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So if an aasimar Divine Hunter worshiped an evil God and had a fiendish pet and tookt he celestial servant feat.

Would your pet be both fiendish and celestial?

How would these stack? Would you have dr good and evil?

So I am running a long going 5e campaign that are stuck in the plane of Limbo. They are level 12 and of various morals. They are just starting to see their actions are capable of universe changing events.

So to escape limbo I have a plane of them going through Pandemonium and getting to the River Styx and venturing out.

What I would love are some encounters to have them go through. Some ideas I am working on.

The winds will make some characters develop certain dementias towards the beginning with possible long term effects.

Encounter a session long event where the characters worst fears threaten the party. I have been slowly gathering these from the players, and only have my new or part time players to gather.

The third is the unseelie court. Here they would be brought to a mock trial of sorts(since this is a place of chaos) where they petition Titania's corrupted half, Zeboim the god of strife, and maybe some corrupt derro god. Then while there they need to appease the gods with permission to leave. Also I will have some dark fey try to corrupt my paladin with lust and power. That seems something they might try

So please any ideas would greatly be appreciated. I plan on my PCs being there for a month worth of sessions.

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If you look at the rules for adamantine they contradict each other

This is from the core rule equipment section.

Adamantine: Mined from rocks that fell from the heavens, this ultrahard metal adds to the quality of a weapon or suit of armor. Weapons fashioned from adamantine have a natural ability to bypass hardness when sundering weapons or attacking objects, ignoring hardness less than 20 (see Additional Rules).

so less that 20 it ignores. 20 or more adamantine has no special advantage

No, from the PRD Universal Monster Rules section

Hardness (Ex) When a creature with hardness takes damage, subtract its hardness from the damage. Only damage in excess of its hardness is subtracted from its hit points. A creature with hardness doesn't further reduce damage from energy attacks, ranged attacks, or other types of attacks as objects typically do. Adamantine weapons bypass hardness of 20 or less.

This says 20 or less. So 21 or more adamantine has no special advantage.

Can a twigjack get sneak attack with it's splinter spray?

I can not find anything in the sneak attack section of rogues saying ti would not work.

Kinda like a blunderbus getting sneak attack.


Steve Mulhern Milwaukee's VC has reached his fourth star.

Since no one else is tooting his horn and his is too humble to do it himself. I will brag him up.

He also ran an amazing con at the midwinter gaming convention. He did a great Chevy Chase fall (larping?!?) the multiple table game!

As I understand bloodrage and rage are different abilities.

As I understand an urban barbarian/bloodrager could rage, and then blood rage.

Is this correct, and should it be?

So I wanted to build a new occult character and I like to build things people will usually never see at a table.

So my idea was a Mesmerist Kitsune that focused on love things to get everyone to fall in love with my character or that rock over there.

So I am looking for trait, feat, archetype, and character concept ideas to help me make this more of an entertaining and powerful character.

So far the only thing i can think of is the spell desecrate.

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Seeker of secrets page 43 wrote:

They have no effect on animals, mindless
constructs, and other non-sentient creatures; comatose
intelligent creatures and those with significant Intelligence
damage or drain cannot use ioun stones.

Now i would like to squash this before it becomes a problem. Does this mean Ioun stones have no benefit when you are asleep?

This would render a Tourmaline and Nacreous Gray Sphere worthless.

I feel this was meant to mean a character can not activate one under these situations.


I made a character for core and oonly played core with him, but i accidentally created him usign non-core button. It is causing trouble for the people trying to register the charatcer.

Can I fix this?
And if so how?


Now a level one character with 2 prestige can buy a combat trained CR 4tiger. With little investment be able to control it to attack things as a move action.

Now it is illegal to have an animal companion more than 1 hd greater than you with the expense of feats and/or favored class bonuses.

So you can severely exploit what was meant to be fix for 2 PP at low levels?

As a player I hate games where a level 1 players brings in a pet that can kill the entire group. Why is my PC there? Part of me wants to get up and walk off the table as a player and DM when my 1-5 scenario has 1 or as i have seen recently four 4cr tigers.

Why is a player capable of using a device far beyond his power at such low levels? This is no fun and makes me want to stop playing low level games until these things stop wrecking it.

So I am looking at making my next silly PFs character.

I am heavily looking at the halfling helper trait and aiding my AC companion in grappling the enemies.

So I am looking for ideas and suggestions.

A weasel with agile manuevers has soem potential

A preying mantis and scropion need int bumps to get worthwhile feats

So any ideas and suggestions would be great.


I was curious if there was a way to determine what scenarios offer a hard mode?

I am hoping to play the waking rune soon on hard mode. Since only a few offer hard mode I only want to play those on hard mode.

Is there a list or a way of finding out?

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DO you get two famaliars?

Do the levels double stack-2?

Or would you need ot settle for a bonded item and a snake?

Does uncanny dodge allow AoOs before your first action?

I would argue they do since you are not flatfooted, which would prevent you threatening squares.

Ok, I was thinking of an idea for a aasimar lunar oracle and their pet.

I would start the first 2 levels of a lunar oracle and then level in the evangelist prestige class. Mostly to get the twin fang option. The favor classed class for the first couple of levels should keep the pet to level from the lose of the first evangelist level

Then by 11th level get some bow feats to take advantage of the 3rd boon

DOes anyone else have some advice on this?

I am curios about this. As some DMs make you guess if you are threatened.

I alert the PCs they are aware the monster threatens once they enter it's threat range.

I was unable to find any rulings on this does anyone else have what the ruling is?

Ok, i am thinking about makign a paladin/life oracle heal bot.

I really wanted the ulitmate mercy by like level 7.

There would also be channeling to heal form both classes. So I was conisdering what are good ways to bump charisma without the headband slot? I knwo there is the cheliax cloak, but I was hoping for somethign more.

Ok, I have a guy that uses baor style with a ammy of might fist with holy, that uses bane, and sneak attack.

Would these damages get added to the rend? I am unsure the word if the rend is considered another attack or additional damage on the previous attack.

Ok if a magus has a quickened spell prepared can they cast that swift action spell before the penalty from spell combat and then do the full round action of the spell comabt.

Basically can you swift action attack before to avoid the -2 on your swift spell?


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I tended to purchase between 50 and 100 dollars of paizo products a month in support of PFS. Although the direction the PFS decision making is in a direction I do not feel I can pay paizo my money any more.

Changes need and have to happen I agree with that. Now when I sit at a table I use the rules PFS sets establish. When you suddenly change these rules and punish the players for following them. I am insulted and stupefied. I know a couple of players “stuck” with a crane style feat they picked solely for crane wing. They were able to retrain cane wing, but not the feat they picked for it. I agree completely these features were over-powered, but those were the rules the PFS staff gave people. Although the weight of being stuck with build situations that were fairly and honestly given can only be corrected fairly by cheating. Of course you can spend resources to build at a state of agreement with the rules, but you should not be penalized for playing by the rules. Blindsiding people with your rule changes and forcing a cost on them to build a character THEY want with the rules you have is extremely unfair. Since keeping score on your character is an act of honor. This is like keeping your score in golf. The people that cheat will not be bothered by your rule changes because they will just cheat. To the people that have the honor to play fair. Well those people will be affected. Now the people that play fair make sure to spend money buying the books they use to build their characters. Well the people that don’t, not so much. So your rules encourage cheaters that freeload, and discourage spenders that play fair. My solution is that if you character is significantly affected by a rule change you can rebuild. This allows the people with honor to make characters on equal grounds as everyone else with open visible rules. I find the draconian rules in place currently self-destructive to paizo for the reasons mentioned above. I myself that had definite plans to purchase the playtest book when it came out, but now will definitely not purchase it for fear of above notations.

The direction PFS is going with the class faction I no longer find entertaining and actually annoy me. The hidden faction pieces in a scenario that I am unaware of before I start the game is like winning the lotto when I pick a faction that is actually in it. The new implementation of factions makes it worse than before. This ambiguous direction you are heading with factions I find very poorly implemented. Despite how great of a story it is I played everyone but the confirmation and have a vague understanding what is happening. This is because I can only follow the story if there happens to be a faction of that type playing and I get to eves drop. Why should I keep pumping money into a product I find less enjoyable? I have spent money and time on many games and when they longer improve.

Thirdly with the exception of the congenial Mr. Compton when I read the majority of staff posts I find them extremely abrasive. Considering that the people that are posting are people that pay money to your company there should be a level of respect. Even when people are wrong and out of line there is a wrong way to say the right thing. There is a fine line when responding to paying customers and then line needs to be established while not making them regret spending their money on your products. The reason this is important is that one happy customer will tell a couple of people. One upset customer will tell a lot of people. Last weekend I cringed when picking up a box of paizo minis to buy and put them back after remembering a post a staff member of PFS posted to someone else. Even though I knew the poster was in the wrong I was offended by the staff response. Now there is a time you should push a customer away, but this is done. The simple answer is look at the posts Mr. Compton replies and sees how people connect and become positive to him after. Every time you connect with a customer should be a means to improve your relationship with your customers and should be used as such.

Now my birthday is next month my wife planned on buying me a 2 cases(not small boxes) of minis from you guys. When I told her this weekend I planned on a hiatus of purchasing paizo products she got annoyed since she thought she had a great gift planned. I just do not see myself investing into your company with the issues and directions I see the company is heading. I purchased a splat book from you guys just to have a legal trait for my character to add to his roleplaying element. Now I kind of regret it. The reason I write this is because I respect the potential and previous experiences I have had. I also am a person that encourages others to purchase products to show support. I also am aware of the value of this information.

Escape (Su): Each time the inquisitor using this judgment hits an opponent with a melee or ranged attack, she can use a move action attempt to create a diversion to hide (see the Stealth skill).

I honestly do not know how this works in able to use it.

I am not sure what a bluff distraction would be needed and the dcs or checks. Also the action economy.


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Roleplaying games are an escape. Pathfinder society you get a Tolkien-esque fantasy. I see a ton of hates towards people that play the game with different fantasies. This completely baffles me. The reason why that is there are rules already laid out of what you can and cannot do, and we are expected to follow those rules. So before we start we know that people can gunslingers, summon undead, play paladins, minmax, purposely combat characters, and a slew of other options.

PFS is an open game that allows anyone that follows the rules already established to join in a social shared fantasy. So knowing this why do so many get upset when someone brings their defined fantasy that is different? For me, I find this the GREATEST fun you can have in the game. Roleplaying with someone opposite of you allows you easily to define your character and allow them to grow. You do not have to accept that PC choices as valid or correct. You just have to work with them for whatever you character defines the greater good as.

When I first sat down to play PFS I knew that you needed to cooperate with everyone at the table playing with you and that you were a team. I had no idea about the “explore, report, and cooperate”. No matter what someone can to the table with that was now part of my shared fantasy at that game. If someone wanted to be a time traveler from the future, awesome. A gunslinger like Clinton Eastwood, great. Something else completely wacky or polarizing, wonderful. Because in the end anything you bring to the table is for you and my character can choose to understand it however I choose him too. I get the opportunity to role-play a new situation. If you do not have fun with that person just finish the scenario and never play with them again.

As a side note when it comes to creeds and codes I find it ignorant to tell another player how to define these. It is extremely common for people to understand the same words vastly different. If a PC says their paladin’s feels X and they present a somewhat reasonable explanation then how are they definitely wrong? You will find every religion has disagreements. The only people that say that player’s defendable definition is the author.

In the end the hatred towards play of table legal characters baffles me. If you have a problem sharing your fantasy with someone else then why play where anyone can join your fantasy? You can do PFS at private places. You can play home games. Why be the bigot that cannot accept other people that are different from you? I am sorry, but I feel like this is a racist getting upset that there are different races at the supermarket they go to. Why can’t we just get along and give each other a chance to love what we all bring to the table and have fun. Please give others a chance and let them surprise you. The worst thing that could happen is you waste a few hours of your life. You could make a life long friend.

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Ok so I am looking for ideas for my drug addict PFS character.

I liek the idea of rage chemist as I snort and smoke my mutagens and extracts to buff.

Then throwing fallen enemies or rocks at the remaining enemies.

I was thinking of getting either an injection spear to dope up the enemies or a fauchard because of it's huge threat and reach.

Traits I was lookign at pesh addict(must have) and the sczarni I know a guy. So every adventure I can say My cousin's roommate's girlfriend's brother-in-law....

So those wer emy ideas any other suggestions for a coked out PFSer?

Can spellcraft detect what or that metamagic is used for the spell?

From reading I would guess that the target is not prone since the AoO triggers before they fall.

Just making sure.

I am heavily debating making a Monk(hungry ghost)/inquisitor(heretic)/rogue thug

I am looking for a god to worship for him?

I was thinking somethign along the lines of sarenra and say his intimidate tactics are not appreciated by the church heads.

I am more than willing to change if someone can think of something that would mechnically benefit him as well

I would figure that the armor would disapear and he would retain his monk abilities since the armor is not providing a bonus

If you are blinking how does it effect spells that conjurer and summon?

Ok I am looking for advice on the scarey monk build I am working on for pfs. 2 levels of rogue/thug. For the intimidate bonus, the second level for the trick. Then 2 levels of monk(of the sacred mountain) to flurry for multiple non-lethal attacks. Then unarmed fighter to speed boar style to get it before level 9. The rest monk.

I picked monk because they get more attacks then a rogue so more chance to frighten people with enforcer.

Stats before race
S 16
D 10
C 12
W 12
I 7
Ch 16

Race, half orc or asassimar/angel kin. Both have darkvision. Angel gets an additional +2 to my main two stats str & cha and they get alter self. Orc gets +2 intimidate can get proficient in whips for possible ranged non-lethal.

1 thug -enforcer
2 thug - trick-intimidating prowess
3 monk boar 1, dodge(not sure about this)?
4 monk snatch arrows(not sure?)
5 Unarmed fight Boar 3, power attack
6 Monk
7 Monk Boar 2
8 Monk
9 monk Cornugon Smash,Improved Feint(not sure again the monk feats)

For items an amulet of mighty fist with cruel would be neat. A cracked pink and green sphere ioun stone for intimidate. Any critic woul dbe appreciated.

The attack bonus is lower then what I would like. The AC a little low as well fro a toe to toe. But Landing one blow would cause a turn around in the fight.

I believe this would get you 2 intimidate checks.

My question is how would they work with the frighten?

My next idea is a monk/rogue that does this.

The rules specifically say that these are not actions.

So when can I make the check? When I first have evidence of the monster(see it, hear it)? On my turn in initiative?

As a free action I can tell my mates about the monster as a free action. So when first seeing it would make the most sense and be the most tactical.

Are there any rulings on this?

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I am recieving information that weapons made of Adamantine have normal hardness. The logic is that the "Common Armor, Weapon, and Shield Hardness and Hit Points" chart does not include something for weapons but does for armor. So special mat weapons are steel hardness.

Now "Common"armor is made of leather, metal, and cloth.

I argue that Adamantine is not common and thus not on the common chart.

This to me seems to be breaking the common sence rule. If the metal is harder, so should anything made of it be.

I also argue that "Weapons and armor normally made of steel that are made of adamantine have one-third more hit points than normal. Adamantine has 40 hit points per inch of thickness and hardness 20."

Means everything made of the metal has hardness 20. Since it is difficult to determine thickness for a weapon the common table it used.

Is there a direct ruling on this?

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I am readin some people claim that now your animal compain is a magical beast and the HD use a d10, the bab is full HD.

Does it really improve the AC that much? Or does it now just count as a mgical beast and retain the HD and bab from the druid chart?

Celestial Servant:

Celestial Servant
Rather than being a normal animal or beast, your companion or familiar hails from the heavenly realms.

Prerequisites: Aasimar, animal companion, familiar, or mount class feature.

Benefit: Your animal companion, familiar, or mount gains the celestial template and becomes a magical beast, though you may still treat it as an animal when using Handle Animal, wild empathy, or any other spells or class abilities that specifically affect animals.

My guess would be 30'

The oath of savagery can raise their reach 5 feet. A reach weapon another 5 feet. Enlarge doubles reach. 5 normal, 5 for holy reach, 5 more for glaive times 2?

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I ask this becuase an aasimar with Celestial Servant can give their pet the celestial template they gain SR gains SR equal to new CR +5.

I am not sure what their CR would be to calculate this.

So lets say I put a caster in an aqueous orb. For this caster to cast a spell is the DC of all the conditions added?

Continuous damage while casting
Extremely violent motion while casting
Entangled while casting

45+DC check?

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Someone said that the target gets a save vs this. In the animal companion section it does nto offer one.

Attack bite (1d4) or spit (ranged touch attack, target is sickened for 1d4 rounds, range 10 feet)

So do they get a save to be sickened or no.

I am looking for RAW answers.

Ok so I stole this idea from a few posts.

Assimar nature oracle with 7 int.
Bonded mount.

Get every level of favored class to raise the level of the mount 0.5. So the mount is 50% higher level than me. Putting stats in int.

I want this to be the smartest animal companion ever.

Put some ranks in escape artist so it could eventually take 20 to squeeze in places with me.

I was thinking maybe give it an ioune stone, or if there was a way a headband.

Then give it knowledge ranks.

I was thinking maybe getting the boon for the axebeak for this guy.

Anyone have an idea on how to get this animals int higher?

I remember someone saying they had an ability to summon more monsters from summon monster. I am not sure if this is a class ability or feat. I was curious if anyone know what it was.

In a a description of lingering spell it says "Instantaneous area effect spell lasts for 1 round" Would this allow lingering evocations work on it since it is not instant any more?

Ok I am thinking of a sorcerer build for PFS with a dip in deaf oracle. Then get magical lineage for magic missile. Get still spell.

My goal would be to never show I am casting a spell. Just use mind powers to blast people with MM. use silent image to make words so I never have to speak. I could wear any armor since I am using still spell.

I am looking for some ideas to help make this build idea better like races or what not.

So lets says a Maneuver Master kicked a guy in the groin to sicken someone, and then jabbed them in the throat to sicken them as well. Is this legal to cause someone to become Nauseated?

So lets say I am a one trick pony magus. The day before I plan on fighting can I cast shocking grasp. Then the next day get all my spell slots back, and then in the first fight blast that first guy from my shocking grasp from yesterday?

Touch Spells and Holding the Charge: In most cases, if you don't discharge a touch spell on the round you cast it, you can hold the charge (postpone the discharge of the spell) indefinitely. You can make touch attacks round after round until the spell is discharged. If you cast another spell, the touch spell dissipates.

Now I was considering ways to up the damage of a magus with magical knack now beign PFS legal.

Would a dip in a cross blooded sorcerer blue drgaond/orc for the extar 2 damage per die roll on your shocking grasp be worth it?

Considering you would most likely already be a kensai bladebound.

Hands: This slot consists of gauntlets, gloves, and other items that can worn on the hands.

Wrists: This slot consists of armbands, bracelets, bracers, gauntlets, manacles, shackles, vambraces, and other items that can worn over the wrists.

If you are a using Sin magic do you get the bonus for specilizing in that school too? I.e. like the force bolt with wrath?

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