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I hoped it were clarified in the last adventure path's issue Rasputin must die!, since there is an article discussing and expanding modern firearms...but no word about rapid reload! Personally as a GM I think it's okay letting fire with an advanced firearm as a free action, but I would like very much an oficial response!

We started the campaing one year ago, in the beginning of March´07, and my players are sailing towards Divided´s Ire now (last tuesday we started Into the Maw!). We had playing almost every week (we only fail two or three weeks in a year), with sessions of 4 hours aprox. We had some troubles in the campaing: my players skipped an entire chapter (Here There Be Monsters) when they impeded the sinking of the Sea Wyvern with a wisely chosen "Raise from the Deep" spell, and forced me to expand Tides of Dread to compensate the level and XP unbalance; and we had a quasi-TPK in the assault of Taboo Temple in City of Broken Idols (only one PC survived). Until that point the party was well cohesionated and we had many memorable role playing situations between players characters that had forged strong relationships, between themselves, Lavinia and other PNCs. But after the TPK, that aspect of the game had decayed, because the PCs are new, less motivated in the plot of the campaing, and they had focused to create "walking combos" more than personalities. That circumstance, and the "high level play" problems had make the last sessions a bit boring, but I hope that the involucration of the PCs in the Abyssal politics brings new interest in the game...I wish a great finale!!

Cheers!! ;)

If you care for payback, hit him with a maximized split-ray enervation (using a 9th level slot) , perhaps twice, and see his character reduced to 9th, on a second casting down to 1st level through negative energy for caster level hours..... then ignore the min-maxer and proceed with the camapign as normal . Can be done in a single round as well, if one cares for precison character building....
And believe me, I have seen that combo run through an additional "twin spell" mechanism, which does 16 levels of negative energy in one fell strike (assuming you hit 4 times on a ranged touch versus the target ).. and that is without even touching WoTC's optimization/campaign-breaking boards

Personally, a split-ray maxmized disintegrate (possible at level 17 for 68D6 = 454 points of damage ( barring a save ) sounds like more fun, though....

I Think I choose the second option for payback...the f****** necromancer doesn´t take a step without his loved "Veil of the Undead" cast on himself...:(

Thank you all for the answers (in despite of the bad news for my poor demons!!) ;)

Turin the Mad wrote:

Other thing:

Vampiric Touch is 3rd level.
Black Lore of Moil IIRC is at least a +1 spell level increase.

The description in the Complete Arcane says that this feat "uses a spell slot of the spell´s normal level"....:(

Hi campaing fellows!

We had a quasi-TPK at the end of CoBI, but thanks that the only survivor was a seeker, it was easy to rebuild the party and they have succefully completed SoS. The only drawback in rebuilding the group have been that the 15th level characters my players have made from scratch have proved to be maximized killing machines! One of them is particulary dangerous and tricky, and he is the character I want to question about: Bastian, Human Necromancer. Bastian is at 17th level now, and he make extensive use of metamagic feats. He has aquired Black Lore of Moil and Twin Spell (both from the Complete Arcane handbook) and have a metamagic rod of maximize. My doubt is simple: If he studies a vampiric touch spell, augmented with the metamagic feats of Black Lore of Moil, Empower Spell and Twin Spell, and he uses when he cast the spell his metamagic rod....¿Has the twinned spell be maximized, empowered and "moilianed"? The player says YES and he says that the damage would be 72 hp (10d6 (base)+2d6 (moilian) of maximized damage)plus 6d6 (half of 12d6 from the empower spell) PLUS another 72+6d6 hp from the Twinned Spell. I think, in the other hand, that the twinned spell IS NOT maximized, nor "moilianed", nor empowered, and the damage will be 72+6d6+10d6....What do you think?

Thank you!!

Str 13 (5,4,4)
Int 11 (6,4,1)
Wis 8 (6,1,1)
Dex 13 (5,4,4)
Con 10 (5,4,1)
Cha 14 (5,5,4)

Mmmmmmm....a Halfling!!! ;)

Good Bye Gary!

Soon my players will return to Farshore from City of Broken Idols and will discover the kidnapping and what has becoming Vanthus now...I´d love read the diaries! my email is

Thank you!

carborundum wrote:
Which are you going with? The Sage or the Ghoul Lord?

I think I will take the opportunity the "argument of authority" the Ghoul Lord gives me to cancel another nasty combo of my players...;)

Thank you guys for your advice! ;)

Hello! last game session of my Savage Tide Campaing, the Arcane Trickster of my group of players did something that I´m not sure to be legal: he used the "vampiric touch" spell with his sneak attack ability and he said the extra damage inflicted by the sneak attack was also converted in extra hit points like the damage caused by the spell because the sneak attack damage becames of the same type that the spell. I consulted the Complete Arcane rules about sneak attack and weaponlike spells and I have my doubts...What do you think on this matter?

Thank you!

Yes, my credit card is Visa...I hope customer service can tell me what happends!

Thank you

I had tried to buy on your online store many times since some months ago and your system says my credit card number is invalid. I´m sure I had entered correctly the numbers, and I had buyed with my credit card several times lately in other online shops without trouble. I´m very interested in purchase some of your products, and I´m a registered customer. Can you help me?

Thank you!

An update from Spain! Both magazines #150 and #359 arrived two weeks ago safely! They are superb! Sorry for the delay ;)

Thank you Paizo!

I would appreciate it too! I´m running STAP, just beggining "The Lightless Depths"!

Thank you!



I´m from Spain, and I just arrived from my vacations and find in my mail dungeon #149 and dragon #358...I can´t wait more to read them! ;)

Without notices about the magazines here in Spain! :(

Nothing here in Spain either!! I hope tomorrow!!!!

Without any news about nº 149-150 here in Spain!

We are at Farshore after the attack of the Rat´s End Pirates. The PC´s got rid of the menacing troglodytes of Temute Island and they are getting prepared for adventuring into the mainland next session...

I´m from Spain, and no notices of 149 and 358!!

Tonight we played again (thanks to vacation time!) and, decided not to put the things so easy to my players, the Captain Amella, in spite of the spell, demanded the PCs to reach land to make some repairs. To convince the PCs, I took advantage of the circumstance that the wizard was a gnome and Amella didn´t trust in his magic. Of course they arrive to the little beach they would be shipwrecked. To make repairs using the rules presented in the adventure, I decided that 1d6 sections of the hull had been destroyed by the crash with the reef, and 6 was the result, so, if the captain wanted the hull fully repaired it was going to take some days to finish the job, since Amella and other survivor colonist were the only ones that have any ranks in Profession (carpentry) skill, and to repair a section in one day they needed a DC 20 check. Now, with the PCs on land, I could introduce some encounters and make use of the wonderful wandering monsters charts for the Isle (I love them!) presented in ToD. Of course I welcomed the PCs with the hungry T-Rex, and this night they suffered the attack of the terror birds. For the rest of the days, I made 4 checks every day they try to repair the ship: It took 7 days to repair the sections, and in this time "visited" their beach camp a pack of megaraptors, one giant tarantura, an stampede of parasaurolophuses and a group of Olman hunters that provided the PCs with some interesting information about the isle.
When they leaved the beach they earned some XPs and realized more or less how dangerous and feral could be the Island and its inhabitants. The trip to Farshore from the crash site was about 260 miles or 7 days. I use the Aquatic Encounter Chart, but they was lucky and no aleatory encounter happened, but, when they coasted the peninsula where the Gargoyle Aerie was, I introduced the Gargoyles to the PCs making an flying attack with Quotoctoa and 3 pals. At least they arrived to Farshore 14 days after the storm...more or less the time it would took if they would make the trip on foot, and with some extra XPs, not enough of course, but I hope I could balance it expanding some encounters in their quest for Victory Points at Tides of Dread. In that issue I thank your advices about how can I insert the "lost contain" in HTBM in ToD.


It´s true that the spell only assures the buoyancy of an object (a vessel) or a person, not the ability of movement of it. But, in my case, the spell was casted on the ship when it still was trapped in the reef and it only had damaged the hull. The rest of the ship (and its crew) was, more o less, in good condition in spite of the storm, because the captain was successful in all the previous four Profession (sailor) checks necessary to avoid washing or rolling. Besides, the storm beyond the masher reef encounter abates somewhat, and doesn´t seems me suitable nor honest prolong the storm only to try to smash the ship to pieces only capable to floating...

I flipped through "Tides of Dread" adventure and really I think my party can withstand it. Two of them are already in 8th level, and the format of the adventure allows very flexibility, so I could insert some of the encounters of HTBM while they explore the island looking for Victory Points.

Thank you for your advices!

Last night, after two long months of real game time, we were going to play the last game session of SWW, hoping we could getting into HTBM...I like the Isle of Dread, its dinosaurs and its old-pulp-adventures flavour! I prepared carefully the Second Storm encounter so it seemed the shipwreck were an event as spontaneous as possible (I like -and my players too- they feel the least railroaded possible). The session began with the expedition leaving Renkrue; the Pearl Current and the First Storm were not a problem and although the Sargasso involved the death of several members of the tripulation, they came straight to the problem and finished Mother of All quickly. At the end of this encounter, the wizard of the party (a little b****rd gnome called "Oper") went up 8th level, and he gained two more spells to his spellbook. The player who runs the character never before had play with an arcane spellcasting class, he always used to play with more melee combat focused classes (as barbarian), and all in my group were gratefully surprised with his decision. The player was so exited about the new possibilities of play (what he always had denostate previously in other campaings) that even bought the Spell Compendium to make extense use of it...I use to allow official contents with no problems, but I told him he ask me every time he choose a new spell from this source for my approval. With the firts spells he chose I read them carefully, but lately I admit I became a bit careless. When he chose the spell "Raise from the Deep" (SC pg. 165-166) in the 5 day travel interval from Journey´s End to the Second Storm, he told me...but I, thinking about other issues like how many PC´s will swallow whole the T-Rex in the Hungry Welcome, just said: Ok, ok, new spell, good, get the spell you like!! Next chapter: Ship trapped in the Masher Reef and battle with the Masher: While the fighter, the wizard and the cleric killed the Masher, the rogue (as brave as usual) with members of the crew went down to the hold to check the amount of damage the ship sustained...they figured the ship is badly damaged and, once the masher is finished, they told to the captain and the PCs...Guess what spell casts the wizard on the Sea Wyvern...8 hours of magical buoyancy and the storm weakening! 3 4th level spells/day ((th level wizard with Int 18)...They can go to Farshore freely!!...No T-Rex welcome! No LOST-like adventure!!...Help to this poor DM in trouble please!!!