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Look at a Paladin's Divine Bond. Plus I think there is 1 Paladin Spell that may do something with the Mount.


Once per day, a harrower may perform a harrowing for herself and all allies within 20 feet of her. This harrowing takes 10 minutes, and allies to be affected by it must remain within 20 feet of the harrower for the entire time. At the conclusion of the harrowing, count up the number of cards from each suit that were used in the reading. This harrowing provides a bonus based upon the suit with the most cards showing. In case of a tie, choose one suit. The bonus lasts for 24 hours. The suits grant insight bonuses as follows. Strength: +1 on attack rolls; Dexterity: +1 to AC; Constitution: +1 on weapon damage rolls; Intelligence: +1 on all skill checks; Wisdom: +1 on all saving throws; Charisma: +1 on caster level and concentration checks.

I'm looking at playing a Harrower come soon and I'm trying to figure out all their abilities. I've gotten most figured out but now I'm being a stickler for how one of the abilities reads out. According to above if I get the bonus for Charisma, I get a +1 Cast Level and concentration checks.

Trying to figure out if this means I'm casting at +1 Caster Level or is it just checks? There is another Harrower ability which specifically says "+1 bonus on caster level checks made to penetrate spell resistance.". But this one doesn't.

So trying to figure out what the intended use is.

Yah the ability is worded pretty vague. I tried looking at what diseases it may apply or how it would work.

Plague Bringer (Ex): At 3rd level, the powers of darkness make an antipaladin a beacon of corruption and disease. An antipaladin does not take any damage or take any penalty from diseases. He can still contract diseases and spread them to others, but he is otherwise immune to their effects.

I'm looking at this Ability and I'm trying to figure out how certain aspects of it would work. If an Anti-Paladin contracts "Ghoul Fever".

How can they spread it? Also ... is the DC based off the Original DC. Or because they are spreading it. Is it based off of their stats?

Has anyone else noticed that Adivion appears to be missing a couple feats ?

Maybe I'm missing something. But according to the Module Adivion Adrissant is a 16th Level. He seems to be missing 2 Feats.

Edit: Found the Shield Bonus is coming from his Staff. Though the Ability isn't very clear. It's a +6 Weapon but only getting +5 Shield Bonus...

Sean K Reynolds wrote:
Bard-Sader wrote:

Benefit: The abilities of your animal companion or familiar are calculated as though your class were four levels higher, to a maximum effective druid level of equal to your character level. If you have more than one animal companion or familiar, choose one to receive this benefit.

This would make it clearer. And yes, you can take the feat if you're a single-classed ranger. It's actually pretty sweet deal.

Currently we don't have a place to post FAQ/update material for books other than the Pathfinder RPG hardcovers, so I can't attach this to a permanent FAQ, but consider this an official ruling on this question.

How would this feat work with the Animal Domain?

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Looking up the word "Whole" pretty much clears it up for me and makes it clearly written.

Per the Raise Dead spell it says the body needs to be whole. So that would be a no :)

cblome59 wrote:
Exitilus wrote:

Per Ultimate Magic and the Breathe of Life spell. You can use Breathe of Life to bring back a Dead Creature killed by Phantasmal Killer

1.) UM: Phantasmal Killer is an Emotion spell. Not Death

2.) Breathe of Life says it does not work on Death Spells.

Can you point to the page it says that, I'd like to take a peek.

In the Ultimate Magic book. Literally the last page (find the pathfinder character sheet and turn back one).

On that page it gives descriptors for old spells. It assigns emotion to phantasmal killer

Per Ultimate Magic and the Breathe of Life spell. You can use Breathe of Life to bring back a Dead Creature killed by Phantasmal Killer

1.) UM: Phantasmal Killer is an Emotion spell. Not Death

2.) Breathe of Life says it does not work on Death Spells.

This has already been addressed here:

http://paizo.com/paizo/messageboards/paizoPublishing/pathfinder/adventurePa th/carrionCrown/brokenMoonGMReference

I'm about ready for my players to come to the Drowned Menagerie in the 2nd Module.

I'm looking at the map and trying to figure out how they move from room to room, as well as how they get up to the Cat Walks above? It appears all the doors are closed. So they would have to climb up every chamber and then climb back down. Feels like a lot of work when they can just climb up once and then take the high bridge to the Tower, leaving everything else behind.

I'm going to start Playing Serpent Skull come soon and I'm designing a few characters. One of them is a Kobold Serpent Shaman (Druid). The only issue I'm looking at is if whether this would be feasable in this campaign?

I've looked through some information on the Town's in the area and a few mentioned "other" races but no specifics.

I don't think it is short at all. You are in a pretty big city so you should be able to buy and enchant. I have a group of 6 players and they are wealthy at level 4 O.o.

I'm looking into doing a Jungle Druid. I was looking at the below Ability and I was a bit confused about the bolded option.

Torrid Endurance (Ex): At 4th level, a jungle druid ignores the effects of a hot climate as if under the effects of endure elements. She also gains a +4 bonus on saves against disease and the exceptional abilities of animals and magical beasts. This ability replaces resist nature's lure.

i've added other scenarios and encounters that have caused the players to gain trust (IE buying everyone in the tavern several rounds).

At the same time I've unknowingly to the players given them a way not to lose trust points each day. When they return to town they need to present what they have found. Bringing items from harrowstone helps in whatever roll they choose (Bluff or Diplomacy). If they make the rolls they lose nothing. If they fail, they loose a trust point.

I've been looking at the Undead Scourge Archetype for Paladins. I'm curious about the Smite changes for it. As I read it I'm getting the idea that against Evil Dragons and Outsiders it is normal Smite Damage. But on Evil Undead you get 2x Damage on EVERY attack.

Am I reading it right or wrong?

I'm new to DM'ing and I've been reading and preparing to run the Carrion Crown Module. Just curious about rewarding the experience for Research.

Does Each DC Rewards it's own Experience? or is it a sum of the previous. IE A DC25 Research rewards 400 Experience. Do they also get the DC10, 15 and 20 as well?

Since this all revolves around the Dhampir I have another question. Would Pharasma the Deity accept a Dampir Inquisitor? I know he is alive. But being the product of Undead would she accept him?

I've been looking at a lot of Wiki's with info on Pharasma.

So is the General Consensus that because Dhampir's are Humanoids. When a Cleric Channels Positive Energy for his Friends, the Dhampir better not be around or excluded via Selective Channeling?

Yah one of the Things the Cleric has said is he will release the poor soul from his damnation (aka kill him) lol. Trying to find some good Role Playing ideas to mix in. I'm hoping when I get the module in that it will give some ideas there as well.

I have another question as one of my players wants to play a Dhampir Oracle. Fire Mystery and follower of Sarenrae. It's really not an issue on the character itself, rather that the Cleric will be playing a follower of Pharasma and we will also have a paladin.

Trying to figure out why the Paladin and Cleric wouldn't want to kill the Abomination. From what I know of Pharasma she despises undead with a passion...

I've tried to convince him to play an Oracle of Heavens that way we can work in Pharasma that way, but he really wants to stick with Fire.

Thanks for all the ideas! :D Definitely makes it easier to figure out how to work his character in.

I plan DMing Carrion Crown when it comes out. I have a player interested in playing a Hellknight but I'm having a hard time figuring out the logic behind why a Hellknight would be in the area without the rest of his order. As far as I can see Hellknights are a tight Order and usually don't go off adventuring off by themselves, especially trainee's.

Anyone have any input or anything?

Do we know when the Player's Guide will be released? Just curious as I plan on running this when it comes out. Already got all the copies pre-ordered through my local retailer :)

Make sure to look at the Errata for the APG. First version shows Oracle Life Spells happening at Odd Levels instead of Even (which it should be)

So I'm running a Home Brew game right now that I've started to morph into a Rune Lords adventure. The same group completed RotR.

Right now I've written to a point where the Adventurer's find an old Archive / Tomb that has to do with the Glutton Rune Lord. In it they find a Teleportation Circle and an Empty sarcophagus and altar (contained the Bone Grimoire). A Level 10 Sorceres Vampire came out of the Sarcophagus but left before they arrived via the Teleportation circle.

Anyways I'm trying to figure out how to proceed with the story line from here. At this point my plan isn't for them to fight the Rune Lord of Gluttony. But mainly level up so they can eventually take down the Sorcerer so she can't find the other two pieces to the book. Just wondering if anyone out there has any ideas to help.

I think I've fried my brain ...

Well the Odd thing is the Discrepency. Odd Levels in APG, and on Paizo's Website PRD it's Even.

I'm confused about this too. The APG Says the Odd #'s Levels, but the PRD says Even....

I'm looking at making a Paladin / Holy Vindicator. The only thing I'm having issues trying to figure out is how Channel Positive Energy and Lay on Hands would change? Would the Paladin no longer get additional Lay on Hands but would scale for Channel Positive Energy? As well as determining how the Positive Energy / day would increase.


I've been looking at Retuning the spells my Druid knows since I've gotten the APG but I noticed an Error with the "Blessing of the Salamander".

On Pg. 193. 5th Level Spell it says Blessing of Salamander gives fast healing 2, fire resistance 10 and +2 CMD

When you go to pg. 206 to read the expanded text. It says fast healing 5, fire resistance 20 and +2 CMD.

Just trying to figure out which version is correct O.o