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This is the first time I have bought a map folio, and with a few changes it could be a really good purchase but as it is, it is pretty much useless.

The GM has the map in the book showing where the secret doors are, if you put them on the map in the folio it can't be used as a handout. I imagine they are created in software with layers, so just turn off the secret layer. Also if it's a secret room, if that could be hidden too that would also make sense.

Tip 2 : I would rather have a poster of Aberian Ruins at 1" scale, or Darkmarket ambush (or any place where there is a fight) than a map of a city with no road names etc. The A4 map of the city is fine. In fact if the pack just contained 6 poster maps (one per book) for key fights or dungeons like the Nessian Spiral (with secret doors removed) I would consider it well worth while.

Tip 3: If you want to avoid poster maps, and want to avoid doing maps with 1" grids then how about putting in a few hand drawn (looking) maps of locations that can be used as handouts, e.g. a rough map of Walcourt, Mayor Aberrians sketch of the spiral (or at least the bits he knows about).

Or even sell the map-pack as it is, but have a download option for maps at 1" scale so people can choose to print them if they want to. If it saves me having to draw out a huge battle mat I like it, as it is I am paying money for maps I already have from the adventure path, all it needs to be a good product is a little added value but as it is, it is completely pointless.