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Atheory wrote:

I took'em, damn straight, what you gonna do about it! And I'd do it again.

Hehe, Allegiant Gemstone Company has got Goblin Balls of Steel!

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Pyronous Rath wrote:
Just an update there is now a grass topic on idea scale

Finally! Nothing will stop us now. Fix the GRASS!!!

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Nice thread OP, very refreshing to get input from others than the usual 20 or so posters who dominate most threads.

I understood early that EE would not be a viable product to me personally until around three months in. Now it looks like I'll have to wait until War of Towers is replaced. I'm ok with that, hopefully there will be a decent population by that time.

My main concern is the major bugs that go along with most new features they add. I was under the impression that EE would be relatively bug free, but low on features from beginning. It seems unlikely that they will be able to add features without also adding gamebreaking bugs regularly from what I've seen so far. I hope I'm wrong, constantly having gamebreaking bugs will not be acceptable for me during EE.

I would like them to release EE as soon as they fix the teleport/desynch bug, improve Auction House and targeting system. Even though it's far from being a game I will enjoy at that stage, I think quite a few players are ready to start up and build the foundation of the world.

The recent change in reputation recovery is very promising imo. Until we have feuds and other PvP features it would be impossible to pose any threat and danger outside tower hexes with the old rep gain.

I hope enough players will endure the early months of EE so GW can keep improving the game as planned. I'm still optimistic for the future of this game.

How about using T1+3 for Tier 1 and 3 keywords, T2+1 for Tier 2 and 1 keyword etc?

If I understand the example used earlier correct, one guy using T1+2/3 gear had an even fight with three T1+0 geared guys?

That doesn't seem unbalanced in favour of the swarm to me. Knowing that the more substantial upgrade is going from T1 to T2, he probably would win every time if wearing T2+3 gear fighting the same guys.

Proxima Sin of Brighthaven wrote:
Caldeathe Baequiannia wrote:
Throughout all of this, both EE and OE, the settlement will have a daily window in which anyone in the settlement will be open to attack. No one will be able to tear your walls down without a lot of prep, but they will be able to launch PvP attacks against your members every day of the year.

Unless something has drastically changed the long-term vulnerability window is a daily time of less NPC help in guarding your settlement. Not a time when it's okay to kill as many residents of the settlement as many times as possible without the standard consequences applied in any geography or clock hour.

You only have to think about those things if your settlement/company is frequently declared against in wars or feuds. If you don't want to deal with it, leaving the game is one option or you could play with a group that is infrequently in hostilities or meta-protected by the community.

There seems to be several settlements which accept and value members not willing to PvP.If your current settlement isn't one of them, look around for options. You should also consider joining one that has a large enough group of players who enjoy PvP, so they can take care of defense while you can focus on the things you like.

I love this map.


I don't think a WoT without NAP's would force anyone to spend 120 hours a month hanging around their computer waiting to see if someone feels like attacking their towers. I'm sure you could be out exploring and fighting escalations as much as you like.

If someone happened to attack your towers while you're out and about with your group, you would be presented with a meaningful choice: Is our current activity more valuable/entertaining than returning to defend our tower?

Also, if a daily PvP window of one hour is something you just might tolerate, how do you see yourself enjoying the game when the DI system and the proper settlement warfare is in place? I don't think your settlement will be able to provide advanced facilities with a one hour PvP window.

I think the biggest threat to PFO having success is that it fails to attract enough players during EE. I share Guurzak's concern that the NAP's could turn into something permanent and lasting through the whole EE. IMO this would reduce the chance of the game succeeding. Hopefully GW will implement changes encouraging settlement warfare if they see that things get too stale.

This development doesn’t sound promising for those who were hoping to get plenty of meaningful PvP in the early phase of EE.

I’ve convinced a few players from my pvp focused guild to try PFO while they wait for Camelot Unchained to be released. We were aiming on joining in November, but it seems like we should wait for WoT to end now with all this napping.

Sorry for a slight derail, but I would be very grateful if someone could answer the following questions:

WoT is expected to last until approx six months after EE launch?

Brand new settlements can be created when WoT ends?

Any ETA on when they expect siege mechanics/settlement conquest to be implemented?


And thanks to Gurzaak for making this thread, very informative for those of us who are deciding on when to join the game based on PvP expectations.

The map is beautiful!

GW should ask for your permission to use it on their website, it's a massive upgrade from the official Landrush map.


I discovered PFO just four months ago, and catching up on info from old blogs, gobbocasts and forum is a bit messy. Hoping for some answers from the veterans around here!

I’m currently in a PvP focused guild playing Elder Scrolls Online. Unfortunately ESO PvP has turned out to be a huge disappointment. I’m hoping to convince my guild members to have a go at PFO, and that we can form a company and join a settlement later in EE.

I have some concerns when it comes to alignments, and which settlement to join.

Is there some form of built in minor disadvantage for Good aligned companies who would like to PvP a lot? Is it possible for a Good aligned settlement/nation to be expansionists and aggressive without taking alignment hits or suffer any other penalties that would not apply to an Evil settlement?

I think I’ve read somewhere that those who PvP a lot, would slide towards evil, even if following the rules for “sanctioned PvP”?

I guess I find the whole alignment system and its possible restrictions the most confusing part of PFO at this stage. I’ve never played the tabletop, and have no preference on alignment to begin with, but I’m reluctant to be Good if there might be any extra hinders for Good players who like to PvP and expand through warfare.