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Gave my power armor a Sugar Bombs paint job, blew Ivy completely out of existence, so no Tesla armor for me.

Found a s+$&load of missiles though, so now I have over fifty.

Yeah, I'm finding somewhere with a lot of cars.

I never had issues with them.

Probably because Big MT is the first place I head to outside of the Vegas area.

Where's all my ammo?

Jamaica Hills!

Oh sure, just let me put on my power armor so she doesn't acid f~** the hole in my chest she just opened up with her bile.

Oh wait, I forgot it.

Also, I think I'm only 12th level or so, and my lead lined boxing glove ain't gonna cut it.

It was a good thing I thought to drop my bottlecap mines when I was running away.

I helped the minutemen retake the castle.

I wish I could say there was some huge epic battle with me emerging from the viscera of a freshly murdered enemy. But nope, as soon as the Mirelurk Queen emerged I ran as fast as I could and sniped that b+!*! from a mile away.

Sometimes it's not about an epic rampage, sometimes we forget to bring a missile launcher, and our power armor and just want to make it home alive.

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I prefer games where society is already falling and it's up to me to finish the job.

G!&+@@n DiMa and his mind puzzles!

I don't have time to play Tron meets Minecraft g%**&!n it!!

I drank the crazy water in Fallout 3 and New Vegas, and all it did was leave me vulnerable to lobotomies.

I'm sure there was probably at least five quests I could've completed for the Children of the Atom to gain their trust and gain access to DiMa's memory banks.

Alas, I went a more... direct route.

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Sharoth wrote:
Piper is awesome UNTIL you give her explosives. The freaking pyromaniac!!!

Like I'm going to give anyone else explosives.

I found a town with a water tower, and s&+#loads of super mutants.

There's what looks to be a door at the base of the water tower, but no way to open it.

But man, is there a lot of junk lying around!

In a bit of a change-up, Scribe what's Her Face is sending me off to death traps around the Commonwealth and Hard Ass Douche Bag is trying to get me killed in Far Harbor.

Speaking of death traps, Scribe What's Her Face is sending me off to Vault 90 something or other, for... Something.

So, I found this raider settlement with a big tower, at the top of this tower is an air raid siren. It turns out if you run up to the top and trigger the siren while the raiders tangle with Piper a helpful family of Deathclaws will emerge from the woods and kill everyone, except me of course, because I'm hiding.

And then just to be extra helpful Mr Legendary Alpha Male Deathclaw went and mauled the clutch of Mirelurks dwelling by the nearby lake, thus softening them up, and then to put the icing on the helpful Deathclaw cake he was holding an amazing missile launcher.

Oh and to be extra helpful one of the raiders he mauled was legendary (in addition to the legendary Radscorpion I found on the way) so while my ammo is now perilously low I now have a bunch of new toys.

One of my settlements is getting an extra Christmas tree!

I thought Barney was gonna give me a gun for helping him reboot his turrets, but lo and behold, no gun.

I'm in Salem now!

Cleans Mirelurk gore off of the rolling pin.

It's not too bad, a bit more Mirelurky then I expected, but then again, where isn't!

I found a lighthouse with a road leading up to it, where someone recklessly had all sorts of mines and traps set up.

Being the safety conscious person I am (and needing some copper and springs) I disarmed them for them.

Turns out, they didn't like that, and so I came under intense fire! Sadly, for them their guns only fired radiation or something, and between my 10 missiles, leaded power armor and 50 some doses of Radaway they never stood a chance! I didn't even have to fix Killbot when I disabled her.

Now I have a nice little cliffside property I can fix up.

I also found a peninsula with a church, so I try sneaking around the back and out emerges from the surf, but a huge f*$%ing Mirelurk Queen, so I did the only sensible thing, I ran away, firing mininukes blindly at it until I ran out and then shot it with my automatic shotgun.

Which was surprisingly successful.

During my traipsing around, looking for oil cans and super mutants I happen across this big building infested with a bunch of a&@$++&s f$%$ing shooting at me. So, i make my way through bashing everyone with my rolling pin and kneecapping them with my automatic shotgun and I find King F#@%ing A+~@&*! himself (or whatever his name is) forcing some other misguided a~#*$$* to shoot this third a+&&%!%. Well, I try to talk misguided a!&+&!! out of shooting third a*@+$&%, so f!%@ it man, kill the third a$#+@&%, we can kill King F+%$ing A%&!&%~ (or whatever his name was) and then we can sort the rest of a#*+@!~ry out later.

Long story short, I have a handy new Shishkebob, King F#@+ing A!+@!++ is dead, and misguided a*!$$+& got a tongue lashing when he got home and is now pulling guard duty at the community I founded.

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Oh no!

Pours a Nuka Cola Quantum on the curb, solemnly vows to nuke something big.

Let's see what this Silver Shroud mission arc is all about...

I might see what happens to my settlements if I build them up and then abandon them to their own devices.

It sure is fun, wiping out a camp of Raiders with only a rolling pin.

Trashcan Carla has gone missing, I haven't seen her in days.

My current objective is to wipe out some super mutants that have been harassing a delightful community of Swim Club ghouls.

Hangman's Alley sure does attract settlers! Even if it doesn't have nearly enough resources to support them, apparently.

I have a feeling it's going to get attacked, a lot.

I made my first robot from scratch (Jezebel doesn't count).

Killbot 1, she has a robobrain head, some storage armor and some sort of buzzsaw hands.

The fight against the Machinist was a b@$~! this time! All told it took me three days and god knows how many deaths before I was finally able to get her to stand down.

What happens when you walk into the Arcjet Systems building packing automatic weapons without any kind of subtlety.


I added spikes to my Wounding Rolling Pin, for extra Woundiness.

Yay! I have the settlement beacon up and running! I also have my second rank in local leader so I was able to bankrupt myself building trader kiosks at both my settlements.

And Christmas trees! You can never have enough Christmas trees!

Good things.

1. I'm suddenly finding way more legendary things then before.

2. They have some cool s%~#!

3. I found a new suit of power armor!

4. Fusion cores, handed out like candy!

5. Wounding Rolling Pin FTW!!

6. I'm absolutely 100% not addicted to Buffout and Psycho from fighting so many legendary creatures, I can quit whenever I want.

Things that aren't as good.

1. Legendary creatures love an entourage.

2. The power armor is missing a helmet and arm (I had a helmet, so whatever)

3. Crystal! Why is it so f@$@ing hard to find the Crystal I need to build the settlement beacon at Starlight Drive-In!!
4. I might have a Psycho problem... Eye twitches, quite noticeably.

Of course, that only led me to further wanderings, apparently stumbling into the lost Patrol missions for the Brotherhood.

I found a Wounding Rolling Pin on a Legendary Mirelurk I stumbled upon.

This, is a game changer!

Apparently, the whatever is making Synths might not actually be making the Synth.

If this story line doesn't end with me taking over the bridge of an alien star ship by nuking the captain (again) then I shall be very put out.

But, I suppose this isn't Mothership Zeta.

I don't really care for the Synth are evil m'kay storyline so far.

Seems a bit... Tenuous.

I rescued Nick, he said something about finding my son, and I'm like "who?" oh, right, there's that still going on.

I helped him with his Skinny Malone problem by talking his girlfriend into going home.

Charisma is already starting to pay for itself!

I still can't help but think I should've killed them anyway.

Piper is complicated! I'm just strolling along, busting locks left and right and she's digging it. All of a sudden I come up to a locked door with a securitron station on the other side and all of a sudden she doesn't like that.

What the f%*@ man!

I also found some alley I can turn into a town, so I'm doing that now.

I don't know how, but somehow I made a wrong turn at Albuquerque and went through Mutant Town to Diamond City and not Walkover Raider Ville.


Nuka World is kinda annoying, also I sound like a douche bag, so I might start over knowing what I know from my second try.

First I gotta make supper, Pasghetti &Meatballs.

Careful what you wish for.

Bashes the three dead glowing bloatflies with his nail studded rolling pin, just to be safe.

Yes, Gage, whatever it takes for the exposition to end! We all know you're going to betray me eventually, no need to drag it out.

I made it through, and fought Bumper Car Joe with the classic squirt gun, frag grenades, and calibrated double barrel shotgun combo.

And Psycho, lots and lots of Psycho.

So now I'm their leader, I guess.

I don't know if they think I won't kill them now, but if they do then they're sorely mistaken.

Still getting blowed up.

It's a good thing there's a lot of ammo lying around the gauntlet, because when I get out of here I am going to f%@& s$!& up!

And yes, not a fan of the current layout of the website, hopefully it's a work in progress.

Yup, still getting blowed up.

How would I go about getting or making a kneecapping shotgun?

Asking for a friend.


Nuka World is one of those places you can't leave whenever you want to.

Dang it.

I found the Nuka World Visitor's Center.

I also found some gunners packing serious heat.

Restarts from previous save.

The man voice in Fallout is so boring! I cringe every time I have to say something.

At least the woman's voice has a bit of mischievousness to it.

I should probably change my name to After-school Special Captain Yesterday, because of the voice acting.

Baby Deathclaw Egg is reunited with mother, god help us all.

Sure do miss my flare gun from New Vegas...

The Savage Deathclaw in the Museum Of Witchcraft did not like getting hit on the nose with a rolling pin.

Looks around for broken pieces of power armor and any wayward organs that might've been misplaced.

I left more rolling pin pulped bodies along the Commonwealth, so many in fact, I forgot where I was going.

Something about a bunker somewhere.

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