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Steve Mulhern Milwaukee's VC has reached his fourth star.

Since no one else is tooting his horn and his is too humble to do it himself. I will brag him up.

He also ran an amazing con at the midwinter gaming convention. He did a great Chevy Chase fall (larping?!?) the multiple table game!

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Congratulations Steve!!

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Congrats Steve!!

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Thank you. Made the 100th game the weekend before the convention, and with running the Race for the Runecarved Key, I have another 49 games and 5 specials to go for the 5th.

-- Steve

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Congrats, Steve!

Keep up the good work!

Hey, if you need specials, let us in Minnesota know. We've got a few cons every year, and can always use great GMs!

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Oh, wow!

Grats Steve!

You ran the table I was at for Siege of Serpents at GenCon last year, and I'd played previously during one of the chapters for Scions of the Sky Key with you.

Really love the prep time you put into Siege, and after having printed the maps for The Confirmation (because flipmats weren't available) I can now understand what kind of cost it ran you to do that.

EDIT: It even gave me ideas on how to run the scenario, too!

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