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I was finally close enough to a blast zone to see the mushroom cloud.

Someone was nice enough to leave me plans for a foosball table, so now my shitty little shack has a foosball table.

In addition to my throne.

Also, I found the shelter registration robot so now I have a Fallout Shelter, but because my time playing video games is limited I completely skipped the tutorial so I have no idea whatsoever on how to decorate or furnish it, so it's just a big empty room.

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The last time I tried being diplomatic and negotiated with the dickheads plaguing The Wayward, and then I agreed to give them half of the treasure and then they decided they wanted it all and I had to kill them anyway.

This time I just went in full rampage and murdered them all without any negotiation and tagged their wall.

Damn, the settlers I freed at Nuka World didn't take off their collars, which means they didn't all take their clothes off.

To say I'm disappointed would be a vast understatement.


I actually murdered nearly everyone in the Pack's base when I properly guessed the trajectory of my mininuke and launched it at the leader without even bringing up VATS.

But yes the a+!&@&~s in suits are The Worst. Fortunately, I had plenty of grenades so I'd just sit behind the ice machine popping psycho and stimpaks tossing grenades or periodically shooting blind with my explosive 10mm.

It still took me a couple of tries to do it without dying.

I finally have all the star cores installed except for the last one in the power plant, which is next on my agenda.

The bottling plant was a pain in the ass, what with angry nukalurks and rampaging robots scattered liberally inside and somewhere around 10 nukalurk kings squatting on the grounds and it turns out Grognak's Axe isn't it's usual devastating self against the hard carapace of the nukalurks. Fortunately my shotgun was, or more specifically I can target their face with my shotgun.

Thankfully I was on the roof when big momma nukalurk made her entrance in the cess pool behind the factory. As soon as she burst though the muck I launched a mininuke right in her face and that was the end of her.

Skipping merrily through Nuka World! I finally get to use my Fatman!! Killing all the raiders!!!

Gatorclaws are no match for Grognak's Axe!

And the dagger I fished out of the bottom of the Dunwich Bore has feasted well in the Animal Kingdom.

Unfortunately, real life duties beckoned before I was able to finish wiping them out.

I find it hilarious when I root through garbage cans looking for loot ADA will remark "Remind you of brighter days Ma'am?".

As if dumpster diving was the pinnacle of my social life.

Which is why I don't feel bad when I start throwing grenades into the crowd.

I found enough star cores to shut down the automated defenses, now I just have to find the other fifteen to get the power armor.

Unfortunately it froze up right after I outfitted my current power armor with explosive feet for my super hero landings. Which will come in handy when I have to murder everyone.

So I'll have to wait until later to start my star core collecting rampage (with assistance from Fallout Wiki).

When is Galaxy Zone both harder and easier to clear out?

When you have a Troubleshooter (+50% more damage to robots) missile launcher.

I could have sworn that robot was further away.. Reloads from previous save.

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So, I started anew! I decided I'd finally get further into the main story than I had, which was rampaging against the courser.

This time I decided to go with high strength and intelligence with an emphasis on modding the shit out of my armor and weapons.

Originally I was going to focus on big guns and explosives (which was the style at the time) however due to loot and circumstances I ended up going with a melee weapon (Grognak's Axe is my spirit guide), shotgun, and explosives build while modding the shit out of my weapons and armor (my power armor will have a jetpack or the Commonwealth will be bathed in my vengeance).

I'm also forgoing settlement building almost entirely and never even triggered the workshop at Sanctuary Hills and instead I established the Red Rocket as my main base. I also haven't talked to the minutemen since I bailed them out at Concord and they left for Sanctuary Hills (which I have been back to).

It turns out, the kid I was looking for was an old man with a cushy job I could mooch off of until I can get his social security number, and the railroad are actually pretty cool. Unfortunately for both of them, Nuka World beckoned.

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So, I guess that little kid I've been rampaging across Boston looking for is an old man with his career track all set and raised by someone else (as is the American Way) so I guess the only thing left is to slowly mooch off him until I can steal his social security number.

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Explosive bait she wants me to craft!

Honestly, I was on board as soon as she said "explosive".

Unfortunately, in order to learn this I had to get mauled by a Yao Guai.

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I'm going to like the raider faction.

Rose is my muse.

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Diseases I've "acquired" so far.

Glowing pustules
Rad worms
Snot ear
Weeping sores.

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Damn, it's using me for that.

The explosives haven't helped at all.

I don't know what a ravenous wendigo is, but it can go f+~+ itself, preferably with something explosive. And not me.

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I played for about an hour before dinner this evening. I made it across the bridge. In fairness, it's a long bridge, there was a lot of ghouls and I'd just found a Chinese officer's sword.

Kudos to technology for having graphics that are so good they trigger my fear of heights, or maybe it was because I was afraid of respawning back on the other side of the bridge.

I found a missile launcher, this is A Good Thing.

For some reason now that I'm focusing more on explosives, grenades and Molotov cocktails are harder to find, or maybe I'm just using way more of them than I used to.

I gave Dogmeat my bandana, I'll find another one.

I went to a slightly previous save and decided to go somewhere else.

Far Harbor is the place for me!

Falls off wall almost as soon as the gulppers attack, finishes the battle with broken power armor and 3 shotgun shells left over.

Yes, this is definitely the place for me!

No wonder I suck, I don't have a missile launcher or Fatman.

How.. how did that happen?!

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Gary Teter wrote:
If squirrels had several hairless, prehensile tails would we instinctively kill them on sight?

F%~+ing A right!

I've also discovered that many fun and magical explosives can be crafted at the chemistry bench.

I'm going to need a LOT more fertilizer.

I raised my perception up to 4 and put my other perks in hacking and lockpicking.

For whatever reason the Deathclaw in Concord wiped the streets with me (literally). Garvey didn't do shit from his balcony (seriously, laser muskets are the most useless weapon in the history of video games) I had to rely on raiders to soak up some damage and actually hit it with their guns.

I think when I start up again (I gots to shave) I'm going to see what happens when I shoot Garvey in the f&$%ing face.

gran rey de los mono wrote:
Fallout Rampage Cap'n Yesterday wrote:
When bartering for goods and services it's important to remember, the mininuke is useless without a Fatman.
I'm a fat man. Does that help?

Can you launch a mininuke far enough to annihilate a charging horde of super mutants without also annihilating yourself?

When bartering for goods and services it's important to remember, the mininuke is useless without a Fatman.

I used to think the Fatman was the weapon of weapons in Fallout 4, then I found an explosive minigun.

Now, I've found my true muse.

I'm going with a high strength and charisma, low intelligence character named Rocko, it's actually going a lot better than I thought it would, as I can talk my way out of pretty much every situation.

I'm super disappointed at how little the lady killer perk comes up in dialogue.

Here i was, planning to double entendre my way across the Commonwealth, and so far, zilch!

I actually restarted Fallout 4 this summer and quickly got bored but with it raining today I fired it up.

Apparently my name is Rocko and I have long hair and a mangy beard.

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NobodysHome wrote:
captain yesterday wrote:
Alli know is, we built a couple of really nice walls out in the middle of nowhere.

Honestly, when all is said and done, I expect the Midwest to remain the Midwest.


You could always do what Fallout did.

Nuke it from orbit.

I'm doing a lot of people's quests, I quest around.

I'm doing them because Far Harbor is where I'm hanging right now, so might as well kill 30 ghouls with one mininuke.

That a$!%$%# Rhys keeps sending me to death traps in Far Harbor.

The next time he tries to send me there I'm going to shoot him in the f$@%ing face.

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Then he decides to follow us to Billy's house and wants to buy the whole f!~&ing family! What part of "I'm not a piece of shit" don't you understand? Is it the part with the missiles, or the part where I rip your spine out with my Lovecraft dagger? Cause, either one of those don't seem worth trafficking in ghouls.

At any rate, Bullet is dead, on account of the missiles, his little gang of gunners are scattered in pieces across a large swath of swampland and little Billy and his family are safe, for now.

So, I'm on this rooftop and I notice a group of rust devils trying to get the drop on me, of course they weren't being subtle so I took them out. Then when I jump down to loot the debris and body parts some kid yells at me to let him out, and then wants me walk him home, which is fortunate because I hadn't rampaged in that direction yet, and the rust devil sentry had ten extra missiles! Yay! Gunner ruins!! Now I know where I can put those extra missiles! Now some guy named Bullet, or Eddie or whatever wants to buy Billy off of me, not gonna happen there dickwad!

I found the high school where the principal was using drug dealers to get everyone jacked up on Mentats only to be outsmarted by one of his dealers.

Funny stuff!

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Turin the Mad wrote:

*Ponders DQ's excellent points*

Lyon's group in the Capitol Wasteland must be the BoS I remember most as it always surprises me to yet again run into the close-mindedness of the more typical members and leadership of that particular gang even though I'm on my 5th playthrough of FO4.

The Atom Cats I agree could / should have been fleshed out more than the short few side quests they found themselves with at release. Such as being able to relocate them to a compatible settlement once the Prydwen arrives.

OTOH the BoS that come to the Commonwealth are, in my opinion are a glorified gang only marginally better than the Gunners. As you say they intimidate the farmers of the Commonwealth into providing food.

Sadly the FO4 Script fails to account at all for the behavior of properly defended and supported settlements. Or if the player has artillery available, especially in reasonable quantity, with which to intimidate them right back.

To 'Elder' Maxson: "Sure, you have power armor and vertibirds. I too have power armor. Based on my observations here, I have more of it than you do. In some playthroughs it is quite possible to assemble several dozen if not 100+ suits of power armor if you keep at it long enough. Keep at it for a long time and you'll eventually complete a minimum of 150 suits of power armor. It is quite possible to complete more. Along with anti-aircraft missile systems, almost all of the purified food and water in the Commonwealth outside of Diamond City and enough artillery to lay waste to this entire airport in a matter of minutes.

"You have three options now that you've implied that we the people of the Commonwealth should surrender our food, our water and our systems at the business end of your weapons.

"The best option for everyone is to enter into a mutually beneficial arrangement of security services in trade for said food and purified water. Everyone cooperates with each other, you and yours get to eat real food and not die trying to filter the...

Pours a forty on the curb for Megabot, a single tear rolling down his cheek.

We'll never forget!

I helped solve the mystery at the hotel in Far Harbor, I loved your dialogue options that went along the quest, it really brightened my day (and boy did I need it).

I determined it was

Santiago!! Dum dum dum!

Okay... So, as you know, I wiped out the raiders, well I found the power plant and I remembered how turning the power back on would be the beezneez! So I climb to the top, killing ghouls as I went and successfully turned the power on, unfortunately it took me all night to get up there so when the fireworks went off it was kind of lost in the daylight.

Anyway, as you can imagine I had a shit load of loot to pawn, so I went to the Nuka World Market and what should I find. The traders successfully shed their collars! Yay! And they stripped down to their underwear!... What?!... Yup, all the traders are now going without clothing.

I... I don't understand it, but I applaud their newfound sense of freedom!

One of my favorite parts of Fallout is the weird quirky missions you occasionally have to undertake.

The Huboligists, those are my people!

I had decided to let the raiders settle Nuka World, I even planted their flags. Then Gage started going off on pillaging the settlements in the Commonwealth, and I'm like "Dude, I started those settlements!".

Now my power armor is trashed and I'm all out of mininukes, missiles, grenades, mines, and shotgun shells.

But there's no more raiders and I still have Kremvh's Tooth! Precious, precious Kremvh's Tooth...

I have 32 of 35 star cores installed, one is on the Galaxy World grounds and two are out in the wild.

I've assigned the bottling plant to the disciples and Galaxy World to the operators, I think I'm going to assign fun time castle or whatever to the packholes.

Sadly though, I'm fresh out of shotgun shells.

And I only have 23 missiles left.

Well, that's two less nukes.

But one less Nukalurk Queen squatting behind the Nuka World bottling plant.

I'm currently level 37-39 and have focused on modifying weapons and armor, with my weapon focus being heavy weapons, and guns, all the guns, except lasers.

I usually hang with ADA, mostly because she can carry so much junk.

I also finally took the time to meet the other gang leaders, I wasn't impressed, I think eventually murdering them all is the way to go. I'm definitely not letting them move in with Timmy and his gorilla family.

I helped Tito stop the cloning device and then clear Safari Adventures of all the Gatorclaws, which weren't so bad with my copious supply of missiles, grenades, and shotgun shells.

Also, Nisha sent me to take out some raiders in the Dunwich Borer.

Interesting place.

So, l met this doctor in the Nuka World market (which I just found) and she was all "If you take down the leaders of the various gangs the rest will run away.

So I took out Mags and her dick brother but then ALL the raiders tried killing me.

That b%#&! set me up!

This is something that I'm going to need a lot of ammo for.

Goes looking for a previous save.

Took care of Red River Gulch, or whatever it's called, with all the bloodworms (they should call them yawnworms because with a VATS enhanced super mega shotgun that's what they were, boring).

Rather then fetch a bunch of shit for a bunch of redneck robots I just destroyed them all (except the sheriff, though I did try a few times) and took their combination.

Now I'm helping Toto and his parents reclaim Safari Adventures, but not before stocking up on some more missiles, I have a feeling 23 just won't be enough.

I'm currently laying waste to Robco Land, or whatever it's called.

I'm soooo glad I brought all those missiles and shotgun shells.

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