add names and / or numbers to relevant pawns, but I get it's quite some effort.

I think you're right. My guess is that normally pawns are meant for the GM, building specific scenarios and needing art that represents what is laid out in the various bestiaries and codex books. But this collection may very well have been for the players more than the GM. I can imagine paizo removed any identifiers from them to make more flexible in their identity and more easily adopted by players.

Brother Fen wrote:
Names aren't needed. Glad to know Paizo is pulling art from many sources for this set.

I agree, hope this trend continues!

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Unfortunately there is no set list mentioned on the back, and like Chris said there aren't names on any of these pawns. I can try to guess some of the classes and regions, but I'm certain the set list which should be out in a few days would be far more accurate than what I'd be able to do.

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Only an handful of duplicates from other sets! I also noticed a few character portraits that were printed in some of the AP’s I’ve played that never got pawns and some that did. I saw one I recognized from Carrion Crown/Rule of Fear (which was released before they started making pawns) and at least 4 or 5 from the shackles AP and campaign setting. I’m not sure how many others are potentially from other adventure paths I haven’t played or run yet, but overall I’m happy with what I saw from the pdf! :)

Here are some quick numbers, just to give anyone an idea of what to expect! They seem to be organized by race and gender. I’m not promising they are accurate! ;)

Human: 84 , 3 mounted (large)

Elf: 25

Half-elf(?): 15

Dwarf: 25

Gnome/halfling: 20

Orc (/half-orc?): 12,1 mounted (large)

Other or hard to tell: 72, 2 mounted (large)

No farm animals, Marco.

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chavamana wrote:
Anyone else whose gotten their hard copy have a oddly pixelated Arlantia on the cover? Everything else looks on point

Yeah, seems like it's the same on the cover image above too.

Got to play with some of these in one of the Delves at PaizoCon, they look great in person!

Glad to hear there will be pawns support for the Dead Suns AP as well, though I suspect it'll be quite a while before they materialize.

Another great character! :P

I've really been loving the bits of lore and world details in these stories, makes me very excited to jump in and play!

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Jason Keeley wrote:
Built by the vesk munitions company Vindicas, the Tyrant is a dreadnought feared across multiple star systems. Huge weapon batteries tear through even the most formidable capital ships, while its hangars unleash squadrons of fighters to mop up foes too insignificant to be worth the Tyrant's direct attention.

That ships looks massive! I'm guess something that big isn't expected to be used by five players, or would the ship roles change into something akin to leadership positions, like chief engineer?

Also the mention of squadrons of fighters make me wonder if there are any sort of large scale ship combat mechanics.

I've really been loving all of art shown so far, excellent job! :)

Having partial control over how you feel pain seems like a pretty useful feature when you find yourself in a fight!

Iammars wrote:

From the demo that was posted online, it seems that the order works a little bit differently. Each round is broken into three phases. Everyone does their engineering phase at the same time, then the piloting happens in reverse order of the piloting checks for that round, and then weapons fire again in reverse order (although all weapons are considered to be firing at the same time, so you can't stop someone from getting a shot off).

The board almost certainly accounts for each of these phases.

Thanks for that! Seems like I have some catching up to do! :)

Aunders wrote:
Hey look. Sneak peek at spooky monsters in space. What ever that thing is on the side of the box, keep it the hell away from me.

I didn't notice that thing until you pointed it out.. Nightmare fuel..

Super excited to see pawns coming out so soon after the product!

I'm curious to see if the two sides are different since one is focusing on starship combat! Also it seems like it would be difficult to write stuff on the black magnetic strips.

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They look really cool. Awesome Art! :)

Rysky wrote:
Foster Hamesby wrote:
Rysky wrote:
He's referencing this:
lol I know, the "wat" was because Paizo actually went and did it :3

Oh, Sorry! :P

Vic Wertz wrote:
Foster Hamesby wrote:
Would I be correct in assuming Alien Archives are the "Bestiaries" of Starfinder?

You would be correct.

Foster Hamesby wrote:
Also, are these creatures included in the Core Pawn Collection for Starfinder?

No—the Starfinder Core Pawn Collection is drawn mainly from the Starfinder Core Rulebook.

(If you're the betting type, an Alien Archive pawn collection is safe money...)

Awesome, thanks! :)

Rysky wrote:

He's referencing this:

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Pathfinder condition cards are constantly being used at my table. I'm hoping these contain a few of each like the Pathfinder set.

Very excited to give this a read. Would I be correct in assuming Alien Archives are the "Bestiaries" of Starfinder?

Also, are these creatures included in the Core Pawn Collection for Starfinder?

Sorry if these questions have been answered already!

Hmm wrote:

Good, so it does not look like the wooden tavern pictured above? I am excited that we'll have a Cantina map!


Description seems to say one side is more Sci-fi and the other is a gritty colony tavern. Both could work pretty well but I think they probably should make the Sci-fi side the one shown in the image. Perhaps that map isn't finished yet?

Charles Scholz wrote:
Foster Hamesby wrote:

Here is a list I made real quick looking at the PDF:

** spoiler omitted **...

Looks like they are grouped by faction.

** spoiler omitted **

You are correct. My box arrived recently so I took a picture of the back of the box for anyone who's interested in it.

Back of Pawns Box

Axial wrote:
What does the Hellguard look like?

If you have the Villain codex it looks a lot like The Hierarch except its armor is mostly red and it doesn't have a shield.

I think you can google the Hierarch to see what that looks like if you don't have the book.

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kevin bienhoff wrote:
HI! I tend to collect most of the pawns, but I have not seen a list of what the pawns are for this set. Could someone put it up when they have the time, PLEASE. THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME ON THIS! Kevin

Here is a list I made real quick looking at the PDF:


1 Corrupt Scrivener (3)
2 Eminent SpellQueen
3 First Advisor
4 Grand Caller
5 High Enchanter
6 Investigator Wizard (6)
7 Spell Hunter (2)
8 Spell Master
9 Wicked Orator
10 Beater
11 Bludgeoner (2)
12 Crusher
13 Dwarven Rager
14 [SMALL} Enchantress
15 Experimenter
16 Guide
17 Sadistic Healer (4)
18 Sentinel
19 Slave Master
20 Slaver Captain
21 [LARGE] Tactician (2)
22 Acrobat (4)
23 Beast Trainer
24 Clown
25 [SMALL] Cockatrice
26 [LARGE] Constrictor Snake
27 Firebreather
28 Fortune-Teller
29 Geek
30 [LARGE] Lion (4)
31 [SMALL] Ningyo
32 [SMALL] Pickled Punk (2)
33 Ringmaster
34 Roustabout (4)
35 Stage Magician
36 Stageccrafter
37 Strongwoman
38 Chief Detective
39 Guard Captain
40 Guard Healer (2)
41 Guard Mage
42 Guard Sniper
43 Guarde Spotter (4)
44 Interrogator
45 Jailor
46 Misguided Paladin
47 Persuader
48 Reformed Criminal
49 Shield Warden
50 Arcane Musketeer
51 Baroness
52 Black-Powder Sage (2)
53 [SMALL] Bold Captain
54 Dragoon Marchal
55 Grim Captain (3)
56 Holy Shooter
57 [SMALL] Little Devil (4)
58 Lord Marshal
59 Oddfellow (4)
60 Pistoleer
61 Sneak Shot (4)
62 Ascetic Acolyte
63 Awakened Voice
64 Bone Bastion
65 Cutpurse (4)
66 Death Chanter (2)
67 Fevered Ravener
68 [LARGE] Pestilent Messenger (2)
69 Plague Angel (2)
70 Plaguebrewer
71 The Reaper
72 Silent Needle (2)
73 Undead Apostle
74 Abrikandilu Sunderer (2)
75 Babau Murderer (4)
76 Babau Poisoner
77 [LARGE] Glabrezu Outrider (2)
78 Marilith Whirlwind (3)
79 Merciless Balor
80 Nabasu Tracker
81 Schir Inductee (6)
82 Shadowcaster
83 Succubus Recruiter
84 Vrock Ritualist
85 Diabolist
86 Eliminator (2)
87 Firebrand
88 Grand Inquisitor
89 Hellguard (2)
90 Hellpriest (4)
91 Hierarch
92 Infernalist (2)
93 Infiltrator (2)
94 Knight Tyrant
95 Martinet (2)
96 Cruel Instructor
97 Fang Monastery Ascendant
98 Fang Monastery Assassin (2)
99 Fang Monastery Enforcer (6)
100 Fang Monastery Infiltrator (2)
101 Fang Monastery Master (2)
102 Fang Monastery Mystic (2)
103 Fang Monastery Shadow (2)
104 Fang Monastery Sniper
105 Fang Monastery Warden
106 The First Fang
107 Harrying Brute
108 Serpentfolk Illusionist (2)
109 [SMALL] Seru (3)
110 Caravan Guard (4)
111 Caravan Master
112 Common Swindler
113 [SMALL] Contraband Smuggler (3)
114 Corrupt Guild Member
115 Crooked Retailer
116 Face
117 Petty Fence
118 Ruthless Moneylender (2)
119 Security Manager
120 Shoddy Artisan
121 Snake-Oil Seller
122 Street Thug (4)
123 Ambushing Brigand (2)
124 Deserter (2)
125 Elite Marauder (3)
126 [SMALL] Halfling Filcher (2)
127 [SMALL] Halfling Impostor (2)
128 [SMALL] Hawk (2)
129 The Hood
130 [LARGE] Horse (4)
131 Merry Minstrel
132 Outlaw Archer
133 Outlaw Lientenant
134 Rebel Friar
135 Woodsman Outlaw (2)
136 [HUGE] Blight Caller
137 [SMALL] Bog’s Embrace
138 Dinosaur, Deinonychus
139 Human Hunter
140 Immolator
141 Renerwer
142 [LARGE] Tiger (3)
143 Tracker
144 [HUGE] Treant (3)
145 Wild Rager (2)
146 Wildfire (4)
147 [SMALL] Wrathbringer
148 Captain of the Royal Guard
149 Crafty Courtier (2)
150 Elven Spy
151 King
152 Mistress of High Places
153 Petitioninig Paladin
154 Prince
155 Queen
156 Queen’s Champion
157 Royal Guard (6)
158 Vizier
159 [SMALL] Arcane Artillerist
160 Bandit (6)
161 Bawdy Joker
162 Bombastic Engineer
163 Crusty Cook
164 Cunning Quartermaster
165 Grizzled Healer
166 Harsh Lientenant
167 Mercenary Captain
168 Mountain Lion
169 Seasoned Forager
170 Traitorous Brigand (5)
171 Witty Jury Rigger
172 Brutal Hurler
173 Crimson Lord
174 [LARGE] Fiend-Born Rager (2)
175 Frenzied Cutter (4)
176 Mad Seeress
177 Rage Mage (2)
178 [LARGE] Spiked Charger (4)
179 [LARGE] Trained Dire Wolf Mount (4)
180 War Singer
181 War Strider (3)
182 Wolf Arrow (3)
183 Daring Captain
184 Draugr (6)
185 Drunken Brute (4)
186 Ghost Captain
187 Musket Marauder (2)
188 Pirate Thug (3)
189 Sea Witch
190 Ship’s Surgeon
191 Swaggering Shot (2)
192 Swift-Talking Scoundrel (2)
193 Tengu Sneak (3)
194 Vile Admiral
195 Bearer (4)
196 CAD (6)
197 Caller (3)
198 Channeler
199 [SMALL] Grand Dam
200 [LARGE] Grand Malkin
201 [LARGE] Great Black Sphinx
202 High Sire
203 High Talon
204 Rake (4)
205 Brutal Warlord
206 Cautious Hunter (2)
207 Cult Acquisitonist (2)
208 Cult Assasin
209 Cult Cell Leader
210 Cult Librarian
211 Cult Mystic
212 Cult Recruiter
213 Cult Thug (4)
214 Daemon, Piscodaemon (2)
215 Daemon Agent
216 Insane Prophet
217 Noble Scion (2)
218 Sinister Mastermind
219 Butcher (4)
220 Deadeye
221 Deadly Courtesan
222 Grandmother of Slayers
223 Murderer
224 Operative (2)
225 Poisonous Performer
226 [SMALL] Rutterkin (2)
227 Sharpshooter (2)
228 Skulk (2)
229 Spellhunter
230 Zen Assassin
231 Burglar (5)
232 Chemist
233 Gambler
234 Guild Initiate (5)
235 Guild Master
236 [SMALL] Guttersnipe
237 Master Spy
238 Mole
239 [LARGE] Riding Horse (4)
240 Safecracker
241 Second-Story Thief
242 Skulking Brute (5)
243 Sleuth
244 Street-Corner Punk (4)
245 Street Thug (5)
246 Wiseguy

Hope it helps! I was a little tired when I wrote it so I apologize if there are any mistakes!

Paladinosaur wrote:
Where is this Knight dude from?

That is a Knight of the Ioun Star. His pawn is in the Inner Sea Pawns box number 89. :)