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Impressive Set


Finally decided between the Wrath of the Righteous and Legends of Golarion set and I am not dissapointed to have purchased this set. I find many of the miniatures to be very versatile to a GM.

PROS: Complete set, NO broken miniatures, above average sculpt and paint design.

CONS: Some miniatures painting is miscellaneous and poorly applied/blotchy. Overall, (compared to other reviews), I do feel I have a later sculpt/paint run and MOST of the miniatures are painted very well. The ones that are not, are distinctly so.

Top Miniatures:
All 4 Large genies. The King of the set is clearly the fire demon (I need at least 2 of these!).
Many people had complaints about the hell knights, however, I rather enjoyed the sculpts and painting so I picked up a few extra on the ebay market.
Serpent Folk High Preist - Great paint job and one of my favorites (surprisingly) from the set.

Least favorite:
Orc Archer - I do not understand the "bright" green on the bracers/leg guards on all 4 of the miniatures.
King Irovetti - Poorly painted and most dissapointing rare.
Akata - Okay for a common but (as other people seem to have noticed or had) there is one area on the head of several of the miniatures that is missing paint (white spot).

Overall, I recommend purchase of this set. It is unfortunate that with the large miniature sets being released so close together, I will now have to pick and choose which sets I want (I currently own all sets) but I had to choose between this set or Wrath of the Righteous.

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Great Set


Shattered Star is a impressive set with great sculpts and a detailed paint job on most miniatures.

I did have a few broken miniatures that were easily repaired (gray maiden leg/boot snapped off, shreizyk was broken off the base, mite on spider leg broke off).

My Top 3 Miniatures in no particular order:
1) Wyvern
2) Koriah Azmeren
3) Clockwork Reliquary

My Least Favorite Miniatures in no Particular Order:
1) Grub Swarm
2) Caryatid Column
3) Ravenous Ooze

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Great Roleplaying


An adventure that is very enjoyable. The roleplaying in the trial and the "timed" atmosphere make it one of my favorite adventure to date.

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Great Adventure


Very much enjoyed reading this adventure and I cannot wait until I GM this book. The first part of the book, at Ascanor Lodge, was just plain awesome.

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Hot Damn


The only reason I gave this book 5 stars is because I could not give it 6 stars!

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Excellent Start!


After reading "Haunting of Harrowstone" and dungeon mastering part of the adventure 1, I can conclude that this book is a great adventure.

I recommend for anyone who would like a good amount of role playing and horror action.

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