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Gotcha! Thanks all.

Just trying to figure how it works.

Must a char be level ten in order to get the full effect of an Intensified Shocking Grasp or level six? Or does it add an additional 1D6 for each caster level beyond the fifth to a max of caster level ten?

Check this out. I made it a while ago and have been modifying it since.

Other notable spells/feats I thought of since then:

Magus Arcana-(spell blending:Summon Monster 1) with feat Skeleton Summoner

Animate Dead (Lesser), Vampiric Touch (To heal new undead minion/summoned skeletons or kill living)

For a level 13 I would have gone Magus10/Shadowdancer3.

You can get all you want from this set up; Flight, sentient Shadow, Familiar, Unmatched Sword or Knife skills... All you have to do is beef up some diplomacy and you'll have your Peter Pan.

Hey guys, I have a 15 point buy Human Brawler/Monk of Many Styles/Monk of the Sacred Mountain. I'd like some help assigning the points and direction.

MoMS/MoSM 1 1. Combat Exp., Combat Reflexes, Stunning Fist, Imp. Unarmed Strikes, Snake Style

MoMS/MoSM 2 2. Snake Fang, Toughness

BF1 / MoMS/MoSM 2 3. Janni Style, Imp Trip

BF2 / MoMS/MoSM 2 4. Close Control, Ki Throw

BF3 / MoMS/MoSM 2 5. Close Combatant, Janni Tempest

BF4 / MoMS/MoSM 2 6. Imp. Grapple

BF5 / MoMS/MoSM 2 7. Binding Throw

BF6 / MoMS/MoSM 2 8. Chokehold

BF7 / MoMS/MoSM 2 9. Menacing Stance, Greater Trip

BF8 / MoMS/MoSM 2 10. Vicious Stomp

I wanted him to be able to quickly shut down an enemy while still dealing large amounts of hurt. I see him in great armor with a shield, for added defense. A miss will trigger two AoO from Snake Fang which, if one hits, triggers Janni Tempest for a +4 to Trip the target on your turn. Initiate a Trip which triggers two AoO from Greater Trip and Vicious Stomp where you can move directly into a Chokehold with only a -1 penalty, because your target is Prone, instead of the -5 penalty.

Can the bonus from Death or Glory go towards CMB? Should I take a third level of Monk to get that extra +1 CMB? Should I rearrange anything? What should I look into getting next?


Awesome! Thanks Komoda.

Silly question I guess, but do Prone penalties affect a target's CMD?

I want to create a Maneuver Monk with Binding Throw.


Are not children proficient with rocks?

Wind Mill + Permanency Gust of Wind

Why not simply use a Magus? He has access to other wizard spells with Spell Blending.

Cool bro! Thanks.

Is it possible for a Level 8 Maneuver Monk to Grapple, Pin, and then Tie Up a target in the same full round action?

I say Inquisitor 6 / Shadowdancer 2. Not perfect but pretty good. Detective skills, Intimidation, Decent fighting skills, lots of "Gadgets," stealth and defense.

Basically dragging the target. The standard tangle DC is 10+Spell Level and Escape Artist check is only 15... but would the DC for both raise on a successful Ride-By Attack? What would it be? Also what damage could be assumed?

Would I have to roll to hit the target's AC first, then roll for the CMD? Or simply roll the item's CMD?

I made one that I really enjoyed. Only down side was that I couldn't really be near my comrades, due to negative energy, until I got Selective Channel.

Human Cleric

Trait: Sacred Conduit

1. Channel Smite, Imp Channel
3. Selective Channel / Extra Channel / Power Attack
5. Quick Channel
7. Extra Channel / Power Attack / Selective Channel
9. Power Attack / Selective Channel / Extra Channel

Quick Channel is very awesome, even if it is expensive. You can Channel twice in a round if facing multiple enemies, or Channeling before Channel Smiting.


1. Weapon Focus: Lance, Mounted Combat, Combat Casting
3. Power Attack, Magus Arcana: Arcane Accuracy,
4. Perfect Strike
5. Ride-By Attack, Spirited Charge
6. Magus Arcana: Empowered Magic
7. Weapon Specialization
9. Vital Strike, Magus Arcana: Enduring Blade
11. Death And Glory, Combat Reflexes
12. Magus Arcana: Maximized Magic

I like this for a strong one hit.

Maximized Lance Damage x3, Maximized Empowered Vampiric Touch, +4 Attack and Damage from Death and Glory, +2 Weapon Special, Power Attack, Weapon Enhancements from Spell Pool

I would go with Magus and use the spells Alarm, Web, Force Hook Charge, Spider Climb.

Anyone able to help me create this move?

Would this feat chain help represent the Izuna Drop, or at least can this feat chain be roleplayed this way?

Human Maneuver Master Monk

1. Imp. Trip, Combat Reflexes, Ki Throw
2. Imp. Grapple
3. Binding Throw (UC)
5. Vicious Stomp
6. Greater Trip

Feats Considered: Improved Ki Throw, Spinning Throw, Tripping Strike, Dimensional (Agility, Assault, Dervish, Maneuvers)

That was something I didn't want to lose, CL. It will help me later one with DCs for spells like "Bestow Curse" or possibly "Arcana Theft."

Though I will be mostly using spells that don't have a save.

Kazaan wrote:
PRD wrote:
Holding the Charge: If you don't discharge the spell in the round when you cast the spell, you can hold the charge indefinitely. You can continue to make touch attacks round after round. If you touch anything or anyone while holding a charge, even unintentionally, the spell discharges. If you cast another spell, the touch spell dissipates. You can touch one friend as a standard action or up to six friends as a full-round action. Alternatively, you may make a normal unarmed attack (or an attack with a natural weapon) while holding a charge. In this case, you aren't considered armed and you provoke attacks of opportunity as normal for the attack. If your unarmed attack or natural weapon attack normally doesn't provoke attacks of opportunity, neither does this attack. If the attack hits, you deal normal damage for your unarmed attack or natural weapon and the spell discharges. If the attack misses, you are still holding the charge.
If your unarmed strike provokes, then using it to deliver a touch attack still provokes. You'll need IUS to solve that.

Crud. Thanks.

Oh, I love that trait. I'll have to end up getting that later. It would be great if Enforcer works with Spellstrike. Also its too bad I provoke, but I could still attack.

A melee fighter taking a -5 to attack and a ranged fighter taking -7 to attack. Sick and a spell caster having to take a spell check a DC 15 + spell level. If I switched out the Magus Arcana: Close Ranged to Lingering Pain it would make it much worse. All before level 5.

Human Magus with Magical Lineage for Rime Spell on Frostbite.

1. Rime Spell (UM), Combat Casting (Core)

3. Magus Arcana: Close Range (UM), Imp. Unarmed Strike

5. Enforcer (AP), Extra Arcana: Spell Blending (Touch of Idiocy)(Core)

Spells: Frostbite (Magical Lineage), Frigid Touch, Touch of Idiocy

So this is my progression for my bad touch Magus. The idea is to hit with non-lethal damage using an Unarmed Strike with Frostbite created using Rime Spell. So on a successful hit the target is Fatigued and Entangled; -2 to strength and dex, can't run or charge, plus an additional -2 to attack rolls and -4 to dex. All of that is un-savable but all of that is followed by a free action intimidate that could if successful make the opponent take another –2 penalty on attack rolls, saving throws, skill checks, and ability checks for a total of;

-2 strength
-4 penalty to attack
-6 dex
-2 saves and checks
No run or charge

All that just from Frostbite.

What I wanted to know was if I instead switched out Combat Casting for Enforcer, could I, with Frostbite make an unarmed attack (not a touch attack) without incurring an Attack of Opportunity due to not having Imp. Unarmed Strikes? I mean because I have the spell active. So that I can do all of that at level 1 instead of later.

Cool guys. I'm glad you're all for it. I do like the idea of Dominate instead of Charm too.

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Magical Lineage (Trait)(Advanced New Rules)

That might help a bit.

Dark Ranger

Elf Magus (Myrmidarch)

Trait: Magical Lineage

1. Combat Casting (Core)

3. Magus Arcana: Lingering Pain (UM), Reach Spell (AP)

5. Point Blank Shot (Core), Extra Arcana: Spell Blending (Animate Dead, Lesser)(UM)(Magical Lineage)

Notable Spells:

1st. Charm Person

2nd. Animate Dead, Lesser (Magical Lineage)

3rd. Vampiric Touch

I'm not sure how many of you are familiar with the Dark Ranger from Warcraft 3, but I thought it would be a a really cool character to play. I've tried to make it here:

Magus Arcana: Lingering Pain (Silence)

Spell Blended (Animate Dead, Lesser) that is a Magical Lineage for Reach Spell to try and satisfy Myrmidarch's Ranged Spell Strike. Whether or not it does, you all can let me know. Also I know that it might have to hit a target that is already dead... Let me know if the arrow strike damage happens before the spell or simultaneusly.

Vampiric Touch (Life Drain)

Charm Person, somewhat weak in comparison to the W3, but it can work.

Ah. I see. So basically for dex use rules along the lines of the Grease Spell. That sounds cool.

Can a target even hold himself up with a strength of 1?

Or stand with a Dex of 1?

Do they even know if they are being hurt or what is hurting them with an Int of 1?

What happens when a target's stats drop to 1? I know they go unconscious at 0. But what about at 1?

Are they still dangerous?

Threnodic Spell (Metamagic) (Ultimate Magic)

I was thinking that he could be a Bard 7/Rogue 3/ Arcane Trickster 10.

What I was thinking was that Catch-Off Guard would make the Dagger a bludgeoning weapon, but I guess I need a single level Monk of the Empty Hand in order to do it.

1. Two-Weapon Fighting, Catch-Off Guard
2. Rogue Talent: Combat Trick - Bludgeoner
3. Sap Adept
4. Rogue Talent: Surprise Attack
5. Sap Master

I was thinking of a character that twirled his daggers and taunted his opponents by switching between the handle and the blade. Eventually I would give the rogue Shatter Defenses.

Would a Knife Master using the butt of the knife to strike with a sneak attack still deal D8s or D4s?

I was thinking of making an Emissary1/Sohei? and started looking up the different mounted feats.

Anyway, I wanted to know whether or not this combination worked. Does a the Sohei with a flurry of attacks deal four times the damage with the Lance with each hit?

Anyone ever play Onimusha? That's kinda what I picture. It would be awesome.

I don't know about DpS wise, but with the trait Magical Lineage, a Level 1 Magus could use Frostbite in conjunction with the feat Rime Spell and give an opponent -6 to Dex, -2 to Strength, -2 to all attack rolls, they move half speed, and can't run or charge. No save.

My Char.


Well Crud. Thanks Drejk.

Can a Phalanx Soldier use Pushing Assault while wielding a two handed pole arm one handed?

Kryzbyn wrote:

I toyed around with frost briefly post Pandaria, but ended up going back to unholy as a DPS spec. Frost had better single target DPS, but unholy was better (after a patch to tweak) in AOE DPS which is what I liked.

Is there a spell that mimics howling blast? Would you have to metamagic that?

I've actually been looking for something that can act like Howling Blast, but the most I've found have been things that last over rounds. Though I did think of using Fireball and adding the Rime Spell Feat and Elemental Spell (APG). Unless they have Imp. Evasion they still become Fatigued. Only real down side is that it then becomes a 5th level spell.

TheSideKick wrote:

you need to take the hexcrafter archetype. it lets you use ice tomb and evil eye misfortune ect...

oh and i just wanted to add, your character will REALLY suck against undead. i hope you have a strategy for them other then "i hit them hard"

Losing Spell Recall and only being able to use Ice Tomb on an enemy once a day would be an inefficient use of spells. And hitting them really hard isn't the only thing I'd be able to do as a Magus. I still have a variety of spells to choose from.

Kryzbyn wrote:

Frost normally dual wields, which you can't to with a magus...

But I like this. This looks very promising flavor wise.

Thanks! I'm glad you like it. Is there anything else you think that we can add? Its been a while since I've played WoW, also I want him to be affective at higher level.

At Level 13 you'll be able to Animate Dead and Heal them with a Ray or with the same Ray/touch attack give opponents Negative Levels. If you really couldn't wait to have undead you could get Animate Dead, Lesser (UM) as a 3rd Level spell.

I was originally making a Frost character that focused on lowering Dex and pretty much incapacitating an enemy when I realized that he reminded me of a Death Knight pre-Pandara (Not played since before that so don't know what it is like now.) So I decided to see if I can make him into one. This character is mostly themed after level 10 because my DM has ADHD and we have never gone past level 10 before switching games, sigh. Anyway this is what I came up with.

Death Knight-Human Magus

Trait: Magical Lineage (Frostbite): One of your parents was a gifted spellcaster who not only used metamagic often, but also developed many magical items and perhaps even a new spell or two—and you have inherited a fragment of this greatness. Pick one spell when you choose this trait. When you apply metamagic feats to this spell, treat its actual level as 1 lower for determining the spell's final adjusted level.


1. Rime Spell (UM), Combat Casting (Core)

3. Magus Arcana: Arcane Accuracy (UM), Extra Arcana: Close Range (UM)

5. Uncanny Concentration (UM), Spell Penetration (Core)

6. Magus Arcana: Enduring Blade (UC)

7. Spell Focus (Necromancy) (Core)

9. Greater Spell Focus (Necromancy) (Core), Magus Arcana: Lingering Pain (UC)

11. Extra Arcana: Spell Blending (Bestow Curse)(UM), Greater Spell Penetration (Core)

12. Magus Arcana: Maximized Magic (UM)

13. Extra Arcana: Spell Blending (Enervation, Animate Dead) (UM, Core)

15. Undead Master (UM), Magus Arcana: Reflection, (UM)

Notable Spells:

1st. Frostbite (Magical Lineage), True Strike

2nd. Frigid Touch

3rd. Ray of Exhaustion, Vampiric Touch

4th. Bestow Curse, Animate Dead, Enervation


At level 1 the character can drop an Enemy's Dex by -6 due to an un-savable fatigue with un-savable Entangle, (Frostbite, Rime Spell)

At 3rd you get the Close Range Arcana so that you can focus solely on Strength for hitting things. Plus you can now use Ray of Frost as a spellstrike instead of Arcane Mark if you run out of spells.

At 4th you get Frigid Touch. Stunning.

At 7th level you can give a character -10 to Dex and -6 to Strength no save with two separate attacks. (Frostbite (Rime Spell,) and Ray of Exhaustion as a touch spell.

Level 11, they finally get a save with Bestow Curse. But if they fail that will save, that'll be -16 to Dex

I can't finish this post right now... My girl's calling me to the kitchen... I do want to know what you think so far though. Please Critique.

Could a Monk of the Empty Hand be capable of using guns as a Flurry weapon even if it had first take pre-reqs to use the gun, and use the gun as a club or light hammer?

Human Master of Many Styles (Archetype)/The Gunslinger

Monk 1. Dodge, Mobility, Panther Style
Monk 2. Panther Claw
Monk 3. Dragon Style
Monk3/Gunslinger2 5. Rapid Reload
Monk3/Gunslinger4 7. Vital Strike, Dragon Ferocity
Monk3/Gunslinger6 9. Point Blank Shot or Deadly Aim or Monastic Legacy

How's about something like this? I'm sure you can find something better but this is my idea; Have your character run through/past a small group of enemy to provoke AoO and use Panther Style to Vital Strike each of them (up to your wisdom modifier) with strong dragon force punches/kicks before making it to the other side of the group and firing a Deadly Vital Shot at one of the targets using touch AC or vice versa.

If I surprise attacked from stealth and used flurry of stars on three separate targets, does each target take sneak attack damage if hit?

You need Monkey Style.

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