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Could you please cancel both the item in my sidecart (Iconic Heroes #5) and my RPG subscription? Thank you.

Please cancel all my subscriptions *except* for the RPG line. I do still want the current pending shipment.

Grand Lodge

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Heroes sets 4 & 5 confirmed, yay!

Set 3 still hasn't reached European shops yet. :(

I was expecting the end of ebooks to start with Lord of Runes. Is that incorrect? I don't have Forge of Ashes available as a download.


Please cancel my subscriptions for maps and pawns. Thanks!

Please cancel my cards subscription. Thanks for handling prior to the December shipment.

My subscription copy of the ACG has missing/duplicate pages:
- 161-168 missing
- 169-176 appear twice
- 177-184 appear twice
- 185-192 missing

How can we handle getting me a complete copy?


My group is a little confused on properly resolving skill checks when dice are being added.

Ex 1: Harsk needs to make a dexterity check (d8). He has the +1 box checked.

a) on an unaided check, it's simply 1d8+1. Easy.
b) someone plays a blessing to assist. Is it 2d8+2 or 2d8+1? I guess I'm asking if the modifier is considered part of the "die".

Ex 2: Harsk needs to make a ranged check (dex+3). He has the +1 box checked for dexterity.

c) on an unaided check, it's simply 1d8+4. Easy.
d) someone plays a blessing to assist. Is it 2d8+8, 2d8+4, or a hybrid? I could see 2d8+7 being a reasonable interpretation.

I see the order spawning is complete. I don't show a pending order, nor did I ever receive the normal upcoming shipment email. Just wanted to mention it in case there is a glitch somewhere.

Order still shows pending. Status?

With the backup of Great Golem sale shipments, unless its going to ship yet this week, can you change the shipping address for this order to match the SC address being used for my December subscription? Thanks!

I'll be starting RotL(AE) with all new players (my kids, 7 and 10, who have 5 sessions out of the beginner box behind them, and my wife, who has never played any RPG before).

We're using the CRB only. Characters are a halfling bard, half-elf sorcerer, and human paladin.

I'm going to have a DM PC help out. I'm thinking of a ranger or rogue. Any suggestions on preference between the two or another direction?