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James Jacobs wrote:

That's intentional.

The baseline setup of the game is to present a world in which evil is on the rise and heroes are needed to step in and save the day.

That baseline setup was over a decade ago, and things like having some evil deities shift toward good or having some big-bad evil zones like the Worldwound go away is our way of saying all of your player characters are helping to save the world.

I'd like it if there was more Law versus Chaos, though. I understand the reason, but more Law versus Chaos makes it feel more dimensional. And by Law vs Chaos, I don't simply mean LN and CN but all of lawful and chaotic aligments, otherwise it looks like it's a secondary, less important conflict.

I'm not sure where and how I got that idea, but I thought the color mutation could be influenced by the proximity of whichever species of dragon is nearby(that they serve), and so, since they usually serve chromatic dragons, they have chromatic colors, but after few generations under a metallic dragon, some will start showing the same type as that dragon.

I know it's not pathfinder canon, but it's how it is for me.

So spells have their tradtions as trait(or the spellcaster's if they get it from their domain/bloodline). I haven't found how it matters. I was hoping how that someone could tell me.
(My only idea, for the future, is planar's wild magic trait that could selectively impede or annul traditions)


In PF1 Unchained rulebook, one of the thing they advised was to remove almost anything aligned, except the Good ones. The characters would have a list of three to five objects of loyalty,(a deity or the paladin's creed had to be included, of course) and "evil" would be something that opposes one of the loyalties. (I think an example is a paladin that is loyal to local lord. An invading army counts as evil because they are attacking an item of his loyalties)
(and yes, in this system, demons and devils would likely wield the holy weapons against the other, as one represents chaos and the other order, which means one goes against a loyalty of the other)

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I only think the class should intially only be trained with simple weapons and light armor. I believe it should gain the proficiencies through the multiclass feats, otherwise the class is already a little bit martial.

Does a vine leshy non-wood kineticist can gain the talents from using the favored class option?

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Hi, I saw the Nature-Bonded Magus archetype and I'm perplexed with that it removes the Arcana Pool, partly with that most of the Magus Arcanas discoveries spend points from this pool. Is it an error? or how is the archetype balanced versus a regular magus?

I saw the Nature-Bonded Magus in the Utimate Wilderness and I got rather interested in statting one. However, I came to notice the archetype swaps out the arcane pool for the familiar arcana. Problem is, there's so many arcanas that require the Magus' arcane pool.
I wondered if it was an oversight and/or it would be possible to replace the 3rd level arcana for the arcane pool.
(Other stuff the chaetype does: A free druid spell per spell level. Merging with the familiar and getting half the natural armor adjustment/replaces Spell Recall. Woodland Stride/replaces Knowledge Pool. When merged witht the familiar, gets a bonus of +4 in strength and contitution/replaces Improved Spell Recall.)

Whenever I look at the Familiar Bond/Improved Familiar Bond feats, I wonder why it cost so must feats to get a familiar. I understand the Iron Will prerequisite, but in the end, it cost 3 feats just to have full abilities with a relatively squishy pet that expensive to replace.
So why is it is so expensive in feats?

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I'm sorry of lightly hijacking the thread, but it made me think. If the PC calls a Shoki Psychopomp to bring the ghost with it, should the PC pay it? It's its job to find lost souls and bring them with him... (fortunately, it doesn't happens before the 11th level...)

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Avoron wrote:

Ghost of an oath against undeath paladin.

No, seriously, listen. Ghosts can be of any alignment, but they don't have any control over their own continued existence. An oath against undeath paladin that stayed behind as a ghost would be desperate to release themselves from their suffering and fulfill the terms of their oath, but the only way to do that would be to set right whatever's holding them to this world, achieving some grand paladiny goal in the campaign. It would be a fantastic roleplaying opportunity, with loads of options for backstory and character growth, not to mention a beautiful subversion of the "undead are evil" stereotype.

I'm loving everything on it. If I ever GM again, I'm stealing this.

I'd see him/her being in a place reputed for being infested with undead, and as the PCs come to clean the area, they find it surprisingly empty, save for a poor ghost suffering.

I hope they add the missing patron familiars from the faniliar folio. I want an healing patron familiar

I found this post because I was searching for occult classes origin tables, but the most I found was incomplete...

Male Half-Elf Shaman(rolled for a wallaby familiar)

Homeland: Forest
- Siblings:
No siblings.
- Parents: Both of your parents are dead.
Circumstances of Birth: Middle-Class Birth
Parents' Profession: Soldiers(formely thieves, I found it didn't match middle class)
Major Childhood Event: Major Disaster

Class Background: Bones&Initiated(Bones from Oracle and Initiated from the Witch)
Influential Associates: The Pariah

Conflict: Told a Lie
Conflict Subject: Noble
Conflict Motivation: Pleasure
Conflict Resolution: Regret and Penance
Alignment: Neutral Good
Religion: Sharenrae(I actually rolled for the religion before nearly anything else, so it's the reason I chose regret and penance.)
Romantic Relationships: A Few Significant Relationships
Relationship with Fellow Adventurer: Business associates, current or former
Character Drawback: Love

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-Who's there?

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Ha! I love the name! especially Inkwell! :D And the Animal Shape spells! XD

My only question is what is his schools of opposition?

Zhayne wrote:
Nixitur wrote:
. Wizard is already extremely versatile; allowing it to also fit, say, the healer role seriously devalues a lot of clerics and oracles.
Not necessarily a bad thing. I know people who would like to play the healer-type without the baggage that comes with being a divine-powered character. And if Bards can do arcane healing, why not wizards?

The witch took that role. She even get access to two archetypes focuded on healing(one that gives her the ability to cast cure spells like a cleric and another to channel energy), not to mention she get hexes that acts as cure and they are very powerful.

I'd also raise the level of the spell.

From what I came to understand. Despite what our monder media makes of him, Hades isn't that evil, he is the god of the dead, not the god of death. He was more concerned in maintaining his kingdom than thinking of the living.
Thanatos is who you should think of. He is the greek god of death.
For the Celtics the formorians are a possibility. "The Fomorians seem to have been gods who represent the harmful or destructive powers of nature; personifications of chaos, darkness, death, blight and drought." (Wikipedia)
In a series I read, it mentions a lot a certain slavic god, Chernobog, The Black God, The God of Everything Evil(but the Slavic god are always balanced with their opposite, so to stay true, there should be Belobog, his brother, The White God).

Stratagemini, I'd like it if next time you could include a link the community goals and rewards. Also, when I asked on facebook about updating the goals(we matched at least a new one), I was replied they are having a bit of a hectic moment with a new update to be released soon and the planning of a new AMA session and regarding the social network goals, they will continue after kickstarter end.

I deleted my post and remade one when I went and see Awaken and saw I was wrong.

Dαedαlus wrote:

3d6, not 2d6, and the base Int doesn't matter at all.

Maximized+Empower would be interesting, though. You would need a rod, but giving a base 27 INT would be quite formidable.

I think I had 2d6 because I first saw it in DnD 3.5. I found it wasn't very good that it simply didn't replace the animal intelligence and building on it.

With 27, it could practically be a local legend if it interacts with fishermen/local folks.

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Dαedαlus wrote:
Why so low? One in 216 Awakened animals have an INT of 18. Or you would just cheat and say it was a Maximized Awaken. Either way, 15 is by no means a maximum for the Octozard. Plus, a couple of Ioun Stones or a Headband of Vast intellect will also help.

Or an Empowered Awaken, either way the spell could have been cast with a metamagic rod to make it easier(a Maximed Awaken is a level 8 and an Empowered is an 7).

Edit: I would really love that you would post it's stats and class features.

A reason why the lich is trapped might be because he had selected conjuration as his opposition school. So he isn't able to research teleportion spells, especially if he has no access to a laboratory/whatever wizard uses to research spells.

Not much unless you rule the amulet or ring can host +X Int power, no items in the arcane bond can do it.

Objects that are the subject of an arcane bond must fall into one of the following categories: amulet, ring, staff, wand, or weapon.

Hubaris wrote:

With the Coven Hex (and either a Hag or the Collar of the Unbound) they can gain access to Coven Spells; and you can always add Nightmare to the list as per its recommendation.

Dominate Person lasts for DAYS so you can easily enslave a series of people to scout out for them and act as eyes and infiltrators; and most importantly steal hair and such for Scrying/Hexing Doll purposes.

Cursed Items are always great because players will use ANYTHING!

More information would be great!

Or going further, maybe having the witches create cursed items that looks just like the items of the party(maybe with Disguise Weapon), and having the dominated people swap the non-cursed with the cursed version without the PC knowledge.

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Gisher wrote:
Or, in a sideways fashion, a Spirit Whisperer.
Chromantic Durgon <3 wrote:
If your party already has a wizard go witch and then argue with him in game about holistic magic and how books take all the magic out of magic xD

Or another idea, for the fun of it, be a Witch and have your teammate get the Spirit Whisperer or the Familiar Adept, then you'll be able to swap spells share on both spelllists freely XD

ForestDew wrote:
Everyone! could you please go and share(and like if not done) every posts on facebook? Some are greatly lacking shares, as they have only two...

Seriously I counted 23 post with less than 10 shares, and the maximum number was 6. There's a couple in the tens and twenties and few in the 40s.

For those who didn't see, here's are the goals and the rewards.

Everyone! could you please go and share(and like if not done) every posts on facebook? Some are greatly lacking shares, as they have only two...

Samasboy1 wrote:
He could have a wizard archetype that trades the spellbook for keeping spells in his familiar, like Familiar Adept or Spirit Whisperer.

Oooh! That's a good one!

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In the novel The Redemption Engine, when Salim goes in the library in heaven there's a portion of it underwater. He was told the books there are made of coral(if I rememeber correctly). I imagine it'd be a series of thin plates bound together.

I asked by facebook about my question about the artisans, and KittentheBarbarian replied the artisans are still in concept. It's better that then done and not changeable for the idea.

Guys! we're missing 10 reshare for the first twitter goal!

Stratagemini wrote:
Also, New Update. Also, They've Implemented Social Achievements, and one of the things we can all get is a Pseudo-dragon pet,

It's says a faerie dragon, not a pseudo-dragon. Both are fun though.

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With the additional social network goals,( r/posts/1929031) I calculated we're slightly under 2000 from achieving the first Youtube number of views(assuming it's calculated from all videos). Again assuming it's all the post one facebook, we're missing about 1351 likes(one of the post has 1.5K of likes, without counting the other reacts, and I didn't find how to see the actual amount)

(and the link adds itself a space I can't get rid off -_- )

Blave wrote:
Mordo wrote:
Blave wrote:
The stretch goal scroll on the campaign-page has been updated. Looks like a new companion is next, presumably the Goblin. I'm not too excited about that, to be honest.
It could be More Companion(s) and they just forgot to put the "s" at the end, an easy mistake when english is not your native language ;)
I doubt that. They want to make companions react to all kinds of things and events and even want them to act on their own when you are out adventuring and don't take them along. Sounds like an awful lot of work for even a single companion. Having multiples of that in a single stretch goal is proabably not feasible.

You have a point about the amount of work required, but, Chris Avellone said they wanted to make the most diverse cast of companion possible, so I guess it'll be the most possible, so more companion and not a single companion.

Chris Avellone wrote:
We won’t know the final number of companions until the campaign’s end, but we’re trying to represent a wide range of races, classes, and alignments.

JoelF847 wrote:

Forest, actually in Pathfinder paladins can worship any deity within 1 step of LG, so LG, LN, and NG. So you can have paladins of Abadar for example.

And there simply aren't paladins of all alignments - just LG, and antipaladins of CE. Its something that adds asymmetry to the game intentionally. There are warpriests for all deities, which fill the same role often though.

As for planetouched races, they exist, just took a while to get statted - such as the ganzi, a protean/chaotic touched race.

I don't think I said anything about paladims worshipping a deity with an alignment more than one step away. When I spoke of (non-good) lawful deities, I was only meaning of LN ones.

I didn't knew there was a chaotic planetouched race. I hope they'll expand it the same way they did the other two and add the the law-aligned one.

Luthorne wrote:
Well, I imagine most of those deities would instead have an oathbound paladin with an oath against chaos.

I should have done my rechearch(it's a bit embarassing). I had forgotten the oath against chaos. The Iomedean Enforcer and it does similar things. but the Enforcer is still a bit more bent against chaos and not evil.

(The oathbound and use their lay on hands ability to smite evil, and retaining their Aura of Faith and their aura of righteousness wich are against Evil while the enforcer changes these two abilities to be against chaos.)
Truthfully, I'd expect the opposite, Iomedaen paladins(or other LG gods) getting oaths against chaos while the enforcer be free.

CorvusMask wrote:
Luthorne wrote:
ForestDew wrote:
Luthorne wrote:
ForestDew wrote:
I hope the Enforcer Paladin will come in. It could be an interesting foe for a chaotic kingdom, especially so if it's chaotic god.
I don't think Iomedae supports taking down Chaotic Good kingdoms in general...

Iomedae isn't the only deity to a patron to paladins. Irori and Abadar are the ones that would dislike it the most.

If we take Cayden Cailean relations to other gods, the lawful goods tolerate him but dislike that he promotes that people srew their responsibilites. (Well he his a good friend with Torag and drink ale with him once in a while)

Hmm? You are talking about the Iomedean enforcer archetype for the paladin, aren't you?

He is probably using d20psfrd as internet source for his games, that site removes pathfinder setting references from class option names for reasons :P

(thats just one of reasons why I think d20pfsrd sucks as source for pathfinder material, others being that sometimes it just has incorrect information <_< And sometiems the incorrect information is result of their censoring, such as in this case: they didn't realize that archetype is exclusive to specific god's followers because they removed the reference)

Yes I saw it on D20Pfsrd. However, on this case I find it unjust to have law paladins restricted to only one good deity. (Practically, "oh! let's make a paladin that hates chaos instead, but let's restrict to only lawful deity, even if others could like those")

One of the thing that annoys me a lot with Pathfinder is that most of the conflict is a Good vs Evil one. Chaos vs Law is largely untouched. Lawful Neutral deity would have more use of an anti-chaos paladin than an anti-evil. (other examples of good vs evil dichotomy is: the player companions books(whenever there's reference to alignment, it's alwasy good/neutral/evil), and somewhat a relic from DnD are the Aasimar and the Tiefling having no chaotic/lawful equivalent.)

And, Stratagemini, one of the things I always wanted to know about the artisans is if it'll be possible to direct the artisan toward a certain type of object, since we sponsor them. (Let say I want a weaponmaker to make more battleaxes, since it's what my character uses, he/she'll be more likely to make some, while still making other items.)
I think it's a good question to ask, since we can't craft our own weapons.

Luthorne wrote:
ForestDew wrote:
I hope the Enforcer Paladin will come in. It could be an interesting foe for a chaotic kingdom, especially so if it's chaotic god.
I don't think Iomedae supports taking down Chaotic Good kingdoms in general...

Iomedae isn't the only deity to a patron to paladins. Irori and Abadar are the ones that would dislike it the most.

If we take Cayden Cailean relations to other gods, the lawful goods tolerate him but dislike that he promotes that people srew their responsibilites. (Well he his a good friend with Torag and drink ale with him once in a while)

I hope the Enforcer Paladin will come in. It could be an interesting foe for a chaotic kingdom, especially so if it's chaotic god.

Hayato Ken wrote:

@Stratagemini: Thanks for all that info, was a great help in kaing a decision and answering a lot of questions i had without having to spend that much time searching for answers!

It seems the game will be pretty close to original Pathfinder rules, what i find immensely pleasing.
Unchained classes are awesome, so i hope they will also bring the unchained monk.

How will sneak attack work though with no defined flanking?

Archetypes i would love to see:
Bard: Lotus Geisha
Ranger: Ilsurian Archer, Sword Devil :)
Rogue: Vexing Dodger
Sorcerer: Bloodline mutations

Magus unlocked, archetypes on the horizon! wrote:
Some classes, like Sorcerer or Wizard, while lacking these vast amounts of archetypes, have alternative class features that can replace them - subschools and wild bloodlines. We want to add even more choices, and depth to our game, to both, improve the base gameplay and provide replayability. Archetypes are a good way to do both, for they will add more meaningful choices to character creation and development, will allow us to add personalities to some companions in the form of archetypes, and to increase the variety of enemy encounters - for enemies will have archetypes, too.

So yes, the Sorcerers will will have bloodline mutations with the archetypes. :)

I just saw it, and I came to say thanks.

I'd want the Pack Lord archetype for the druid. It seems like a good class for a solo run. Since it has many animals, useful for the camping. (Or it could do with the ranger's Beastmaster, but it doesn't get any healing abilities).
Could someone relay the message for me please? I don't have a credit card so I can't back directly, so I can't post messages.

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600.000!!! The Magus is reached!

Thomas Seitz wrote:
Not sure we'll get to Oracle if we can't crack 900,000.

I'm hoping archetypes will be 50.000$ and it'll be the goal after(however, I wouldn't mind either it was the Witch)

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Cool! Octavis upfaate! What I was waiting for weeks! I think unlike what was show in a video, she starts a pure Wizard, but as she leveled up, she was made into an Arcane Trickster. I hope we get the Oracle, I want to try to make her a mystic theurge.

A bit less than 5% left for the Magus!

But could they use the Assimar and Teifling subraces Paizo made? Or if they are under a collective race(let say I choose the Aasimar renamed Angel-touched, then I need to choose the particular heritage)?

Thomas Seitz wrote:
All I know is after Magus will probably Witch and maybe Summoner. Especially since it seems they're going with APG, not ACG atm.

I'd guess the Oracle will be before the Summoner, if the Summoner is even done. I think the major problem with it, is of course the Eidolon. All the evolutions with the base forms, might be challenge to make computer models for. (as in adding the evolutions on the base forms). That being said, I'd do like the summoner to be there, with the possibility of choosing between the chained and unchained eidolons. I would like to create the eidolon I always wanted to make, a snake with multiple tails with poisonous barbs.

Stratagemini wrote:
ForestDew wrote:
We're currently at 65.666% of the current goal. Couldn't it have been 1% more? Not only for having only one number, but it'll mean we'll have done 2/3 of the Magus goal
Increase your pledge to a higher tier?

It too late now. We're at 68.11%. Even then. 1% is 500$ which, in my situation(I really need to find a job, which I suck at) is money I don't have.

Edit: While writing, it hopped to 68.41%

We're currently at 65.666% of the current goal. Couldn't it have been 1% more? Not only for having only one number, but it'll mean we'll have done 2/3 of the Magus goal

Haunted is pretty much like the table-top; increasing the action needed to retrive an item(potion/scrolls), and if you drop an item, the goes away from the oracle from a bit.
With tongues too is relatively simple, making language-dependant spells not working. As for the benefits, it'll depend on how language is implemented.

I'd do see the burned curse very well though in Pathfinder: Kingmaker.

I find you should go and take another look to the witch and compare it to the wizard. They are way different. Also, I don't see the logic of thinking the witches is unlikely "for being similar to the wizard", yet considering the arcanist being likely when it's a smash up of two classes who are already there.

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