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Burning spell:
Benefit: The acid or fire effects of the affected spell adhere to the creature, causing more damage the next round. When a creature takes acid or fire damage from the affected spell, that creature takes damage equal to 2× the spell's actual level at the start of its next turn. The damage is acid or fire, as determined by the spell's descriptor. If a burning spell has both the fire and acid descriptor, the caster chooses what kind of damage is dealt by the burning spell effect. A burning spell uses up a slot two levels higher than the spell's actual level.

If used with a Flame blade spell, does the extra damage stack assuming multiple hits due to iterative attacks?

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This thread is made of Win.

Flavor text of Jaunt Boots. "They can be worn up to mid-thigh, or have their cuffs turned down to make knee-high boots."

Great item, AND so fashion forward.

Perhaps a silly question, but can water elementals "stand" on the surface of water?

If those pesky adventurers try to hover over the surface, can my huge elemental take full advantage of his reach and swat them?

If memory serves, a lich has to be 11th level to return using its phylactery, Because of the atrophy, Big Nasty can't come back.

Ssalarn wrote:

Divine Metamagic and related abilities is probably the worst thing from 3.x that comes up from my players from time to time. That was one mess I'm happy to leave behind.


Divine metamagic, persistent spell, and a bag of nightsticks almost made me quit.

Topic resurrection.

Can this spell activate on flat-footed targets?

Example: A caster places Contingent Action on a fighter with a low initiative with the trigger of "to attack when an enemy moves adjacent".
If an enemy moves in before the fighter's turn, does the spell allow an attack and resets the fighter's initiative higher?

The downside I'm seeing is high-level fighters losing a round of full attacks if they allow the trigger.

Shambling mounds have the ability Electric Fortitude:
(Ex) Shambling mounds take no damage from electricity. Instead, any electricity attack used against a shambling mound temporarily increases its Constitution score by 1d4 points. The shambling mound loses these temporary points at the rate of 1 per hour.

If the shamblalambadingdong is hit with multiple electrical attacks, does its constitution keep going up?

In other words, is the increase an unnamed bonus so it can stack with itself?

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Somewhere the spirit of Gary Gygax is chuckling.

I once had an elven NPC named Sildenafil. He was a hard act to follow. (Look it up.)
Our current campaign has a cavalier named Sir Barnes. His horse is called Noble.

Death Roll (Ex) When grappling a foe of its size or smaller, a crocodile can perform a death roll upon making a successful grapple check. As it clings to its foe, it tucks in its legs and rolls rapidly, twisting and wrenching its victim. The crocodile inflicts its bite damage and knocks the creature prone. If successful, the crocodile maintains its grapple.

Okay, this may be a case of RAW vs RAI but is the croc considered prone when using this ability?

I was equipping an NPC when I came across the item Jaunt Boots. In the description it states,
"These stylish black leather boots are stitched with images of winding roads and trails through peaceful orchards. They can be worn up to mid-thigh, or have their cuffs turned down to make knee-high boots."

So before we find out what the boots actually do we know:
1. The black leather boots are stylish.
2. The stitching contains peaceful orchards.
3. You have options on how to wear them.

The boots themselves have a cool magical effect: three times per day, on command for 1 round when the wearer makes a 5-foot step, he can move up to 15 feet. This movement does not provoke attacks of opportunity.

But why do we need to know that the boots are stylish? According to who? Is there a guild passing these decrees? If I craft "non-stylish" boots does the price drop? The same goes with the "peaceful" orchard stitching. If I craft boots with an orchard filled with the slain bodies of my foes will that add a bonus? Actually, that makes more sense. Walking through a peaceful orchard isn't hard. Being able to navigate a body-strewn battlefield are what the boots are created to do.
And why in the Seven Heavens do we care that the boots can be worn mid-thigh or knee-high? Are there players/DMs that won't use magic clothing unless they are versatile?

So what flavor text has struck you as over the top?

Jason Nelson wrote:

In my current campaign I've done away with basic "plus" items and replaced them with a character level-based bonus system.

How about other specific items that don't live up to the hype?

How do you handle DR/magic if you have done away with plusses on weapons?

This is an interesting concept, inquiring minds want to know more.

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Nerf in 3...2...1...

Arbane the Terrible wrote:

Also, in 1st ed, 1GP = 1XP, and it cost a hefty sum to train up to next level. Although lots of people ignored those rules...

PCs were expected to sneak around, try to avoid fights as much as possible, and go for the big score when they had the chance.

And once you were past 9th-10th level, you needed the 1GP=1XP due to the staggering amount of exp needed to level up.

When I DM, when a PC uses the cheat death option, they are alive (barely) and removed from any ongoing threat until they are brought back to positive hit points. Very deus ex machina, but I only award hero points for leveling up and at the end of an adventure arc. If a character blows two points to save his skin, it gets saved.

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The Grand Druid approaches the PCs. "These chickens must be delivered safe and sound to the keep of the wizard Harlan Sanders."

Little do the PCs know the route they must take is inhabited by an unnaturally intelligent (some might say super-genius) werewolf. The werewolf has levels in Arcane Trickster and a fascination maybe even an obsession with complex traps.

And no matter what the PCs do, one (or more) of the chicks always seems to get free at the most inopportune times.

Wacky hijinks ensue.

I would try this, but as soon as I announced, "You exit the woods and see what appears to be an abandoned carnival and faint calliope music can be heard." my players would be, "Nope, nope, nope, nope, nope."

Maybe spending all that time in Ravenloft was a wee bit scarring.

Can Vital Strike be taken by critters using natural weapons?

Mr. Peluda from Kingmaker would like to know.

Sissyl wrote:
Otyughs. These living trash processors are reasonably intelligent and talk Common. They can be bribed with garbage. They are always hungry, and not necessarily malevolent. What's not to like?

True dat. They were so cool they got upgraded to the neo-otyugh.

"Hey, what to we call our new monster based on the Otyugh we have to present it to the board in five minutes."

"Screw it, just give it some hit dice and put neo in front of the name."

Is it appropriate for players to use their hero points to influence rolls made during kingdom building, such as stability checks?

At our table, we had a player roll 6 "1"s in a row using different dice. We were all suitably impressed/spooked.

He always had Beeshaba's own luck at dice and is now playing games where survival is not at the whim of a polyhedral piece of plastic.

How about if a player makes a bluff check to fool his target into thinking there is an invisible flanker. Could he claim the flanking bonus due to his target's divided attention?

Forgive me if these questions have been asked before or if they happen to be in the wrong location.

If a building generates magic items:

1. Can you make an economy check to have an item sell to clear the slot so something else can be generated later, or does a PC have to buy it? And if you can make the economy check, who gets the money?

2. Do only items above 4,000gp that the PCs recover while adventuring and try to sell at a shop count for the BP payout, or do expensive items randomly generated count as well?