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A simple adjustment of the spell would work too. Make it where they can only teleport somewhere they have seen or been to

well as the party is merely unconscious and dying, and considering the dragon is attempting to eschew his evil nature, saving their lives and forcing them to go on a quest seems to line up well with his intended role play of the dragon.

I'd +1 the enslavement bit. Take all of their magic items and make them play naked for a bit. Have the dragon send them on a side quest to earn their freedom.

i recommend setting his character sheet on fire at the table. That sends a nice nonverbal message that you are tired of their shenanigans.

Why not just a buff n blaster? Buff in rounds 1 & 2 then blast the crap out of them

What is gestalt?

Why is telling the AC such a big deal? Its a hell of a time saver sometimes.

Regarding it taking awhile (relatively speaking) to identify a spell, I guess that is up to the GM but to me, it seems like a free action should be free. I mean, if you are super well versed in something, like a wizard would be regarding spells, then just a slight gesture combined with the beginnings of a phrase would be enough. Kinda like that old game show Name That Tune. Just the very beginning would be enough. Especially considering that they wouldn't be counteracting the spell, there wouldn't be anything the target could do to stop it, ergo IMO there would be no reason not to allow the free action announcement

JCServant wrote:

Chances are if you are into counterspelling, you are also the one with the team's highest spellcrafting :)

If you're counterspelling, I belive, you have to hold an action to react to the enemy casting. In that case, then, yes, you could identify and counter that spell if you have the right things memorized. Sure. That does NOT mean, however, that the target of that spell should know what the enemy is casting (and, in turn, be able to use that knowledge to determine if he wants to reroll a save). It's been a long time since I've even had a player attempt a counterspell, but if it was, for whatever reason, necessary for him to know before I annouced the results, I would give him a note with the info.

then they should be able to tell the other player. If they recognize the spell, speech is but a free action

in my games i have no problem telling the AC of a monster after the first round. I like having the unknown for the first round of battle but after that its tedious for me and them to have them keep asking if they hit.

Regarding saving throws i commonly just say 'you need to make a reflex saving throw' then when they tell me the total with bonuses and negatives added in, then i tell them if they fail or not.

There are times, like when i know that a DC is going to be high, that i will tell them ahead of time what the DC they need to hit is.

My wife glued the to 1" magnets. Works great

I currently have Improved Counterspell and at lvl 10 i've yet to use it. However, in the campaign we've been playing, there have been very few genuine magic users, barring the daemon that ate me last game.

Why not just have the paladin offer to champion the guy and request a trial by combat against the accusers champion? That way he defends the innocent and doesn't break the spirit or the letter of the law?

I would recommend treantmonks guide to druids. Check out the wildshape section

Why not a melee oriented Druid with some stealth mixed in?

Lots of barb tribes would take a trophy from a defeated.foe. a head is perhaps too far

i recently started a game where the GM makes a list of all the loot and we then roll percentage dice with the highest roll having first choice. Its a fair way to do it, but you could have one guy that rolls really well all the time and gets the best gear. But even with this method there is a need > greed factor.

yeah but then you have to worry with FE, FT, leveling the companion, spells, etc.

For my money having one set of stats, one set of 'this is the number i use' stuff is the simplest way. That way i can mentally say 'i roll the dice to attack and add this to it' and call it a day

tell him he can play it but he only has one arm and one leg. Or he's a hermaphroditic eunuch.

TriOmegaZero wrote:
Barbarian used to be the new guy 'max Str and use a greataxe' class, but now thanks to rage powers, it's not quite so simple anymore.

No but it still seems to be the simplest imo. Also as a Gm i would allow a new player the ability to swap out things like feats and rage powers for the first 10 levels or so. Somethings look great on paper and then once you hit the game you realize how circumstantial some of them are.

Tierce wrote:
Barbarian, scream at stuff and smack them around

quoted for agreement.

The first character i ever played was a Barb and in combat its very simple, yell, bash, yell over slain opponent. Outside of combat it can be alot of fun to think of things in a more simplistic fashion. Barbarians arent necessarily dumb, and alot of times more 'intelligent' PC's can over think things. The way I played him was 'If situation = culturally ok, no smash'. 'If situation = culturally not ok, smash'. It was a lot of fun and I ended up smashing the story the GM had created for me into a million pieces by thinking so simplistically.

One such situation was when i was presented money by small group of similar barbarians to purchase something for them (in an attempt to ingratiate me into their Clan), my Barb looked at all the money, realized he had none of his own and walked into the door of the building and kept walking to the back entrance. They ended up tracking me and i made a miracle of a bluff check to pull off an insane lie.

TOZ wrote:
KDNash wrote:
TOZ wrote:

Actually commoner with its lack of skills and competance (even the lack of a maximized first hit die) really makes them one of the most difficult, if not THE most difficult class in the game to make a PC out of.

I do not recomend Peasent :p

Actually, it's quite easy.

Round 1: Run away.
Round 2: If you cannot run away, die horribly.

quoted for lulz

master arminas wrote:

Single weapon.

Queston for those of you who use it like two-weapon fighting: exactly how many weapons comprise a monk's unarmed strikes? I mean, I have always thought that a creature (or character) has but a single unarmed strike, regardless of which limb or portion of a limb he makes the attack with. But SKR (based upon the description of the magic fang spell) believes that you enhance a single limb--and that if you limbs feature a different enhancement you have to divide your unarmed attacks (ala two-weapon fighting). So how many 'weapons' do unarmed strikes actually represent? Two (right arm, left arm)? Four (add your legs). Five (head, too)? Nine (elbows and knees)? How many magic fang/magic weapon/greater magic fang/greater magic weapon spells does it take to make ALL of a monk's unarmed strike enhanced?

Master Arminas

In any game i would happen to GM, the monk would have to A. use flurry like twf, meaning two weapons, and B. the enchantment would be on the monk himself, in the case of Magic Fang etc.

Therefore, if he wants to enchant his UAS, it would be one casting of whatever enchantment spell. This seems to be the most common sense approach, rather than having to specify "I cast GMF on my left fist, then my bum and finally my nose hairs"

as a fairly new player (a couple of years) i tend to change it up. I played a CE Barbarian, a LG Paladin, a NG Monk, and my namesake CG Wizard. The Barbarian was an outside the box thinker and came up with lots of unorthodox solutions to problems. The Paladin (Galadin the Paladin lol) was stick up the butt straight arrow. The monk was a vow of poverty (no bonus to Ki, did it for flavor) who was terribly polite and respectful but incurred the wrath of my fellow players many times because he never had money to pay for passage on ships or a room at the inn. Fizzle is a bit of a douchebag who has little respect for local customs and no real concern for others, but a strong desire to prove himself worthy.

Thinking of going with a happy go lucky Bard next.

Like twf

Thanks for the advice, you are my hero. Well you and Burt Reynolds

Paladin of Baha-who? wrote:

I would suggest that you make her an archer-focused fighter unless you really need a front-liner, especially if you have to go straight elf (-2 to CON makes tanking harder). The Archer archetype makes a lot of sense. Have her wear elven chainmail plus a buckler for maximum maneuverability, and arcane armor training/Mastery so she can negate arcane spell failure chance as a swift action.

I agree that Transmutation might be best for the wizard school. Divination and Conjuration aren't bad either, but there are lots of transmutation spells that will allow her to buff the party and also buff her own arrows. Whatever you do, don't have her take transmutation as an opposition school.

Elven Curve blade makes sense as a backup weapon if something comes up close and she needs to attack in melee. She can't cast while using it, though, since it's two-handed. That probably won't come up too much. If you go half-elf, use the ancestral arms racial trait from the APG if you want to use this. Alternatively, you could use an Aldori dueling sword, since I presume you are going for weapon finesse, and use ancestral arms for that, which leaves one hand free.

Urban Barbarian isn't a bad idea, but is your DM going to allow an archetype from Ultimate Combat if he's already disallowed a class from Ultimate Magic? The controlled rage ability is a little unclear as to whether it allows her to cast spells while in rage; I would allow it as a DM but RAW say you can use INT, WIS, or CHA based skills, but doesn't negate the statement in normal barbarian rage that you can't use abilities that require concentration. In addition, losing medium armor proficiency means that you would not be able to take arcane armor mastery as easily.

For fluff's sake i'm going to try to play her as a personal bodyguard, as that was the role she was in previously. That being the case, i would prefer her to not be archery focused. Again not optimal, but i'm trying to be fair with the feat as it seems to be open for abuse. Of course she'll carry a bow, she's an elf for god's sake :P. I am going with a finesse build, so she will be decent enough with the bow.

Aldori sword looks like a winner for a main weapon, but a 2 feat investment seems like alot.

Ah i use the srd site to build my characters and forgot to check the origin of the Urban Barb. So thats out, thanks for pointing that out to me.

So overall looks like i'm back to Fighter/Wizard. If i use the Aldori sword with a fighter build, i wont feel the pain of the feat investement as much.

Given the Hero NPC stat array, 15,14,13,12,10,8, I'm looking at:
str 13 (+1 lvl 4) = 14
dex 15 (+2 race) = 17
con 14 (-2 race) = 12
int 12 (+2 race) = 14
wis 10
cha 8

Jarl wrote:

Why not just point him here:

The Magus

mainly because we've argued a bit about other things and i dont really want to press the point on something (leadership feat) that he normally doesnt allow. You know, trying to be a team player and make sure its still fun for him and all that jazz.

Thanks, good ideas. Ill ask about traits and going halvsies. I'm not looking for her to be terribly optimal, but I would like for her to be effective. Thinking about going transmutation school for the buffs. Also urban barbarian rather than fighter. Feat weak, but the rage bonus to physical stats seems nice

Shuriken Nekogami wrote:

there is a single class that does the whole eldritch knight thing without gimping theirself. it's called the magus. i would go with a black blade kensai magus. ask your DM to allow it.

Magus Array

Str 13 =13
Dex 15 +2 +1 =18
Con 14 -2 =12
Int 12 +2 = 14
Wis 10 +0 =10
Cha 8 +0 =8

i would go for the following spells

no save touch spells
no save battle field control spells
buffing spells

i would also advise you to put 2 ranks in perform (dance) and take the dervish dance feat and use a scimitar in conjunction with power attack. you can't carry a weapon or shield in your off hand, but there is nothing saying you can't carry a torch in that hand.

the black blade archtype gives you a free intellegent magic weapon that scales with level and the kensai archtype allows you to take fighter feats.

The Gm is who specified the Eldritch Knight, i'm just trying to make her the best i can. I've fired off an email to him asking if Magus would be a sufficient substitution, but he's not too big on the Magus

edit- Magus is a no go. He's not allowing that class yet, as he hasnt picked up the Ultimate books so he's not familiar with it.

MEEA wrote:
sub-op please!?!

I'm sorry, I have no idea what you are saying.

So i have a lvl 7 cohort to build. The fluff points the Dm has given me are: race: Elf, female, must be attempting to go the way of the Eldritch Knight. She was a royal guard prior to being captured by some giants, from which we rescued her. Using the Hero Npc stat block, and all of the standard rules apply. My only personal preference is to have her use the elven curve blade. Other than that, its open.

I'm considering Fighter 5 / Wizard 2 with her being apprenticed to me (teh wizard) until she gets to F-5/W-5 then going EK, but i'm not sure thats the best way. Open to ideas!

AM Barbarian

Lol @ angry werewolves

I've been itching to try a sap based rogue/ninja

I'd make them roleplay the scene, just for shiggles.

the time it would take to pop online and start a thread basically saying 'We are working on it' is minimal.

My issue with monk is simple. Devs claim it is a defensive class when in reality it isn't. All of the defensive capabilities just don't scale well as you get into higher levels vs higher CRs

this is an extention of this thread:

unclepaul wrote:


2 nd if a cohort is part of a battle they gain a half share of exp for themselves

Dragon is worth 400 the cohort would get 50 pts then everyone would get to divide 350 pts between 4 people.
A cohort getting exp from out of the air makes no sense to me. And using them in battle should cost something.
Out of combat the cohort gain exp like normal when the main character gains exp at the rate listed in the book

seems like b+#*#*@% to me. Basically it seems like he's trying to get the other players to rebel against me having a cohort, or force me to leave her out of combat. Opinions?

Btw i guess my offering to outfit and pay the cohort money out of my share of the loot doesnt count as a 'cost'. Neither does me using a feat count as a 'cost'.

there is nothing against it but why bother? A level 1 char vs a cr 12 doesnt even force the cr12 to waste resources. I just made mine to add to fluff and take care of some side details

a breastplate made of modern metals works to deflect bullets nearly as well as kevlar, weight being the negative to it

my thought was to have (i have 7 followers) 1 cleric for out of combat healing, 2 warriors (npc class) for intimidation factor and to keep the rabble off of my robe hem, 1 expert (npc class) for basic work and construction, and 3 commoners, each with a craft/profession: cook, weaponsmithing, armorsmithing. Basically those should cover all the bases i need. Oh and the cleric is like my Steward, handling the other followers, arranging my day to day things etc.

funny thing about height. Napoleon is widely considered to be the poster boy for 'small man's syndrome' when he was actually estimated to be 5'6", slightly taller than the average Frenchman of the day.

as the player in question, I would like to flesh out DrRant's post a bit.

The story is that he created was that Brienne, elf, was a Royal Guard that was captured by giants and we the party rescued. DrRant gave me the stat array, and told me that her goal is to become an Eldritch Knight. So based on that, I figured that her first goal as a guard was to be fairly viable in combat, therefore i gave her 5 levels of fighter, and 2 levels of wizard with the understanding that I, the wizard, would take her as my apprentice and guide her further on her journey toward her goal. She will start the role of EK at level 10, she is lvl 7 now.

Considering her previous job, i gave her a few things that, in our current situation, will be useless. She has Weap Focus elven curved blade, which we dont have, because as a royal guard i figured that the preferred weapon would be that. I gave her power attack and improved sunder, PA as a pre-req, figuring that as a fighter trained to defend someone else, she would attempt to incapacitate someone as quickly as possible and imo making a guy naked and cold staring at person who did it would pretty much do that. I also gave her the bodyguard feat, which was purely for flavor, but hey, it might come in handy. Also, considering her desire to be a self buffer, i gave her the Transmutation school considering that is where alot of the self buffs are, Cat's Grace et al.

I've also offered to DrRant a few other things for her, such as paying her a stipend from my portion of the loot, making her stand guard over me in battle and therefore not entering the fray unless something approaches me or threatens me.

her feats are as follows: Weap Focus ECB, Power Attack, Imp Sunder, Combat Reflexes, Bodyguard, Weap Specialization, and arcane armor training.

her bonded item is a Royal Guard Signet and her school is Transmutation, opposed by Divination and Necromancy