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Wasum wrote:
weird build

I can karate chop bricks (sunder), use Aikido throws (Ki throw) and Judo grapples, so just a mixed martial artist :)

Hero Lab must not like flurrys of power attack, I turned it off and got +23/+23/+18/+18/+13/+13/+8 which looks more like it.

I was more checking on the Stunning fist/punch/punch/punch/punch/punch/punch/(Medusas Wrath) punch/trip/grapple

Followed by pin/rend (1 roll) rend (1 more roll) on the following round.


I have made an 18th level monk for a one off game, and just want to check I have the combat routine right.

I have the following feats:-

Binding Throw
Deadly Aim -4/+8
Greater Grapple
Greater Sunder
Improved Critical: Unarmed Strike
Improved Grapple
Improved Sunder
Improved Unarmed Strike
Ki Throw
Medusa's Wrath
Monk Weapon Proficiencies
Pinning Rend
Power Attack -4/+8
Quick Draw
Rapid Grappler
Stunning Fist (19/day) (DC 23)

So if I start off my routine with a powerattack stunning fist, I flurry


If I stun with my first blow then, I get two extra attacks from Medusas wrath at +16

I use the first to hit, then I trip, which goes into a Ki Throw, then because I have Binding Throw I can then get a free grapple, then next action I can use a move action to maintain the grapple and from Greater Grapple can have two rolls to pin/hurt the target, then because I have rapid grappler I can make another as a swift action making 3 grapple actions, and because I have Pinning Rend if I use one of the 3 grapple actions to pin the target I then get to make the two lots of damage bleed damage.... Which with a power attack and my monks robes makes two lots of 2d10+16 bleeds...

Is that how it works or have I got something wrong?

I meant belt of Dex :) sometimes my mind slips back to 3.5

Thanks, just spotted the fire resist when re-reading the spell. The other clarifications help, and I had forgotten about the Huge Size AC penalty completely.

Hi I just started a new character who is specialising in the polymorph spells and wanted to check that I had the rules right before I made up my crib sheets.

1a) "When you cast a polymorph spell that changes you into a creature of the animal, dragon, elemental, magical beast, plant, or vermin type, all of your gear melds into your body. Items that provide constant bonuses and do not need to be activated continue to function while melded in this way (with the exception of armor and shield bonuses, which cease to function)."

Are these for all armour and shield bonuses or just for ones based off mundane armour?

e.g. I am a wizard (Dex 14) +2, Bracers (+2 Dex) +1, Bracers of Armour +4 = AC17 and I change into a Huge Animal with Beast Shape 3 so I get a -4 penalty to your Dexterity, and a +6 natural armor bonus. Do I lose the Bonus from the Bracers of Armour and stay AC 17 (+1 Dex, +6 Natural) or do the Bracers continue to work so I become AC21?

From my reading of it I believe I stay at AC 17 which leads me onto question 1b

1b) As above, but instead of bracers of armour +4 I cast a mage armour and change into a huge animal, am I now AC21

Again from my reading I think I am but find it odd that bracers would go away but the spell stays.

1c) If I add in a shield spell does that work, I think it does since it's not a shield that I am holding.

2a) Now onto resistances, if I use elemental body 2 to turn into a medium elemental do I get the appropriate resistances "In addition, each polymorph spell can grant you a number of other benefits, including movement types, resistances, and senses." now here it says it can give you resistances but none of the elemental body spells mention giving you resistances I assume that they do since you are an elemental...

2b) Do you get the vulnerabilities e.g. Fire Elementals vulnerability to cold? Again I assume you do.

3) Do you get the elemental traits immune to crits etc. when you are in elemental form, again I am assuming you do, but could be wrong since it isn't listed explicitly.

4) If you are hit by an appropriately flavoured bane weapon does it do the extra damage to you when you are polymorphed e.g. Elemental Bane again I am assuming that it does.

In book 2 section 4 it says

"Once the invitations are sent, the Children of
Westcrown rejoice and Janiven Key arrives to personally
congratulate the PCs. She tells them that while the PCs
have been otherwise engaged over the previous week,
the Children of Westcrown have been gathering more
information about the mayor and his home. What they
have found out so far is detailed below"

Apart from nothing appears to be detailed below, or rather the whole adventure is detailed below, rather than what the Children of Westcrown have found out.

What information have you given your party before they go into the Cornucopia?

Or have I just missed the information somewhere?

Fair enough I can understand that, I guess I will have to play around with Dundjinni.

I still think a monthly map subscription for the current issue would be handy if they are produced designed at the same time as the issue.


What's the thinking behind releasing the map pack 6 months after the first part of the campaign? I just picked up Pathfinder RPG and ran a test game and liked it, so I have ordered the adventure path subscription for the latest campaign since it is designed to run with Pathfinder.

Surely it would be more useful to have the maps out at the start so that you can start using a few locations, and possibly run some side quests if the players get ahead of the campaign release dates? As it stands I imagine I will have completed most of the fights the maps are designed for, before the maps are released?

Is there any chance the map pack could be broken down with the maps sold as PDF downloads to coincide with the release of each chapter of the campaign? Or even releasing the map pack as a PDF in advance of the print release?