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I see almost no one speaking about Eldritch knight, concept seems cool, but didint find many informations about it.

I dont understand how you build and STR eldritch knight btw, the class got nothing for spell failure, i dont understand the way he must be played

avr wrote:

There are several traits which switch the ability scores. With both the clever wordplay and cunning liar traits you can switch diplomacy and bluff to Int for all purposes.

If the main thought is battlefield control then you need spells which affect terrain or create terrain for that ideally. There are other ways - summoning can drop creatures in the way of your enemies, combat maneuvers or other debuffs can make some enemies ineffective, and there's a few other odd things. A bard has some debuffs.

Say you go with the arcane duelist bard. If you take one level in swashbuckler first that gives you weapon finesse for free and the parry can be useful. Bards are mostly limited to light armor and probably do go the Dex route. For dex to damage as a bard you either take the dervish dance feat and use a scimitar, or take weapon focus with fencing grace if you use a rapier or slashing grace for some slashing weapon.

Next you might take the antagonize feat for some battlefield control. After that you might take riving strike to help with some debuff spells or outright save-or-lose spells.

Does that help?

Yes, thanks it give me somes idea, didint think to use an Arcane duelist with intimidate feats for control purpose, maybe instead regular bard, swashbucler into dawnflower dancer?

As for others guys, i would like to avoid to many dipping

Yeah something with control can be good too, I just never builded a Bard and dunno how to do with an arcane duelist, maybe Dex route is better ?

Also for Magus, i know the Student of philosophy trait but it does not do the work, only diplomacy for persuade and bluff for lie.

Gather informations and conceal informations stay very needed for me.

Well, for anwner Mrcharisma, everyone got already their concept, i joined the campaign last, so seems i must try to fill the needs

Well guys, thanks for the advice, i affined my research, and got two options now.

Magus or Bard. Magus seems pretty simple and i dont need any archetype, but even with Orator i fear i will not be a good face /skill

Do you know any Build of Bard, who can make me a good Melee Fighter with the arcane flavor and bard buffs, skill list ? I know the Arcane duelist but not sure about others possibility

Idea to be in a robe and very weak (In the physic term) annoy me :/ I would like to keep a melee concept with arcane flavor

Hey, yes profane=arcane, forgot to say Hybrid class are banned, so no bloodrager,

Can a magus act like a good face and a blaster ? the concept dont tease me because it seems complicated

Something like Arcane duelist (bard) Cannot do a correct char for the Face/arcane caster ?

Hello guys, first of all sorry for the bad english, french native here.

I will begin the campaign Rise of the runelords and i have never played a profane caster, and usually play Paladin/ranger/Inquisitor/ Investigator (What i wanted to play, but party need profane),Im usually the big guy tanky with a big sword and a bit jack of all trades with the skills everywhere. You see what im sayin.

My party need from me to be a profane caster, but i'm not a big fan of mages/wizards, how can i be a profane, and stay a tough guy, who can have many skills and be a face ? Any idea ?

Magus dont tease me if u ask

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Hello people, first of all, im french sorry for bad english.

I'm playing a custom mythic campaign, and i will start a new character level 10, Mythic 3. (I precise i'm not a pathfinder expert and dont know probably all the options in the game)

I would like to build an Investigator, and wondering about Strength or Dexterity build.

I'm a simple man, overall i like fighters with big swords :D, but this time i would like to play a smart character, detective like, and the Investigator fit perfectly.

I read many guides but i need somes advices, If i go Strength i would like to go Vital strike build, but dipping annoy me a bit. Is the Strength version will be a LOT of damage more than dex ?

I will play With a Wizard, an Antipaladin, and a Kinetist and my race will be either Human/elf/half elf/tieffling. Didnt choice already.

So the question is, what u guys thinks will be the most efficient in a Mythic Campaign between an STR empirist with Vital strike, or a DEX empirist who play around the rapier ?

(I like the elven curved blade too, but didint find a way to make it efficient either in Dex or Str)

Also i'm a bit confuse about dipping because it seems to make me retard many abilities, i would like a dipping who make sense and who is complementary, im open for discussion.

I dont really understand why inspired spell is so strong ? any example ?

Thanks for repy Mysterious stranger, i will give u full detail on my char, u might have a better idea.

Im a lvl 7 inquisitor (Infiltrator), focused on being a face (huge bonus in sense motive, diplo,bluff, perception...) in combat i'm focusing melee trying to land big crit with my keen falchion, trying to build around a solid melee hitter and a excellent face for manipulate, and control people only by my voice.

(Got a custom trait too, make me automaticly favored against womens) Im a pretty guy ;)

Well for roleplay reason, i must go Marshal not champion, and our DM do not allow 3rd party, soooo the mythic hero handbook u linked anguish is not available :/

As well i have some trouble to find good teamwork feats, with my team

Hello, i just got a mythic level on my inquisitor and dunno at all what i should take as a path or path abilities, marshal look good but im not sure, i need some avice :)

My inquisitor is a lvl 7 melee keen falchion focused in heavy armor, ( 18/12/10/17/12) my teammates are an Antipaladin, an ice Kinetic, and a Wizard.

What you guys think i should take as a Mythic path and path abilities ? (As a feat mythic power attack is kinda obvious)

Thanks you :)

Opportunist+mutation seems really good, but grandloung convince me, I will go Investigator Two handed, how many dips in Bloodrager you thinks i must take ? and wich archetype will be good for a witcher ?

Im interessed by some other people awnsers,

Enlightened blood rager give spells, martials weapons, but no alchemy or poison. And dip seems a waste with the blood rager.

Two handed investigator seems good, but the dex ton apply to damage, it's a bit disapointing, maybe with a dip fighter i can make a heavy armored investigator 2handed ?

What u guys thinks it's the more efficient ? or maybe some others ideas ?

What about Mutagen Warrior BUT Variant multi class alchemist ? Seems i have everything with that ? What do you think about that ?

Didint know this archetype, Opportunist fighter seems good !

But what about 3 Mutagen Fighter/ 17 investigator ? not better ?

I really want thoses mutagen

BTW, the opportunist warrior must have high intel for bombs damage and use, dex for hit the target, so no melee with this archetype ?

Indeed, grenadier seems very cool and close to a witcher, but in fact i will be mostly a melee character, i fear the not full BAB and the lack of armor will be very crippling for me when i will be on combat.

Plus i must invest in intelligence ? so my stats must be tweaked and i cant throw bomb while i have a two handed weapon ?

Hello everyone ! first of all, sorry for my bad english i'm french native.

I'm trying to make Geralt from the witcher games with Paizo classes.

The idea is to make a good melee character two handed, using few little spell magics (Moslty utilitary), like something to make a fire, to make a force field ect...

If i can have acces at bombs and potions it's good too, but optional honestly.

My conclusion was to make a Mutagen Warrior 7 (Mandatory), and a Slayer 12 to have a decent melee character.

Now i wonder how to dip one level class, or sacrifice somes slayer levels, to make my character more like a witcher, using some bombs, or spells i can use with one free hands because i will be a two hander.

I prefere to not depend on divine magic, for me a witcher is not god dependant.

I will be very happy if you guys have some ideas, thanks :)

PS : The character will be Human, 25 points, 16(+2)/16/14/12/10/8 with trap finder trait.

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Thanks for thoses reply, you guys make me happy i'm not alone thinking that lol :)

An other question... Woman Dhampirs... can be pregnant ? (OH SHIET lol)

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Hello everyone, first of all sorry for my bad english, im french Native.

I'm making a paladin of Iomedae, but my friends are all in disagreement each others with my character personality and mental.

I want to be someone with a brain and a heart, not a fanatic or a nazi beating everyone who look like evil or different than an Human.

Here for example : I'm in a relationship with a Dhampir, when i saw her i didint notice that was a Dhampir (Fail dice), and then after discuss and a detect evil who say she's not evil, i was like it's okay...

So we got a normal relationship with sex and everything, and then my character realise her true nature, but she's still not evil after all.

My question is : Can i play a paladin of Iomedae, who is not just beating everything ? Can i be tolerant, not racist and dont eradicate people if my detect evil say its ok ?

Help me please, i need a final true awnser