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Towards the end of 3rd edition D&D, you wrote an adventure called The Thunder Below; it was deliberately made setting neutral, but I was curious where you would recommend placing Sarwin and Sarwin Castle in Golarion?

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andreww wrote:
Why of why would you provide us with art for only three members of a four man band! Why!

While Gulzash sadly lacks an individual portrait, there is a picture of all four band members on page 24.

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Shadow Malice is fantastic; the only disappointing thing about them is there's no illustrations of morlocks wearing tunics with their name.

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Haven't read much of the adventure yet, but I really enjoyed the Otari gazetteer; I hope Paizo will strongly consider using the shop "statblock" format in other products (probably too late for the Absalom book, but maybe Grand Bazaar?)

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Given the differences in pricing between editions for minor alchemical items (like tindertwigs), would it be reasonable to 'convert' items that offer no mechanical benefit but are useful narrative tools (for example, anderos salve/mulibrous tincture) by simply dividing their original price by 10 (in this case, from 5 gp to 5 sp)?

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...Ahem, I'm a tad excited by this news.

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An addendum: I have also noticed that my legacy discount for being a Charter Subscriber no longer seems to be applying, despite the fact that I have never unsubscribed. I double-checked to see if it was being discontinued in general, but that doesn't seem to be the case unless I missed an announcement, so would it be possible to look into reinstating it, in addition to my previous request? I know you are all probably quite busy, but I would greatly appreciate your assistance with this matter as well.

Thank you again for your time and attention.

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Hello to the good folks at Paizo customer service, I have a bit of a problem.

I have an Adventure Path subscription, but haven't received any issues after issue #152. I had assumed this was due to the Covid-19 pandemic and Paizo temporarily closing its office and warehouse (which is completely understandable), and reasoned I would simply receive them later when possible.

I've been a bit occupied the last few months, so I only checked my account settings recently, however when I did so, it seemed I somehow no longer had an address associated with my subscription, preventing them from being shipped.

I have re-selected an address, but am concerned this means I won't be receiving several issues of the Extinction Curse Adventure Path. Is there anyway you could investigate the matter and arrange for my missing issues to be shipped?

I would greatly appreciate it, and if there's any additional details I need to furnish, I will be more than happy to supply them.

Thank you very much for your time and attention.

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Hello; if you're still offering copies of your work, I'd love to be sent one at, whenever you have the time. Thanks.

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Apparently National Coming Out Day was yesterday, so, hi.

I posted over a year ago about questioning my gender (it's okay if folks don't remember, I know it's a long thread) and quite a bit has happened since: I've accepted myself as a trans woman, I've had several sessions w/ a therapist, and I've come out to all the immediate family that I care about, to universally positive reactions.

My only major problem at this point is that I'm a bit poor and my health insurance sucks, so I can't afford the startup cost for hormone therapy yet, though I'm hoping several weeks of work will change that (I understand the recurring cost isn't too bad, so I'm not worried about that).

So that's my current status; thank you to everyone for your earlier support and for having a place I can practice coming out some more. : )

Also, in accordance w/ the thread being about LGBT gaming, I'd like to thank Crystal Frasier for The Harrowing: I've read adventures spanning decades of D&D and the story of the Harrowed Realm is still easily one of my favorites.

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Does anyone know if it's too late for adventure path subscribers to still preorder & receive a free PDF? If not, what's the deadline?

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You might consider checking out the guidelines for befriending and training griffons in the PRD. As magical beasts with Int 5, they probably have more in common with thornies than typical animals would. Also, definitely factor in that the character has ranks in Knowledge (nature).

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Mummy's Mask has at least two. The first is a minor NPC (no picture or statblock), a halfling fence named Dredge who is explicitly referred to as genderless and is mentioned in the Wati section of The Half-Dead City (AP 79). The second is more prominent (picture and statblock included), a human ghost paladin of Sarenrae named Lady Sophronia, who in life was basically described as genderfluid but preferred presenting as female most of the time (notably, she uses she/her pronouns, but doesn't have any gender assigned to her statblock), and is a friendly encounter in Secrets of the Sphinx (AP 82).

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A question: can the Medium actually *switch* casting types, i.e. archmage=arcane, hierophant=divine, and everything else=psychic; or am I misinterpreting the text? Even if not, the class still sounds intriguing.

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Wow, thanks for all the feedback and support! @_@

I think I need to apologize though for accidentally causing a debate; it's true I've only shared some basic info, because there's some stuff I'm still uncomfortable thinking about to myself, let alone sharing with others, and because this is pretty much the first time I've chatted online with people I don't know offline and the first time I've actually talked about these particular issues to others, so I hope any mistakes on my part are understandable.

@pH unbalanced: Heh, I don't have much choice about going slowly, given my lack of resources, but maybe that's for the best. I hadn't considered yoga, so thanks for the suggestion. Rest assured I do feel welcome here.

@Lissa Guillet: I appreciate your and others' opinion that I probably have some form of depression, just because I sometimes worry that I'm exaggerating my issues. I also appreciate your caution; that's one reason I've been keeping a diary for the last two weeks (and counting).

@Romaq: Interesting quote (I've heard of the author but I haven't read any of their work). And thank you for your kind words.

@Joynt Jezebel: I understand your doubts; at times I am skeptical of myself as well. But I also have a history of keeping my thoughts to myself and bottling things up; there is also...something that I don't quite grasp that suggests I shouldn't just ignore this (I'm sorry that that's as clear as fog).

I think I have a couple more questions, but I need to mull them over, so I'll post later. Thanks again everyone.

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Thank you for the welcome!

Story spoilered for length:
Okay, so, I'm basically 30 and unemployed, but I'm living with my family and helping my sister with her kids whenever her husband is away doing various military things. I recently obtained health insurance (which is good) and my other sister (I have three) who lives out-of-state has been requesting that I come live with her and assuring me that there are good job opportunities (which is great). I mention this because I value my family and am the eldest and only brother.

So, as I've approached and crossed 30, I've been thinking about the course of my life (which feels like it's been going nowhere fast) and stumbled across the several accounts of experiences with clinical depression and/or gender dysphoria and something clicked with me. Which confused me, because while I've felt detached and alienated as far as I can remember, I kind of just thought it was part of my personality. I've never thought of myself as female, and I'm not sure if I do even now (though I've often wondered what my life would have been like if I had been born differently); I've never wanted to cross-dress (though I do prefer female avatars in games, but so do plenty of other guys); and I've never had any self-harming thoughts (the closest is wanting to crawl back in bed and sleep the rest of the day away) which I'm happy about, but also makes me wonder if my issues are that serious.

The thing that did lead me to seriously question myself was a reddit post about possibly using MRI scanning to test people. The poster rejected the idea, discussing the problems with false positives and negatives, and that was all well and good. They went on to state a mental exercise, to suppose that there was an absolute guaranteed test, and then asked what answer you were hoping for and how you felt when the results declared you are definitely the gender you were assigned at birth and don't need to adjust in any way...and I realized I felt kind of upset about that.

So, that's my situation; could be better, could be worse. Thank you for reading if you did. As I stated before, I'm looking into options for therapists, but if anyone wants to chime in with an opinion or comment, please feel free.

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Hello! Long-time lurker and recently gender questioning.

Is it okay if I post about my situation? It's not desperate or tragic or anything like that, and I intend to contact a therapist as soon as I can, but for right now I think I'd feel a little better talking informally about it.