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I actually restarted Fallout 4 this summer and quickly got bored but with it raining today I fired it up.

Apparently my name is Rocko and I have long hair and a mangy beard.

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NobodysHome wrote:
captain yesterday wrote:
Alli know is, we built a couple of really nice walls out in the middle of nowhere.

Honestly, when all is said and done, I expect the Midwest to remain the Midwest.


You could always do what Fallout did.

Nuke it from orbit.

I'm doing a lot of people's quests, I quest around.

I'm doing them because Far Harbor is where I'm hanging right now, so might as well kill 30 ghouls with one mininuke.

That a#*%!$~ Rhys keeps sending me to death traps in Far Harbor.

The next time he tries to send me there I'm going to shoot him in the f~!!ing face.

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Then he decides to follow us to Billy's house and wants to buy the whole f!!*ing family! What part of "I'm not a piece of s&%#" don't you understand? Is it the part with the missiles, or the part where I rip your spine out with my Lovecraft dagger? Cause, either one of those don't seem worth trafficking in ghouls.

At any rate, Bullet is dead, on account of the missiles, his little gang of gunners are scattered in pieces across a large swath of swampland and little Billy and his family are safe, for now.

So, I'm on this rooftop and I notice a group of rust devils trying to get the drop on me, of course they weren't being subtle so I took them out. Then when I jump down to loot the debris and body parts some kid yells at me to let him out, and then wants me walk him home, which is fortunate because I hadn't rampaged in that direction yet, and the rust devil sentry had ten extra missiles! Yay! Gunner ruins!! Now I know where I can put those extra missiles! Now some guy named Bullet, or Eddie or whatever wants to buy Billy off of me, not gonna happen there dickwad!

I found the high school where the principal was using drug dealers to get everyone jacked up on Mentats only to be outsmarted by one of his dealers.

Funny stuff!

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Turin the Mad wrote:

*Ponders DQ's excellent points*

Lyon's group in the Capitol Wasteland must be the BoS I remember most as it always surprises me to yet again run into the close-mindedness of the more typical members and leadership of that particular gang even though I'm on my 5th playthrough of FO4.

The Atom Cats I agree could / should have been fleshed out more than the short few side quests they found themselves with at release. Such as being able to relocate them to a compatible settlement once the Prydwen arrives.

OTOH the BoS that come to the Commonwealth are, in my opinion are a glorified gang only marginally better than the Gunners. As you say they intimidate the farmers of the Commonwealth into providing food.

Sadly the FO4 Script fails to account at all for the behavior of properly defended and supported settlements. Or if the player has artillery available, especially in reasonable quantity, with which to intimidate them right back.

To 'Elder' Maxson: "Sure, you have power armor and vertibirds. I too have power armor. Based on my observations here, I have more of it than you do. In some playthroughs it is quite possible to assemble several dozen if not 100+ suits of power armor if you keep at it long enough. Keep at it for a long time and you'll eventually complete a minimum of 150 suits of power armor. It is quite possible to complete more. Along with anti-aircraft missile systems, almost all of the purified food and water in the Commonwealth outside of Diamond City and enough artillery to lay waste to this entire airport in a matter of minutes.

"You have three options now that you've implied that we the people of the Commonwealth should surrender our food, our water and our systems at the business end of your weapons.

"The best option for everyone is to enter into a mutually beneficial arrangement of security services in trade for said food and purified water. Everyone cooperates with each other, you and yours get to eat real food and not die trying to filter the...

Pours a forty on the curb for Megabot, a single tear rolling down his cheek.

We'll never forget!

I helped solve the mystery at the hotel in Far Harbor, I loved your dialogue options that went along the quest, it really brightened my day (and boy did I need it).

I determined it was

Santiago!! Dum dum dum!

Okay... So, as you know, I wiped out the raiders, well I found the power plant and I remembered how turning the power back on would be the beezneez! So I climb to the top, killing ghouls as I went and successfully turned the power on, unfortunately it took me all night to get up there so when the fireworks went off it was kind of lost in the daylight.

Anyway, as you can imagine I had a s&+@ load of loot to pawn, so I went to the Nuka World Market and what should I find. The traders successfully shed their collars! Yay! And they stripped down to their underwear!... What?!... Yup, all the traders are now going without clothing.

I... I don't understand it, but I applaud their newfound sense of freedom!

One of my favorite parts of Fallout is the weird quirky missions you occasionally have to undertake.

The Huboligists, those are my people!

I had decided to let the raiders settle Nuka World, I even planted their flags. Then Gage started going off on pillaging the settlements in the Commonwealth, and I'm like "Dude, I started those settlements!".

Now my power armor is trashed and I'm all out of mininukes, missiles, grenades, mines, and shotgun shells.

But there's no more raiders and I still have Kremvh's Tooth! Precious, precious Kremvh's Tooth...

I have 32 of 35 star cores installed, one is on the Galaxy World grounds and two are out in the wild.

I've assigned the bottling plant to the disciples and Galaxy World to the operators, I think I'm going to assign fun time castle or whatever to the packholes.

Sadly though, I'm fresh out of shotgun shells.

And I only have 23 missiles left.

Well, that's two less nukes.

But one less Nukalurk Queen squatting behind the Nuka World bottling plant.

I'm currently level 37-39 and have focused on modifying weapons and armor, with my weapon focus being heavy weapons, and guns, all the guns, except lasers.

I usually hang with ADA, mostly because she can carry so much junk.

I also finally took the time to meet the other gang leaders, I wasn't impressed, I think eventually murdering them all is the way to go. I'm definitely not letting them move in with Timmy and his gorilla family.

I helped Tito stop the cloning device and then clear Safari Adventures of all the Gatorclaws, which weren't so bad with my copious supply of missiles, grenades, and shotgun shells.

Also, Nisha sent me to take out some raiders in the Dunwich Borer.

Interesting place.

So, l met this doctor in the Nuka World market (which I just found) and she was all "If you take down the leaders of the various gangs the rest will run away.

So I took out Mags and her dick brother but then ALL the raiders tried killing me.

That b!~~% set me up!

This is something that I'm going to need a lot of ammo for.

Goes looking for a previous save.

Took care of Red River Gulch, or whatever it's called, with all the bloodworms (they should call them yawnworms because with a VATS enhanced super mega shotgun that's what they were, boring).

Rather then fetch a bunch of s*%@ for a bunch of redneck robots I just destroyed them all (except the sheriff, though I did try a few times) and took their combination.

Now I'm helping Toto and his parents reclaim Safari Adventures, but not before stocking up on some more missiles, I have a feeling 23 just won't be enough.

I'm currently laying waste to Robco Land, or whatever it's called.

I'm soooo glad I brought all those missiles and shotgun shells.

You never realize how many ledges are in Far Harbor until you put super fast legs on ADA and watch her run off every single one.

Well, that was awkward.

Nisha asked me to take care of some traders in the Commonwealth that didn't want to trade with them.

Turned out being the Minutemen (shouldn't it be Minutepeople?).

Nope, don't think I'll be doing that again.

I left Far Harbor, decided to go to Nuka World.

I made it through the gauntlet in one piece (ADA, not so much).

Next up, spraying down Elecro Douche with my squirt gun and taking over.

Yay, I just picked up the signal for Nuka World.

Do I take someone with, or will I find a tag along when I get there.

Jeez, I already sound like a tourist.

So, I walk to Oberland Station, on account of Preston saying they're having a ghoul problem.

The lady there is all like "yeah, those f!@@ers keep wandering in but I know where they live" "where's that?" "Hubris Comics".

So I look on the map and lo and behold, Hubris Comics is like 6 miles away through at least 3 combat zones. And you're telling me they're just wandering over here, to harass you.

Heavy weapons and armor and crafty.

I found ADA, where I learned my powers of persuasion SUCK.

Despite having an okay charisma, or so I thought.

Very well, if no one will see reason I guess I'll just have to burn the whole place to the f@$~ing ground and start over.

Immediately after telling my new BFF Preston about my success at the Co-op I heard a distress signal, so the dog and I are off to investigate.

Found the rifle in a clinic crawling with blood bugs and bloatflies, which are both easy peasy.

On my way north I found Sunshine Tidings Co-op which Preston was super keen on getting settled. So I cleaned out the few ghouls and radroaches squatting there, set up a turret, generator and a few water pumps and planted some corn before setting up the beacon.

I'm off to track down some hunting rifle from some s!##hole in the boonies.

Either Preston Garvey knew he was in way over his head, or I said all the right things when he told me his backstory, but either way he made me general of the minutemen (shouldn't it be minutepeople?) and I can choose Preston as a companion.

I'll try not to lead them to their deaths.

Or at least lead them to some seriously epic deaths.

Lesson learned.

When jumping from atop a satellite array, it's prudent to make sure you're wearing power armor first.

And save often.

Takes a deep breath and prepares to assassinate a half dozen super mutants over again.

I'm a pretty tough a*@**#&, but even I cut and ran from the old power plant swarming with super mutants packing serious heat, but yet this one brotherhood bastard not only made it through, but was able to hole themselves in at the top before succumbing to their wounds. All without their power armor!

Pours a forty on the curb.

Real heroes don't wear power armor.

Or maybe they should.

While I'm tracking down this Patrol that Paladin Dense sent me looking for, I find this hospital with a bunch of mutant d#*+&eads hanging out front, including some d~##~%$ suicide bomber.

So I camp out on this ridge and start picking at them with my sniper rifle when suddenly something draws their attention from a ridge over.

So, I see the suicide bomber mushroom cloud and then out of the explosion rolls the biggest g#@&**n f@%+ing legendary Super sentry bot I'd ever seen!

Well f$~+, I thought, there's no way I'm walking out this alive. So I sneak down the hill while it's mowing down the rest of the mutants and pull out the missile launcher some dumb f&$$ raiders hid in a culvert and hunkered down in cluster of vehicles by the hospital and fired off 4-5 missiles until it blew up in it's own mushroom cloud and dramatically explosion rolled down the ridge.

What was super legendary sentry bot guarding, you ask? A trailer on top of a hill with super impeccable decorating.

So, I left everything as is, last thing I need is the ghost of a vengeful legendary sentry bot haunting me.

Yup she wants me dead already.

Two missions in and she's like "You know what I need now, a flux capacitor that can only be found in Far Harbor! You should go! Now!!".

Perhaps I shouldn't be so sarcastic...

She's usually the first person to send me to Far Harbor!

Honestly, I don't know what these people have against me.

Yup, Rhys wants me dead he gave me the Far Harbor mission.

Newest mission.

Try to see if I can drive Knight Rhys to try to murder me.

While skipping off to Diamond City I happened upon a delightful little bridge with a ship stuck in the middle. Then, when I was skipping across when what should happen, someone shot at me! So I look around and what should I see, the most adorable group of raiders squatting on the ship! Yay! Why the chose to f+~~ with the person that had higher ground and superior firepower is beyond me, but I'm guessing the douche bag in the power armor in their midst filled them with a false sense of bravado.

That's when I introduced them to Spray n' Pray.

I hope someone in Diamond City is packing more 5 mm ammo, because I am out!

Lesson learned, spraying everything with a Minigun is a good way of wasting ammo.

Sadly, the mile long trail of gore will have to wait.

Limeylongears wrote:
Fallout Rampage Cap'n Yesterday wrote:

Day one, returned home to find the remaining vestiges of my formerly affluent lifestyle kicking about, told him to get his s+#! together, picked up the old neighborhood. Discovered my former neighbors were some f%!~ed up people, also found some gold in a cellar. I built me a shack, water purifier, bed, and generator, planted some melons.

Day two, set off for Concord, found a dog and a mole rat infestation at a Gas Station. Found Concord, learned that two hundred years later and humanity still doesn't have the balls to get s$$# done on their own. Found a Minigun, my new best friend.

Next time, I rain down hell on this unsuspecting s~~$hole.

Have you given the minigun a name?

Pray n Spray. On account of the Deathclaw I smeared across the church with it.

Raised Charisma to 4 at 2nd level, boost non automatic weapons at 3rd, and then gunsmith at 4th.

Maybe the Minutemen should use guns you don't have to wind up, just saying.

Day one, returned home to find the remaining vestiges of my formerly affluent lifestyle kicking about, told him to get his s%$$ together, picked up the old neighborhood. Discovered my former neighbors were some f~++ed up people, also found some gold in a cellar. I built me a shack, water purifier, bed, and generator, planted some melons.

Day two, set off for Concord, found a dog and a mole rat infestation at a Gas Station. Found Concord, learned that two hundred years later and humanity still doesn't have the balls to get s$+* done on their own. Found a Minigun, my new best friend.

Next time, I rain down hell on this unsuspecting s~~#hole.

Suspiciously packed suitcases.

Found inside a locked suitcase two houses down in Sanctuary Hills.

Bonesaw and a laundered dress.

You think you know your neighbors...

Cogsworth! Keep your s#++ together, for f$!+'s sake, you're a robot!!

Lesson learned, prologue.

Just because you *can* run somewhere other than the vault, that doesn't mean you'll get very far. No matter which direction you run.

Am I playing Fallout or Legion? It's so hard to tell these days.

I think I've gone long enough without my Fallout fix.

Absolutely no idea what kind of Lone survivor I'm going to be, but it's going to terrible!

Remember kids! Try this at home!

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