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I thank all you awesome people on this board. I began with two empty hands, and idea and a mountain of work, and now I have a whole toolbox to plunder from.

Awesome help, awesome forum and awesome people.

Thanks for the submissions, documents and critique.

Kolokotroni and nikadeemus, thanks for your advice, I am going to take a look at GURPS, it seems i misunderstood you.

So this GURPS is easy to integrate with other systems?

I know other systems have better support for this, but I want the feats like power attack, the wondrous items from the handbook, the system with saves.
I want the class features, and other things.

I want all the items like harlberd, all the armors like they are.

Sure, a lot will be free-formed, and rules will be re-written. But I like the wands and rods of fireball, and the wide variety of spells.

In short, I like the feeling of dnd and pathfinder, the flavor.

What if, I as a DM happen to have far too much time on my hands, and put together a system where players remain at level 1, and buy class-features, skills, HP and feats with "building points" they get at the end of each adventure. Hp will be limited to a maxed out 12 + con.

Magic is rare, need to become an apprentice to learn everything, and a master mage might have a signature lvl 2 spell or a lvl 3 that he will hand down to one apprentice one day.

3d6 instead of d20, and armor gives DR.

This way it will be gritty, realistic, and of cours WBL and CR has to be replaced with dm shenanigans.

But, the benefits are interesting.

Using a harlberd against cavalry will be good, because +2 in a system where you will have max 5 to hit, will make a lot of difference.

Dagger-rogues will never be able to take on knights in fullplate (9DR) without dirty tricks, and the mage that masters fireball will be a man of power. A 5d6 burst 60ft wide will turn the tide in a war, since max hp will be about 18 total.

To promote diversity, specializing in weapons will provide additional bonuses to the ones they have, so a harlberd will gain even more bonus against cavalry if you train with it.

The goal is realism and danger. Being surrounded by city guards will be lethal no matter how good you are, and you will have to carry appropriate weapons for each situation. Eg. shortswords against knight on horseback will be retarded.
A getting hit with a greatsword might just eat through your health and kill you, as opposed to post-level 8 play in pathfinder where a mage can eat 40 damage in one blow and continue on his business as usual.

Last, but not least, magic items will become interesting and useful. A robe of many things is frowned upon by a party rich enough to buy it, but here it might save your life.

Classless, gritty, levelless system. Hp maxes out, you buy each save, skill, feat, HD size increase, proficiency and spell on its own. Without level, there is no need to worry about CR, or how big the kings reward should be. Surviving is its own merit.

Please god tell me what those "RP" are, and where the list for abilities are/their costs or how to calculate!!!!

I just got the best idea ever for a non-level based pathfinder campaign.

Clearly you have never been a DM, my friend.
If one PC constantly uses the same damn trick, and even gears for using lunge and other crap to make it even worse, He effectively increases the party's CR.

If an encounter is to be challenging, there has to be an element of danger. If i need to add 4 extra mooks because it becomes more difficult to get at the party, the rest of the "normal-CR" party are up against more than they can handle.

Ex. I throw a bunch of enemies on them. Druid makes fog clouds between him and his endangered allies to heal them, or just hides in there and casts lightning bolt and rolling ball of fire each round (maintains them, each last long time). Unhindered, no-one can risk going into the fog because visibility is null.

Encounter is walkover easy, not even a single pc goes down.

Next encounter i add two mooks to balance it up, the increased difficulty is too much for the rest of the party, and in the end only he and another are standing. The fight ending up in a mexican standoff where the lone remaining mook took a fallen party member hostage to escape.

I firmly believe that encounters should make the characters sweat once in a while, shooting fish in a barrel is pointless.

His powergaming creates a situation where normal-powered PC's have to powergame to take on the opponents.

Hat off to you all.
I have gotten awesome advice, especially about the darkness, and making the point that its dangerous to be in a cloud all by yourself.

Now i got an email from him saying that he is going to get lunge, to mess with them even further. Getting that valuable 10ft away from them and then 5ft stepping to effectively Hide in the damn thing.

Dangerous cloud indeed :S

Also, perception changes a lot, he doesn't have a lot of stealth, so they can just hear him shuffling around in there.

Do a lot of fighters take blindfight?

It screws up the life for the rogues too :(

Fog cloud shrouds vision past 5ft.
Druid has storm domain instead of animal companion and wildshape, so he sees through like 15 ft at it (he's level 6).

Trouble I have is that it becomes VERY expensive to kill him in combat. Fireballing him takes forever, and soaks up resources real bad.

I know that certain undead have lifesense, and creatures with tremorsense, scent etc, but that gets old the first time you use it, and its bad DM'ing to have encounters specially tailored to f$@~ with one member of your party.

How can i justify five mooks and a BBEG to always have blindsense and anti-fog countermeasures? Gust of wind even more so.

"What, this mook happened to have a wand of "gust of wind" too?"

And dispel would work. But its expensive to waste lvl 3 dispels to clear a level 2 fog, he could just recast it, and mages at lvl 5-6 don't have enough spellslots.

How do regular NPC's and monsters find and kill a druid in a 20ft radius fog cloud in which he sees perfectly.

Cheap items and consumables are go.

i checked the pathfinder srd page, but i cannot find these feats.
Which book are they in?


Thats some nice stuff right there. Stealing the s~@@ out of those deals :)))

Nice idea with the spells, but I'm trying to focus on roleplaying aspects.

The story was that a party went off to fight a great evil, but half the party betrayed the other half (the PC's). Now twelve years later they are ressed, and want revenge.
Meanwhile the betrayers took their credit and painted them out as betrayers instead.

They will ask for things like information, to change their appearance since they are the literal bogeymen of this time, and different kind of skills and stuff.


***No, seriously***

For the upcoming campaign I will have the PC's magically resurrected by a Fey Queen.
They will want revenge upon their killers, and they will be able to bargain with this powerful entity for information or power.
Fey in this setting are chaotic and very powerful, almost impossible to kill, and completely remorseless. They like to bargain though, but their prices are steep and unpleasant.

TL;DR Fey bargains, i want ideas for evil bargains

Ideas so far;
They can't tell anyone the truth about how they were betrayed
The friendship with powerful NPC they knew in the past life
Their Names
The colors of their eyes, their appearances
Their Strength/charm/intelligence
That all animals hate them and attack on sight
An arm or a leg
Indebture for a year and a day
That they be the prey for a Fey Hunt
One of their senses, such as eyes or hearing
A few years off their lives (their life expectancy is rolled in the beginning)

can you trip, sunder, drag, grapple or such with an attack of opportunity?
It is an attack, and has full BAB?

Well. The standard DC is based on having the ability to see your opponent.
I guess 20+1 per 10ft is reasonable

i am the DM, but i don't know how to set the DC of that spot check.

If i am standing in a busy parking lot, with a blindfold. There is no way in hell that i'll be able to first of all find exactly what distance the enemy is to me, within an error margin of 5ft, much less make out if its friend or foe. I mean, clanky armor sounds alike.
If the fight is 100ft away, there is no way this will happen.

Background: Player took blindness as oracle, and seems to be trying to find a loophole.
His archer pal has whistling arrows for example.

Why, the range is 100ft+10ft per caster lvl, no touch required

How does perception work here? Can he Hear where the enemies are? Can his allies point out where the enemies are standing?

I have a player that is a Oracle with blindness, and he is trying to wiggle his way past the invisibility by having the archer shoot whistling arrows at targets beyond 30ft.

I feel that he is abusing the game by bypassing one of the core flaws of the oracle. What shall i do, and dont say "rocks fall on his head"