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Neongelion wrote:
Cole Deschain wrote:

My god, the sour grapes all over the comments on this (frankly, quite exciting) article make me understand why people decompress from the 'net...

I remain psyched, nonetheless.

I can't tell if the people that said "you lost me at Tabletop" or "tabletop? LMAO" were genuine or not. I really don't know what they were expecting.

Also it's good to see that Starfinder doesn't seem to have fallen into the utter fashion disaster that plagues way too many sci-fi settings. At least, that's what it's looking like right now.

Well they shouldn't have really expected better from a crappy place like Polygon, should have gone with somewhere like Rock Paper Shotgun who has a much more compatible user base.

Wow, looking through the book, is the price of the monowhip correct? Or was there an extra 0 added in there on accident? Because that doesn't seem right at all..

Waiting for it to finish personalizing before it will let me download it ~.~

Graeme Lewis wrote:
So when tomorrow, exactly, will this become available for PDF purchase? 12 AM PDT? 2 AM PDT? 9 AM PDT? (I'm asking PDT because I'm assuming that's the time zone your HQ is in; if you're in a different one, then use & identify that one).

God I hope it is at 12 AM, I am going to be sitting up, waiting to buy it and read it over, and will be greatly disappointed if I can't read it while I am awake. (I work graveyards so I am always awake at midnight.)

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Gotta say, I don't normally purchase most Paizo products, I have purchased the core(though this core book cost me 500 dollars xD), bestiary one, and the Advanced Players Guide. For pretty much everything else I use the SRD.

But with this, and the other Numeria items coming out, I am going to be throwing a LOT more money at Paizo (Buying physical copies for myself, and PDF copies for my friends).

I really hope they continue to make products like this and not go back to "standard" fantasy. I love settings that mix fantasy and science!

Thanks again for being awesome Paizo!

James Jacobs wrote:
Would folks LIKE a Numeria book?

Hey there!

I dont post here often, and I didnt want to make a new thread for something that already existed and sorry for the necro, but I wanted to say +1 for a Numeria book.

I have money, and I want to throw it Numeria to take my players there!