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Gary Teter wrote:

Currently it's one player per browser window. You can open two separate windows into the same scene and sign in as different players, we do that for testing. I don't know how well that would work in an actual game, sharing keyboard etc.

Each player can control multiple tokens, and there can be multiple GMs active simultaneously, though that gets a bit weird during combat.

That really made me sad. I would like to use it with one computer and display it on a projector.

With this system this is not possible and looks more like D20 which i dissed because it wouldnt allow me to use it as i wanted. Which led me to have to use maptool.

I was very happy when Paizo announed Game Space, with every maps needed available life as a GM would be easier. But now it is like Paizo dont want the games sit around the same table?!?!?
We want to gather together and still use Game Space. I really hope that Paizo reconsider this move.


Looking forward for you continuing with your maps for the rest of RotRl! :)

Do you happen to have a few battle-maps for sandpoint? Im guessing it doesnt take too many weeks befor my players come back to sandpoint to fight back against giants..:)

Best regards.

You are the best, i downloaded them all! Im eagerly awaiting more of your masterwork mate! Cheer!
Really, Paizo should hire you as a mapmaker mate! These are seroiously great maps!!!


Thanks for the advice Stazamos. :)
I really want this encounter to be special since i want to plan something they can and most likely do after RotRL. Namely fall for the rumor that killing Black Magga and bath in its hearts blood will make them gods or at the very least dieties.
Of course by then i will make Black Magga come back to its former glory, when they meet her she is newly awakened and not at her full power, which she will be at a later moment.

So if someone have a map they used for that encounter, I would be very happy to "borrow" it..:)


You are indeed the King bwatford! :)

What map did you use for Black Magga encounter? You just made one on the fly or?


That sounds great Bwatford! Great maps!


What map did you use for the Black Magga encounter?

Trying to find a map to use as VTT, but really is hard to find one that can fit as that encounter.

Best regards

Is it possible to get this maps as high resolution jpg:s? Im keen on using them as VTT-maps. It would indeed be great!


It is indeed not so nice when buying such an expensive HC book and miss out on the interactive maps. I really like the physical books but now it seems like they dont want to sell physical books.
I really would like to have the interactive maps, but like the OP I dont want to toss in another 40-ish dollars for a product that i have allready paid a good amount of money for.

I would love an official reply regarding this.


I would like if I could get this set too. It would be very nice of you! :)

mogge2 at gmail dot com

Thanks in advance! :)